28 Bizarre Traditions That Keep Peoples’ Holidays Weird

28 Bizarre Traditions That Keep Peoples’ Holidays Weird

One family’s tree trimming is another family’s baby bottle car ride. That is to say, not everyone celebrates the holidays in the same way. I mean, one Redditor even mentioned “Springbreaksgiving,” with the explanation that “one Thanksgiving a year isn’t enough.” It’s rare for someone to go that hard for Thanksgiving, let alone create a portmanteau that indicates they’re roasting an entire turkey in like April. But that’s what makes the world so beautiful. 

Plenty of other Redditors have chimed in with their holiday traditions as well, and while they range from slightly bizarre to absolutely unhinged, they’re all incredibly wholesome.

priceisalright . 9 9y I know this is the wrong holiday, but every Thanksgiving we do the Burning of the Napkin where my uncle lights a napkin on fire using a lit candle from the dinner table and slowly lowers it into a glass of water while the whole family sings the Super Bowl theme song. It dates back about 25 years.

leeseyboy01 4y On New Year's Day we play a game where you get a potato and try to run across the room and drop it in a bucket without dropping it 18 miniturepenguin 4y Does anyone try to stop you? that sounds really easy. 13 leeseyboy01 . 4y I forgot to mention that the potato is in between your thighs ... 17

reincarN8ed . . 7y My mom has put a can of Pepsi, a snack pack of Pringles, and a sleeve of Pop Tarts in our stockings ever year, without fail. I'm 25. ... 77

Duckarmada e 12y We have this plastic duck head that gets secretly passed from family member to family member. The idea is that when everyone gets into town together, whoever has the duck head puts it in some one else's luggage or their car. Ideally they don't notice until they're back home and there is nothing they can do. If often gets dressed up. It's pretty stupid. ... 2

cloudywater1. 7y I have a family of 5 and when we visit my parents for Christmas they scatter all of the gifts across their 10 acres of wooded property. Last year i had to cut a rope to lower a gift down because it was suspended 30ft in the air. ... 950

FourtE2 . 7y On Christmas Eve we all pack up into the car and drive around looking at the Christmas lights around town. Oh yeah, and we drink Chocolate Milk from Baby Bottles while we do it. ... 843

juiceboxheero . 1 7y We make a Six foot long burrito by laying down a lot of tortillas. Once all the food is on it we all gather around it and roll the burrito together as a family. ... 308

violet_may . 7y Our family always makes one hundred 'pigs in blankets', little cocktail sausages wrapped in bacon. There's only 5 of us but making any less is considered sacrilege. ... 207

Reality_Czech . . 10y Every Groundhog day we go and get small gifts for each other for a dollar or less, then we eat flap jacks and watch Groundhog day. No joke. ... 150

UltimateUltamate . 10y We had an aunt who was pretty far into Alzheimer's. One year at thanks giving, my entire extended family was holding hands while our uncle, her husband, said grace. Uncle: In Jesus name... Aunt: Son of a bitch! Everybody: Amen! She's gone now, but we keep it going. ... 1k

Stones25 . 1 10y We sing happy birthday in Polish. We do not speak Polish. ... 552

EyeOfBrian . 10y Listening to Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangster by Geto Boys on Thanksgiving.... Instead of saying grace. My dad likes it, I have no idea when it started ... 205

AllLinesDown . 7y Every Christmas my family gets a coconut, cracks it open, and eats it. I have no idea why. We are not religious and we live in Texas. ... 4

StutMoleFeet . 10y For Easter dinner, my aunt and uncle would always buy a stick of butter molded into the shape of a lamb. Before we ate, it was my job to chop its head off. ... 95

