20 Movies That Parents Can’t Wait to Show Their Kids

What’s the appropriate age for a family viewing of ‘Requiem for a Dream’?
20 Movies That Parents Can’t Wait to Show Their Kids

One of the greatest pleasures of parenting is watching your children watch your favorite movies for the first time. It can also, though, be one of the greatest disappointments. Forget failed classes and illicit piercings –– nothing makes you wonder where this kid even came from like refusing to watch another Harry Potter movie and calling you a nerd.

“I imagine that watching your favorite film with your kid can be a weird experience,” Redditor AmIFromA recently acknowledged. “Naturally, you’d want your kid to like your favorite movie and not think it’s stupid.” They then asked r/Movies, “Parents, what’s the film you are most looking forward to watch(ing) with your kids once they’re old enough?” and offered, “I think my answer is Inside Out. Though maybe that’s a bit weird to watch with your own kid, come to think of it.”

Star Wars


The Matrix


The Lord of the Rings

Jurassic Park

Apocalypse Now

Return to Oz


The Shawshank Redemption

Over the Garden Wall

Speed Racer

Lilo & Stitch

The Italian Job



The Big Lebowski

Hot Fuzz

Requiem For a Dream

The NeverEnding Story

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