29 of the Most Brutal Letterboxd Reviews of John Cena’s Newest Movie, ‘Freelance’

‘This would’ve been a great Netflix movie’
29 of the Most Brutal Letterboxd Reviews of John Cena’s Newest Movie, ‘Freelance’

Thanks to John Cena’s charisma and himbo spirit, we as a society get excited to see him in pretty much anything. Playing Amy Schumer’s homoerotic ex-boyfriend? Yes, please! Showing up as a merman in Barbie? For sure, dude! 

Which is why it was surprising to see that he was in Freelance, a movie that literally no one was talking about until a few days ago, and that debuted to a painful 0 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. While the audience scores have yet to roll in on that platform, those who attended an early screening of the action-comedy have turned to Letterboxd to air their grievances. From opining that “this would’ve been a great Netflix movie,” to describing the film as “the sound of the Price Is Right losing horn,” here are the most brutal takedowns of Cena’s latest star turn…

1/2 yomama24 Feeling the budget was $50 and all of it was spent on john cena's orange foundation
1/2 Maddy This script had to be Al generated it was so dumb
1/2 Anthony Best way | can describe this movie is the The Price is Right losing horn
Aggie Boy oh boy my dad is going to love this one
1/2 GJBradham02 Did you like The Lost City? What if there was way less chemistry between the leads and the central theme was: it's okay to be a dictator if you're misunderstood? Then oh boy, do | have the film for you!
Ella Alison Brie has lead me to places I wouldn't go with a gun
Vyana This was filmed like it was a Nickelodeon movie and that made me feel very uncomfortable.
Liam Not funny enough to be a comedy, not serious enough to be a drama. Hell, it wasn't even terrible enough to be so bad it's good. It's just plain bad
Aidan The screenplay feels like a kid's action figure storyline was fed into an AI software and handed to his movie producer uncle.
Dick You won this time Regal mystery movie Monday
kingzuma Someone fire Alison Brie's agent right now
Mia No John Cena ass :(
gwensloan impossible to tell if they were intending on making a camp classic or if it just organically happened
1/2 Ben | was able to see this early thanks to the Regal Monday Mystery. The real mystery is how this ever got made
EnterNameHere If someone told me this was part of the Fast universe, | would've believed it.
AJ Never seen a movie so hell bent to not tell a single joke despite being labeled as a comedy
1/2 Evan Conservative seniors are about to find their favorite movie of the year. So much action and dick jokes and weird politics and gay jokes and military circle jerks and so much stupidity. | wasn't alone in the theater so | couldn't go on my phone and it wasn't exactly easy to last the whole movie.
1/2 Wolfie Embrace the suck, John Cena says to Alison Brie midway through the movie, subliminally encouraging the audience to watch the remaining hour of this mediocre, at best, action comedy.
1/2 hpshields alison brie really said 'and you'd do it too for a cheque'
1/2 Karen Oh h no. - My Husband as the Movie Began
** 1/2 Corwyn A movie that was released in theaters by accident instead of being a Paramount Plus exclusive where it belongs. This isn't a movie you're meant to watch; it's a movie you're supposed to put on.
1/2 Viereugen The politics in this are as confusing and bad as the filmmaker's career.
1/2 Logo Of course my first time trying the Regal Mystery Movie it's this...
GoosetheFlerken This would have been a great Netflix movie
1/2 sullydeets It's called Freelance because it was made 100% through Fiverr commissions
Brian It's almost impressive to take two such likable actors and make such an unlikable movie. Just atrocious.
1/2 Taryn :) i see the first round of movies made during the writers strike are coming out
Rendy A movie Mr. Peanutbutter probably would've made just to impress Diane, but probably would've pissed her off instead. Her and everybody else viewing it.
1/2 CinemaCollect Ironic that John Cena plays as a guy who takes on a job for extra money to do a job involving a bad plot, because that's exactly what happened to him taking on this movie.
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