Calvin and Hobbes’ Funniest Snowmen and Snowball Fights

To tide you over while you’re waiting for that snowman-worthy snowfall
Calvin and Hobbes’ Funniest Snowmen and Snowball Fights

If you’re in a part of the U.S. that’s used to getting snowfall, you’ve probably noticed that this winter has offered very little in terms of snow thus far. There was no white Christmas, the snowman population has been nonexistent, and if you tried making a snowball, you’d likely end up with a clump of dead grass in your hands instead. We’ve got the best way to tide you over until that first significant snow storm, though: 15 of the funniest snowman and snowball fight comic strips from Calvin and Hobbes.

Calvin’s Idea of Festive

Calvin Torturing His Dad


Snowman Massacre

Calvin’s Pursuit of Science

Calvin vs Susie

More Calvin Torturing His Dad


A Meaningless Existence

Goodbye, Cruel World


Snowmen on Strike


The Hunt for Cretaceous Snow Dinosaurs

Probably Not a Bad Idea

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