11 Specks of Trivia to Catch With Your Brain’s Tongue

Each one unique in its own special way
11 Specks of Trivia to Catch With Your Brain’s Tongue

NOTE: Health effects of actually attempting to lick or eat this list are not my legal responsibility.

Wonder Why You See Faces Everywhere?


The human tendency to see faces and meaningful shapes in random patterns is called pareidolia. To be clear, it’s not some new TikTok-invented mental disorder, either, but just a natural bit of our evolution.

Enough With the Numbers, Graham!


Graham’s Number is the largest number ever used in a mathematical proof, named for mathematician Ronald Graham. Here’s where I’d paste it in, if a digital representation of it wasn’t too large for the observable universe. Still want to try to imagine it? Good luck, and stay safe.

Chinstrap-Rocking Royalty


On standard playing cards, you probably know that each king is rocking a classic, curly royal beard. But only one doesn’t have a mustache to go with it: the King of Hearts. Not from any unique sense of style, but because his mustache apparently wore off the original printing blocks, and the chinstrap stuck.

Snickers’ Animal Namesake


If you had to guess the origin of the Snickers candy bar’s name, it doesn’t seem like it would go anywhere strange. Kids like candy, snickers are laughter, chocolate and joy hand in hand, et cetera. But the Mars company’s iconic Snickers bar is actually named after Ethel Mars' favorite horse.

Caesar and Napoleon’s Shared Sickness

Public Domain

Outside of military success (some for longer than others), Napoleon Bonaparte and Julius Caesar have something else in common: They both suffered from epilepsy.

The Most Distributed Book in the World, Sorry Bibles!


The sensible bettors money for the most distributed book in the world would probably land on the Bible. In fact, until they stopped producing it in 2020, the IKEA furniture catalogue held that title, with over 200,000,000 copies sent out a year.

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