21 of the Craziest Experiences People Have Had at Music Festivals

One guy started smoking out of his prosthetic leg
21 of the Craziest Experiences People Have Had at Music Festivals

Whether it’s Astroworld or Fyre Festival, music festivals haven’t exactly been hitting a high note lately. But historically, they’ve been a great place to see some of your favorite musical acts in one smelly, overpriced venue. Normally the main event takes place on the stage, but sometimes the side shows in the audience end up being more interesting — like the guy who passed out butt-naked with his dick stuffed into a bong. Obviously, everyone around him started chanting “BONG DICK! BONG DICK!” because that’s the kind of physical feat that deserves its own chant. 

From an unintentional biohazard to some women bringing a new meaning to “tit for tat,” here are some of the wildest concert-going experiences the music lovers of Reddit have ever endured…

J1MM3R . . 10y Met a guy in the hospital tent at Reading festival who had gone back to his tent in the dark, opened it up and found a badger inside. The badger then mauled his leg ... Reply 1.5k
TheDestroyerOfWords . . 10y Two huge bald guys beating the shit out of each other a Megadeth gig. They both had a hold of the other's shirt with their left hand, while punching with the right. Neither was moving or giving in, just standing there giving and taking punches. Goes on for about a minute until both have blood streaming out their faces. They stop, one has a word in the ear of the other, then they have a big hug and start moshing. Weird shit. ... Reply 2k
Robochumpp . 10y At a Wu Tang show in Milwaukee a few years ago I saw a guy make a rope out of shirts and swing off the balcony to land on the stage. Не succeeded albeit ungracefully and got up to drunkenly dance for about two seconds before Raekwon literally booted his ass off the stage into the crowd. Bonus: the guy who opened for them closed his set by yelling, LADIES, IF YO PUSSY CLEAN... ..MAKE SOME NOISE! A small amount of noise was made. ... Reply 1.1k
johnnyboy333. 10y Saw a large crowd building so decided to check it out. They were all chanting BONG DICK... BONG DICK. I manage to get through to the front and see a naked guy passed out his dick in a bong. ... Reply 2.1k
jammym 10y Leeds fest 2009. Some poor woman dropped her handbag down the notoriously bad, open air toilets (think the toilets from that scene in Slumdog Millionaire, except there's about 50 lined up end to end). She then decides to go after said bag only to fall through and get wedged in the lid.
QuaintBlasphemy . 1 10y saw a dude pull off his prosthetic leg an proceeded to smoke out of it ... Reply 63
thesdo 10y Lollapalooza 1992 in Mansfield, MA. The upper lawn was all nice sod. I was in the seats. My friend taps me on the shoulder and points behind us. Sod chunks are flying around. Like sod popcorn. Ministry is playing and there's sod flying all of the place. A little while later, we see fire up on the lawn. The people up there had torn down the wooden fencing behind the lawn area and created big bonfires. There's people dancing stark naked around the bonfires. Lots of people. Red Hot Chili Peppers were on stage groovin' out in front
brawlsack . 10y Titty war at a Killswitch concert. Bunch of woman got on people's backs, took everything off, and started beating each other with their tits. Adam D stopped playing mid song, played 1 note while screaming Titty War for about a minute. Not too crazy, more hilarious than anything. Also had a full pizza thrown into the crowd, saw a couple people grabbing pieces to eat instead of passing it around. Was a weird night. ... Reply 1.2k
imsatansson 10y Slipknot concert years ago. From my perspective, the band brought a jar on stage with some sort of jelly like substance, and were huffing it, and gagging. They handed it down to the crowd to get them involved and kids just started eating this shit. All I knew was it looked fucking vile and evidently smelled terrible by everyone's reactions. Months later I happened to come across an interview with slipknot, and they mentioned the exact circumstance. They had found a dead bird while on tour, and put it in a jar. They essentially forgot about it for
CanadianContraband 10y I was at an August Burns Red show a while back, and I'm pretty sure they do this at most of their concerts, but it was definitely new to me. They finish a song and then the singer steps up and says alright, / want to see everyone dancing when this next song gets to THAT part. Didn't know much of their material at this point, so I just assume that I'll understand once the song starts. So they start playing Internal Cannon, usual heavy, metalcore track, and everyone's moshing the shit out of the floor. Out of
hesnothere . 13y A guy masturbating at a Melissa Etheridge show that I didn't even want to be at in the first place. (No, I wasn't the guy.) ... Reply 5
greenbam 13y Parliament-Funkadelic at a small show at the Experience Music Project. 3 hours into their 2 hour show, they were finally being called off for local noise ordinances. The drummer refused to go. Cut to an additional half-hour later, the roadies have deconstructed the stage. Не keeps playing. The roadies eventually take his drum kit piece by piece. Не keeps playing on whatever's left. They finish taking the set (now 4 hours into the show), so he starts playing the floorboards. I think George Clinton eventually had to come back out to соах him into taking a rest... ...
ciba . 13y Jesus Lizard show. Some girl screamed SHOW ME YOUR DICK between songs so Mr. Yow pulled out his dick and stretched it out / swung it in time with the music. A gorgeous girl exploded out of the audience and leaned over the barrier to cup his balls. Her hand remained there for most of the song. That was interesting. ... Reply 3
draxlaugh . ! 5y saw a girl squat on the hood of an ambulance and unleash about 5 gallons of pee ... 3.3k
capnmidnite . 13y On Friday, June 13, 2008 I saw: Chris Rock opening for Metallica Les Claypool, Kirk Hammet, and Gogol Bordello doing a set of Tom Waits covers Zach Galifianakis dressed as Little Orphan Annie dancing to My Morning Jacket covering Mötley Crüe ... Reply 2
gomexz . 14y Me and my friends were at Flogging Molly. My friend was wearing a kilt. A girl came up behind him put her head under his kilt and bit his ass. When he turned around she stood up and her boy friend ripped the glasses off my friends face and through them to the ground. Не tried stomping on them but landed on my friends foot. My friend was wearing steal toe jack boots. Не pulled one leg back getting ready to kick the guy in the nuts but the guy grabbed his girl and drug her to
frerky5 . 5y Some people built a wind wheel out of empty beer- cans. It was about 5 meters high and actually worked. Most of the cans were a special edition case they only sold at this festival so they also built it there, not at home. It didn't break although it was very windy. It was ridiculously well engineered. I was a few tents away but only really saw it on the last day, which is probably because they spent the festival building it. ... 3
scottywarren . . 5y At Lollapalooza last year I saw someone snort coke off of a slice of pizza ... 12
6-0_prolene . 5y Not an EMT but at Lollapalooza last year I saw this girl climb a tree and was stomping/jumping on a branch like 20+ feet up, then she just laid down and straddled the branch, arms and legs hanging off, thinking she finally passed out. Only to surprise us when she came back to life and started jumping on this branch again, then quite expectedly, it broke and she fell. Hit the ground HARD. I don't really know what happened after that because my vantage point wasn't great, but I do remember seeing her and thinking that she
AutoConversationalst 5y Some people next to us a Phish's Labor Day weekend shows (not a fest, but a bunch of people camp outside the venue) had this bike pump. They fitted the end with a little cup and were blasting coke up their noses with it. We heard em jokingly say you know those people that party too hard and get taken away by medics, that's totally gonna be us. Well....it was them at like 4am Sunday morning. ... 2k
GraniteStateGuns . 5y I worked campus EMS in college and got paid to watch T-pain perform. Не had them turn the bass up so much ceiling tiles fell onto the basketball court where the concert was being held. Later in the show when girls started throwing their bras on stage he grabbed a handful and started humping them...
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