14 Viral Jokes That Really Stuck It to the Man

Ya’ll better hope this ‘The Man’ doesn’t read Twitter
14 Viral Jokes That Really Stuck It to the Man

The working class is ready to rise up! And the only way to stop us is respect, common decency and a living wage.

Positively Disgusting

You Asked for It

Oops, This One’s Not a Joke

In This House We Do Not Partake in Compulsory Small Talk

Ya’ll Have That Boss Who Thinks He’s a Comedian, and Doesn’t Realize Why He’s Actually Funny?

It’s Okay to Request Space If Your Boss Is Encroaching on Your Boundaries

Your Email Better Not Find Me at All

If They Don’t Know Your Worth, Let Them Know

Yeah, Intentionally Hobble Yourself, That’ll Show ’Em

The Hell Do They Teach in Business School, Anyway?

Everybody’s Workin’ for the Weekend

Can A.I. Just Take Our Jobs and Set Us Free Already?

Anybody Home???

The Only Truthful Answer If a Prospective Employer Asks What You Bring to the Table

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