25 Crazy Open Secrets In Peoples’ Workplaces

Shhh, nobody talk about the guy who got his cousin pregnant!
25 Crazy Open Secrets In Peoples’ Workplaces

Part of working in an office means understanding what topics are off-limits. And so, there are numerous silent agreements that people enter into at a job, like collectively not talking about the co-worker who got his cousin pregnant. But the thing is, you not only want to discuss that fact with your co-workers, you also want to sketch out the cousin impregnator’s family tree and see how much of a shrub it really is. 

After all, it’s these kinds of open secrets that create bonds during the daily grind. Which is why a number of Redditors have clocked in over the years to share the hush-hush information that keeps their office’s gossip-industrial complex afloat.

cheechsfeist . 7y Worked in a small hospital. We had a room titled, Utility Closet which was actually the morgue or body hold. Our ER was significantly far away from that room, so to transport dead bodies, we'd wheel the gurney down there with piles of laundry covering the body. Yep, that happened. I guess the hospital didn't want to tip people off there was a dead body passing them in the hallway. ... 3.4k
DreadlockedWhale . 7y Not me but my Dental Assistant teacher once had to cover for a new dentist. Не pulles the wrong tooth on a patient and she told the patient that they missed some decay on the tooth next to it, and since they missed it, it was free. So they pulled two teeth and the guy thinks he got a deal. ... 2.9k
Emily_Starke . 6y The HR manager is having an affair with the head of sales. They were spotted getting it on at the Christmas party, and have been seen together in hotels since. Everyone talks about it, but they think they are being very secretive. ... 1.6k
AHOY thewerepuppygrr . 6y That there's this one guy who has a huge dick. His name is Jim. Some men in the office say they've seen it in the men's room and can confirm. Never seen him (or it), but his name gets read out on the loudspeaker all the time, and every time it does everyone's looks at each other like yeah, that's the guy. ... 259
TractorGeek 6y An ex-employee, who still has a key to one of the entrance doors, stops by at night from time to time to help himself to the money in the petty-cash box. We have new security cameras but we can't see the guy's face because he's pretty crafty. Why don't we change the locks? Because we're stupid. ... 255
skatertader . . 7y My manager has had sex with several different people in the freezer of the restaurant where I work. ... 1.7k
bumbleebeetuna . 7y I work for a company that sells auto parts online. We have about 25 different store names, so whichever company you think you're buying from on eBay or Amazon or any number of .coms, there's a very good chance it's actually us. There are any number of products on Amazon where every single seller on the list is us. It's also comical how many times people will say 'I bought from so and so and it was terrible, so glad I went with you instead.' Little do they know they're talking to the same customer. ... 1.2k
hypnogoad . 7y My airport is pretty unsecure, considering the amount of Security Tax they've added to every ticket since 9/11. It looks good on the outside, but anyone working there knows its many flaws. Hell, a homeless guy lived in a room for a year, that was completely sealed off after renovations. Using the ceiling crawlspace to traverse around. ... 38
goodpeopleskills - . 7y I worked at a humane society once. The director of the organization had her sister come in to adopt a dog. When I looked the sister up on our computer, she was on the do not adopt list. She was banned a few years previously for trying to adopt a dog for someone else we refused. That other person was the current director. Our own director was banned from adopting through us several years before she became the director. ... 139
foodsexreddit 1y We have a fake employee we transfer all our sales calls to o - - let's call him Jack. Our manager got her actor friend to record a voicemail message and anytime someone calls to sell us toner or warn us about our car's extended warranty, we'll say, Oh you want to to talk to Jack and transfer them to the fake voicemail. Soon, salespeople would start asking for Jack as soon as we picked up, and that saved time. Some even got really cocky, saying stuff like, Hey, transfer me to Jack, sweetheart. He's expecting my call. Saved us a
mountainsprouts . . 4y AT&Ts customer service call center is run out of Canada. They made us say we were in the US so I said I was in Detroit because it was across the river. ... 758
SuperSequins89 . . 1y A few years ago, David's Bridal announced that regular and plus-sized wedding gowns would be the same price (like, a size 24 wouldn't be $150 more than its size 4 counterpart). They did this by marking up the regular sizes to match the plus-sized prices. ... 7.3k
ttubbster . 1y My old boss would inflate quotes by thousands and get the contractor to discount them at invoice and use the remaining balance as a credit to renovate his own house. The client would have 15,000 to redo a roof for example. My boss would charge them 15,000 when in fact it only cost 10,000 and then get the contractor to discount him or credit the remaining 5,000 for his own renovation in his own house. I'm pretty sure that is called insurance fraud ... 1.2k
GLaDOs18 . 5y People just tell me things. I ask how was your night/ weekend/vacation? and they just start talking. I know who has crazy family, whose marriages are on the rocks, who had unsavory jobs before working there, etc. There's a lot of crazy shit my coworkers have been through which I had never expected. ... 56
suitology . 5y I know my current boss is cheating on his wife with a gay striper in Philadelphia. To be fair his wife is a Biiiiiiiiiitch and zero people like her.
WalkAMilelnMyUGGS .6 6y Our boss stole $100 million from FEMA in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Whenever we get a new hire, while training them someone always quietly tells them to Google her when they get home. ... 690
HiDefFX . 6 6y Our boss does site visits for hotels just so she can get complementary night stays, not cause she is interested in holding events there. We all know that, but she thinks we don't. ... 919
m1nhC . 6y We all work IT. Coworker got his cousin pregnant. She's keeping it. Everyone in the building knows because she can't keep anything to herself. He's married with 4 kids. He's so fucked. ... 641


Scarface69 . . 6y That one of our IT techs is actually a LVL 1 but he thinks hes still a LVL 0 (Service Request Technician). We don't want to tell him so we don't have to give him access to certain things because he sucks.


Ineedyoursway . 6y One guy was out of work for 10-12 weeks on disability because he pooped his pants on the job, got sent home, and wrecked his car on the way home. ... 826
meowdryhepurrrn - 6 6y My boss is missing one of his big toes. ... 527
dynomite1026 . 6y We have this one really old lady who's been working with us for years. Almost every night we see her taking a pen and putting it in her bag, as she leaves with a triumphant smile on her face. Everyone knows about it, but no one dares to say anything to her. We all think its adorable because we know shes just trying to feel young again. ... 1.1k
SergePower . 6y There's an Executive Wifi network that's off limits to the worker bees. Everyone knows the password. ... 2.1k
NotNorthD. 6y CEO's new wife is a golddigger who despises him and just got married for her promotion. ... 1.3k
laterdude . 6y The custodian is a stool pigeon. Our boss has that Malcolm Forbes quote hanging from his office wall: You Can Easily Judge the Character of a Man by How Не Treats Those Who Can Do Nothing for Him. When downsizing begins, it's always the workers who are too snooty to make small talk with the custodian that are the first to be let go. ... 1.8k
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