15 Out-of-Context Bangers From ‘The Simpsons’

If they’re not in your head rent-free, they’re at least rent-controlled
15 Out-of-Context Bangers From ‘The Simpsons’

It’s hard to believe that, in their own universe, the Wiggums are airheaded, sugar-brained amoebas, when they’ve provided us with such profound philosophical musings.

“Me Fail English? That’s Unpossible!”

Ralph Wiggum at his most incredulous.

“You’ll Have to Speak Up, I’m Wearing a Towel”

Homer Simpson’s phone greeting has even Mr. Burns’ “Ahoy-hoy” beat.

“The Sun Is Out, Birds Are Singing, Bees Are Trying to Have Sex With Them, As Is My Understanding”

Bart’s tenuous grasp on reproductive health is concerning to say the least.

“Hi, Super Nintendo Chalmers!”

Ralph Wiggum altered the trajectory of superintendents worldwide with this one.

“Kids, You Tried Your Best, and You Failed Miserably. The Lesson Is: Never Try”

Homer knows the secret to success.

“As for Your Case, Don’t Worry, I’ve Argued in Front of Every Judge in the State. Often as a Lawyer!”

Lionel Hutz moonlights as a loudmouth contrarian.

“The Fingers You Have Used to Dial Are Too Fat. To Obtain a Special Dialing Wand, Please Mash the Keypad With Your Palm Now”

King-Size Homer reaping what he’d sowed.

“Don’t Call Me ‘Mr. Scorpion,’ It’s ‘Mr. Scorpio.’ But Don’t Call Me That Either. Call Me Hank”

Hank Scorpio, man of mystery.

“Marge, It Takes Two to Lie — One to Lie, and One to Listen.”

Homer’s marital advice.

“For Once, Maybe Someone Will Call Me ‘Sir’ Without Adding ‘You’re Making a Scene’”

Homer gets no respect.

“Slow Down. The Sidewalk’s for Regular Walking, Not Fancy Walking”

Jasper Beardsley, laying down the law.

“Come on Marge, We’re a Team! It’s Uter-Us, Not Uter-You!”

Homer Simpson, feminist ally.

“I’d Rather Let 1,000 Guilty Men Go Free Than Chase After Them”

ACAB, sadly, means Chief Wiggum, too.

“They Call ‘Em ‘Fingers,’ But I Never See ’Em Fing. Oh Wait, There They Go”

Otto is always learning something new about himself.

“My Story Begins in 19-Dickety-Two. We Had to Say ‘Dickety’ ‘Cause the Kaiser Had Stolen Our Word ’Twenty.’ I Chased That Rascal to Get It Back But Gave Up After Dickety-Six Miles”

Grampa Simpson’s run-in with the wiley Kaiser.

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