15 of the Funniest Tweets About iPhones

Wow, people really do not like their smartphones
15 of the Funniest Tweets About iPhones

Smartphones have a monopoly on our attention. That’s the only way it’s possible for so many people to hate something with every fiber of their being, but still shell out many hundreds of dollars on it every few years.

What Mrhubbard00 Is Describing Is a Quibi

“I will watch ‘The Irishman’ as Martin Scorsese intended, on an iPhone while hiding from my kids in the bathroom, broken up into 17 parts over 2 1/2 weeks.”

DamienFahey Understands the Subtext of Any iPhone Innovation

“The new iPhone will totally revolutionize the way I send all of your calls straight to voicemail.”

Audipenny Makes a Good Point — We Gotta Think of Something Else to Call These Things, Because they Ain’t Phones

iPhone: your storage is almost full
me: uh ok what don’t I need. I guess I’ll delete all my contacts

Bisserat Says You Need to Get Rid of Your Phone’s Coffin

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but throw away that box your iPhone came in. You don’t need it. You will never need it.”

Children Are Evolving Beyond ‘Do You Have Games on Your Phone?,’ As Per LipServX

“Today my 5 yr old niece borrowed my phone to ask Siri: ‘Why are butterfly wings so soft that I cannot even touch them?’ then she called 911.”

Joshgondelman Can’t Tell If the Problem Lies Within or Without

“I either need to see a doctor or an Apple Genius because every trip to the bathroom uses 50% of my phone battery.”

SteveSuckington Can’t Catch a Break

“I spelled it ‘Fuvking’ once back in 2007, and autocorrect has been making my life a living hell ever since.”

Tyleroakley Is Hedging in Case These A.I. Ever Get Around to Taking Over the World

“does anyone else say, ‘thank you’ to siri or is that just me?”

Bobvulfov Will Never Be Caught Unprepared Again

me 5 years ago (dumb): hey does anyone have an iphone charger i can borrow?
me now (so smart and prepared): ya i always carry six portable power banks on me and also a small generator i can crank with my hand to create power to charge my phone. baby needs its juice.

SortaBad Is Sick of These Tangly Twerps

“He died how he lived: untangling his iPhone earbuds.”

KevinFarzad Says Apple Is in Touch with the Common People

“Is it long enough to reach most people’s beds?”


“Perfect, make it a couple inches shorter.”

— Apple, creating the iPhone charger

Hippieswordfish Has a Hyper Specific Lifehack

“protip: if you tweet about hell enough, your iphone will finally give up and stop correcting it to ‘he’ll’”

SortaBad Has a Million-Dollar Idea

“They should make iPhone screens out of the same glass the Kool-Aid Man is made from.”

SortaBad Is on a Roll! Is Apple Even Checking the Suggestion Box?

Apple: What do you want from an iPhone?
Everyone: A longer power cord so it’s easier to use when it’s charging.
Apple: Got it. We’ll make it so you can’t charge it and use your headphones at the same time.

This Thread on the iPhone 15 Announcement Begs the Question: What Exactly Constitutes a Feature?

affankhan._: I love how they call USB type C a feature, when they’re literally the last technology to adopt it and only because it was enforced by the EU lol
viditarora29: mentioning new colors like a new feature is all you need to know
daniel_yadi_levine: How am I gonna keep up with all these radical changes?

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