15 ‘Saturday Night Live’ Commercial Parodies That Give the Ad Wizards a Run for Their Money

‘Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one?’
15 ‘Saturday Night Live’ Commercial Parodies That Give the Ad Wizards a Run for Their Money

Throughout the rollercoaster ride of its nearly five-decade history, Saturday Night Live has always been at the top of its game when it’s taking jabs at marketing, and capitalism in general. Here are some of its all-time best ad parodies…


Dan Aykroyd shows us how to “use the whole bass, with no fish waste, without scaling, cutting or gutting” by blending a dead fish, live on air. This one doesn’t appear to be on SNL’s YouTube page, probably because of the whole visceral mutilation of an animal thing.

Mom Jeans

This one shows a gaggle of moms embracing their new identity (“I’m not a woman anymore, I’m a mom!”): extremely unflattering jeans. Their husbands observe their glee in obvious disgust.

Oops! I Crapped My Pants

Watch a lovely older couple pour a gallon of iced tea into an adult diaper, while delivering lines like “now imagine this is a gallon of your feces” with a straight face.

Nerf Crotch Bat

Chris Farley and Rob Schneider lead a whole gaggle of children in gleefully wailing on each other’s nards, with all the neon ‘90s aesthetics you’d expect from a Nerf commercial. 

Baby Spanx

Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader grow increasingly furious about the objectification of their baby. The solution: Tiny spanx that make a chubby baby less globular, so their personality can really shine.

Taco Town

Bill Hader and Andy Samberg are inundated with innovative culinary delights (and never get around to eating their tacos).

Colon Blow Cereal

Phil Hartman learns it would take 30,000 bowls of the leading competitor to equal the amount of fiber in just one bowl of Colon Blow. 

Gas Right

Fred Armisen is the inventor of the only adhesive strip designed specifically for your butt cheeks.

The Love Toilet

For the adoring couple who can never be apart, there’s one thing that still manages to briefly separate you — until now.

Winston-McCauley Funeral Home

This is another one that’s suspiciously tough to find online. Phil Hartman solemnly promises that his employees will never have sex with your loved one’s cadaver. 

Corn Syrup

This one boldly mocks a real ad run by the corn lobby that claimed corn syrup is a-okay, because of the corn part. They extend the scene and have two moms square off, eventually revealing the inevitable result of pumping your kid full of sugar substitute.


Annuale is birth control for the woman on the go — who wants to concentrate all the emotion and pain of her monthly period into one, rage-filled week per year.


Vaping meth is the polite, discrete way to keep up your habit — and still maintain “that great meth taste.” Featuring an extremely appropriate cameo at the end!

Dissing Your Dog

Will Ferrell sells his book about how to train your dog, non-violently, using the art of verbal abuse.

Colombian Decaffeinated Coffee Crystals

Technically, this sketch is a behind-the-scenes documentary about commercials. But good gravy, does Chris Farley shine as an otherwise dignified gentleman who loses touch with reality upon learning that he’s been duped into drinking instant coffee.

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