The 14 Funniest Roasts of Cybertruck Owners

It’s a truck from the future — a future where trucks don’t work
The 14 Funniest Roasts of Cybertruck Owners

The Tesla Cybertruck, the polygonal sort-of-truck of Elon Musks dreams, is finally out in the world. Maybe before it really should be, given the rash of problems and questionable safety features that are being uncovered on a seemingly daily basis. 

Unfortunately for Musk and early adopters, much of the population isnt forward-thinking and open-minded enough to treat the Cybertruck as the technological marvel it is. Part of embracing the future is driving a car that cuts you and traps your childs arm in its frunk. And so, these owners will be remembered for their bravery, I guess. For now, “courage” isnt a word thats popping up nearly as frequently as “fanboy,” “sycophant” or just plain “idiot.”

Heres a sampling of some of the funniest criticisms from technophobic plebes…

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