Here Are Hulk Hogan’s All-Time Best Tweets Now That He’s Purged His Twitter Account

After the official Hulkster account started pumping a crypto scheme, the internet lost its most valuable archive
Here Are Hulk Hogan’s All-Time Best Tweets Now That He’s Purged His Twitter Account

Hulk Hogan's Twitter feed has been thwarted — it’s too bad the Iron Sheik isn’t around to see the downfall.

Hulkamaniacs who have followed the former WWE superstar’s hilariously unhinged social media presence since he first started tweeting in 2010 were confused and alarmed when, earlier this week, the Hulkster began posting bizarre (but not in a fun way) outbursts in apparent promotion of a cryptocurrency scheme centered around his wrestling persona. 

Shortly after the flurry of strange tweets sparked speculation that Hulk had sold his soul to a bunch of crypto bros, Hogan posted a message on his Instagram account claiming that the posts did not come from Mr. America himseslf, writing, “Hello family, appreciate your love and support as always. Please do not take notice of any posts posted today. They are not from me and will be removed promptly.”

As he promised, Hogan quickly removed all the tweets from his account posted during the crypto confusion — then he deleted every single other post from his 14-year stint as Twitter’s deranged and mildly literate uncle in an act of internet cultural desecration more damaging to the online community than any erasure since Adobe shut down Flash Player in 2020.

Thankfully, many of Hulk’s best bangers live on as screenshots saved by Hulkamaniacs and internet archivists alike who have taken to Twitter to commemorate the magic that was Hulk’s external monologue…


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