14 Hilarious or Downright Badass Monologues From TV Shows and Movies

Bluto is actually quite elegant, when he’s mad
14 Hilarious or Downright Badass Monologues From TV Shows and Movies

It takes a lot to go back to the job that fired you, and talk shit about your boss through the power of song.

Adam Sandler on ‘SNL’

Sandler recalls how he lost his virginity in Studio 8H (to the Church Lady), before belting out a tune about how he was fired from the show.

John Belushi in ‘Animal House’

Just when the gang are at their lowest, Bluto rallies the troops with some revisionist history and threats of violence.

Gene Wilder in ‘Blazing Saddles’

Jim spins the yarn of how he became the Waco Kid (squaring up with a six-year-old).

Philip Baker Hall on ‘Seinfeld’

This scene where Jerry gets on the bad side of a library cop is a master class in gritty drama on Hall’s part, and a master class is breaking on Jerry’s.

Matthew Broderick in ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’

Ferris’ opening monologue is like a PG-rated Anarchist Cookbook.

Mike Myers in ‘Austin Powers’

Dr. Evil paints his tragic backstory as “quite inconsequential,” while sitting next to Scott, the man who would feel the consequences most acutely.

Trey Parker in ‘Team America’

Gary Johnston delivers a rousing speech about all that we can achieve when dicks, pussies and assholes work together in harmony.

Mel Brooks in ‘Spaceballs’

The wise and powerful Yogurt briefly explains the mystical power of the Schwartz, before delving deeper into the magic of merchandising.

Norm Macdonald on ‘SNL’

Macdonald made his triumphant return in 1999, explaining a little disagreement he’d had with his bosses back when he was on the show: “I wanted to keep my job, and they… felt the exact opposite.”

Will Arnett in ‘BoJack Horseman’

BoJack’s eulogy for his mother is full of rage, regret and very specific television references.

Dan Levy on ‘Schitt’s Creek’

After getting Patrick’s business card, a flustered David psyches himself up to leave him a message. Actually, several messages. Each more embarrassing than the last.

Keke Palmer in ‘Nope’

Em Haywood masterfully sets the stakes of the movie, while giving her in-universe audience, as well as the theater audience, a brief lesson on the history of film.

Wayne Knight on ‘Seinfeld’

Newman finally unleashes his rage in the series finale, delivering a barrage of insults to Jerry that’s mighty cathartic to watch these days.

George Carlin: ‘SNL’s First-Ever Host

On the first episode of the nearly 50-year-old show, Carlin performed four monologues and appeared in zero sketches.

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