SuperFooders . 1 10y Springbreaksgiving. Because one Thanksgiving a year is not enough. ... 94

franklyno 10y A few years ago my brother and I started a tradition of seeing how many times we could work an odd word into conversation with our uptight dad and stepmom at holiday visits. Two years ago, the word chosen was lesbian, which, considering how closed-minded my stepmom is, was hilarious. The key is to turn the conversation, so the chosen word comes up organically, not just interject it whenever. Well after three days of somehow fitting lesbian into every conversation, we're all sitting around the dinner table when talk turns to Anthony Hopkins, about which my bro says,

Farmington1278 . 10y When my family and I color eggs for Easter we create an ugly egg. Hold one hard boiled egg off to the side until all other eggs are colored. Mix all colors into a bowl and deposit the last egg into mixture. Place in fridge overnight (or at least a couple of hours). It's called an ugly egg but I've yet to make one that was actually ugly. Try it, it's pretty cool. ... 47

texassunshine1006 . 10y Before I was born, my parents went to a zoo in San Antonio and they were walking past the llamas and my mom was so close to them, one llama spit his cud in her eye! It was super painful, but my family thought it was hysterical. That year for Christmas my uncle made her a LLAMA SHIELD out of a welding mask. They decided to start a tradition of sending her a stuffed llama (or something llama-related) every year for Christmas. I'm 25 and my mom now has over 28 llama items! ... 24

Happy_Highway . 1 10y My family usually has small Thanksgiving meals at our mom's house. For a few years now, my brother and I have decided to always wear our finest argyle sweaters and no pants. ... 18

nice8888888 - 9y On New Years we find traditions from every country we can and do them really quick. Like running across the street with a suitcase, singing a traditional song, watching the ball drop, and eating 12 grapes. ... 77

spovz . S 9y When we are opening our presents, we turn the ceiling fan on high and throw crumpled up wrapping paper into it. ... 293

barnaclelips . 9y We call each other by our middle names on Christmas Eve. I have no idea how it started. ... 357

Mediocre-raptor 9y It's not really special but... We try to disguise our presents in different size boxes, and try to make it as ridiculous and hilarious to open as is possible. My favorite example was 2 years ago, my brothers present to me was (at first) a box that was roughly the size of a printer. Then it was several boxes within a box (all boxes were wrapped of course), and then in the very last box was a deodorant stick. Then I had to unscrew the deodorant all the way until it popped out, and underneath that was a

Over-Analyzed . 9y My family and several other families in my Church would sometime after Christmas, gather all the Christmas trees and have a Christmas Tree Bonfire on the beach. It was perhaps the best thing ever. Till my Church was busted for throwing 3 trees onto the fire at once causing a huge magnificent 20ft flame to erupt. The Fire Department was called. Our tradition pretty much ended after that. ... 170

JunkieCulture . 9y While I was growing up, my dad and I would hide a potato wedge somewhere on the Christmas tree every year to see how long it would take for my mother to notice. Our record was like 9 days.

Donkeyshrek . 9y Last one I swear. When I was born my mom was on this show called Supermarket Sweep. (bad Canadian game show) however, no one knew about this until one year my older brother spends 6 months taping reruns of the show trying to find it. Не found it and then showed me. Since this was the early 90s you can bet my mom was in a matching purple sweat pant suit, with permed hair. Anyway, found he tape and decided it would be perfect to surprise my mom with at our big family dinner on Christmas. It was hilarious

midshipmen89 . 9 9y Has to be an orange smashing contest at Christmas eve dinner. Not the chocolate oranges like normal people, but real oranges. Everyone at the table gets one,and gets one hit to do as much damage as they can. My grandma is the judge, and the winner gets to open their present first the next morning. ... 1.6k

snugglefiend 9y We have a present wrapping competition most years, where we select one gift and try to wrap it extra fancy. Last year it was themed any time or place. Some submissions were themed Jurassic Era, Seattle, the garbage bin and the bathroom. The best submission ever was my brother and his girlfriend on the very first wrapping comp where they conveniently mis-heard and submitted a christmas rap. They wrote and recorded a christmas rap about the family and it even had backing music. ... 1.2k
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