14 Viral Jokes About Our Own Joke of a Government

This meme kills fascists
14 Viral Jokes About Our Own Joke of a Government

The government may have infinite money, a well-oiled propaganda machine and a vast militarized police force, but We The People have X, the everything app.

Everyone’s on High Alert for the Impending Relatable Voting CTA From Hilary Clinton

The Democratic Party Is As American as… Beige Slop

Is Joe Biden Secretly a Master of Physical Comedy?

Not the Most Inspiring Photo Opp

When’s All That Wealth Gonna Start Trickling Down?

The Silver Lining of a Gerontocracy Is That We’re Guaranteed a GREAT Day on Twitter Every Once in a While

Perhaps This Is a Sign of the American Gerontocracy Coming to Their Senses?

Man, Remember This Charmer?

When Gen Z Is in Charge of the Supreme Court in 300 Years, This Is What We Have To Look Forward To

Our Forefathers Fought for Our Right to Watch Smut in the Halls of Power

The Ol’ Switcheroo

That Time Late Michigan Representative John Dingell Learned About the Kardashians Against His Will

The Vibe of British Politics Is Like a Bar Fight. The Vibe of American Politics Is…

This Tragically Evergreen Tweet

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