13 Dark Humor Jokes About Superheroes and Supervillains

The bright light of justice can’t hide all the darkness of these jokes
13 Dark Humor Jokes About Superheroes and Supervillains

Whether you like them or not, there’s something inherently funny about superheroes and supervillains. The heroes are funny due to the mere thought of changing the world via elaborate costumes and punching their way through problems, while villains are equally hilarious with their over-the-top plans to… rob banks? Take over the world? Surely, they’re thinking too hard. But even the colorful world of superheroes has darkness. If you’ve seen the Snyderverse, you’re more than aware of that.

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Here then are some of the darkest jokes involving superheroes and supervillains... 

The Consequences of Superman’s Perviness

Superman’s X-ray vision leads to a very serious affliction for the women within his sight.

Stephen Lynch’s ‘Superhero’

With the help of his audience, Lynch performs his children’s song about wanting to be a superhero, and it’s as appropriate as you can imagine. Especially with “Fuck You Dude.”

The Punisher Doing This to Wolverine’s Peen

This was after literally shooting his face off, but before running him over with a steamroller.

Gabriel Iglesias Thinks Batman’s a Creep

“Batman is the creepiest superhero. He only comes out at night, his face is always covered up, he’s always waiting in alleys and who does he talk to? A guy named Joker, a guy named Riddler, his name is Batman. Joker-Riddler-Batman, Joker-Riddler-Batman, those are Mexican gang member names!”


Batman would never take a life. It’s his one rule. Trust us, the henchmen are asleep.

Dolphin Rescue

On The Boys, The Deep tries to free his aquatic friend from the confines of OceanLand. Keyword: “tries.”

Professor Chaos’ Greatest Weakness

When supervillain Professor Chaos faces off against some superpowered ninjas on South Park, he’s thwarted by a very real, not-pretend ninja star that can get the kids in big, big trouble.

Everything Involving Superheroes in ‘Rick and Morty’

From the Vindicators to the Self-Referential Six, Rick and Morty mock the tropes of superhero fiction, usually in the most violent way possible.

The Thanos Snap

Thanos couldn’t have known how many dark and hilarious consequences his snap (or “The Blip” as the MCU calls it) causes throughout the world.

‘Family Guy’s Aquaman

Family Guy points out how Aquaman’s flaws as a superhero go way beyond his ineffective fish powers.

Harley Quinn Gives a Henchman Cancer

Seriously, why would they even make that invention?

Roy Wood Jr. on Luke Cage

“Why do you think Black superheroes only save Black people? They busy, they ain’t got the time to save the rest of the world. That’s a luxury only white superheroes have. ‘My neighborhood’s great; what else is going on out here in the world?’ Black superheroes got to focus on their block. 

“If you don’t know nothing about comic books and superheroes, Luke Cage is this TV show about an indestructible Black man. The brother is bulletproof, super-strength, he can throw a truck at you like a football. You would think with his resume, he would be somewhere with Iron Man trying to save the universe. This motherfucker never leaves Harlem!”

The Most Evil Invention in the World

The mad scientists and supervillains gather to determine the most evil invention in the world, which oddly enough aren’t White Castle sliders but something even they aren’t ready for.

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