The Best ‘Simpsons’ Jokes About How Overweight Homer Is

The Best ‘Simpsons’ Jokes About How Overweight Homer Is

After watching Homer Simpson battle (or, more accurately, embrace) obesity for 34 years, Simpsons fans with mature understandings of the problems facing the plus-sized must ask ourselves important questions about the way the show tackles the subject through Homer’s behavior. Questions like, “Do these sound like the actions of a man who had all he could eat?

While Homer’s weight fluctuates as wildly as any established facts in the loose canon of The Simpsons’ floating timeline, we can roughly place him at around 239 pounds for most of the show. Standing at an estimated 5-foot-11, we can infer that Homer’s BMI is roughly 33.3, placing him among the 42 percent of Americans who classify as obese. Of course, certain episodes push Homer in and out of that weight group — like when he underwent extensive surgery to slim down in the oft-memed episode “Husband and Knives,” or when he successfully exploited disability rules in “King-Sized Homer” — but Homer’s high-calorie diet coupled with the limited cardio he gets in while running for his life from disasters he himself caused keeps him consistently in that weight range through 757 episodes and counting.

Over in the Simpsons subreddit, fans recently discussed which of the many Simpsons fat jokes are their favorite, with the predictable majority being made at the expense of Homer’s expanse. Here are the top gags about Homer’s gut, starting with…

Homer Is Too Fat for Hands

Homer Is Too Fat for the Rules of the Tank

Homer Is Too Fat for Waterslides

Homer Is Too Fat for Scholarships

Homer Is Too Fat for This Billboard

Homer Is Too Fat to Keep A Restaurant Open

Homer Is Too Fat for Two Dimensions

Homer Is Too Fat for Phones

Homer Is Too Fat for Buffets

Homer Is Too Fat for the Movies

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