27 Sneaky Jokes Tucked into Movies and Shows

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27 Sneaky Jokes Tucked into Movies and Shows

Filmmakers (and showmakers) are visual storytellers, and sometimes they can't help sneaking clever sight gags into their creations, just to see if anyone catches them. We know, of course, that you definitely don't typically miss them, but just in case you were looking at your phone or something, we asked our readers to show us what they think are the best visual jokes in shows and movies.

Our favorite is below, but first, the runners-up:

AVENCERS CRACKED cO MARVEL STUDIOS VENCERS INFINITY WAR That blue guy chilling in The Collector's display case? Don't mind him. That's just Tobias Fui
CRACKED COM BABYDRIVER Baby has such a massive crush on Debora that the black heart graffiti 1O10F turns red as soon toE 900d as he sees her. 99h0
27 Sneaky Jokes Tucked into Movies and Shows
SPIDER CRACKEDCO INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE While Miles Morales is visiting his uncle Aaron in his apartment, the TV is on. And the TV is showing an episod
CRACKEDOON nue CY Scry M Certifieate f.nthenticity E eenlgfes thal MICHAEL SCOTT is the proud wner of 1 Quality Seyko timepiece the office In his offi
As the gang trades Canadian jokes in How I Met Your Mother's The Rehearsal Dinner (S9E12), we are treated to the life and times of a couple in the b
CRACKED COM NDFOD HOTFUZZ POLICE Danny throws a DVD into a supermarket basket. For a brief second, we see a cut-price DVD of the director's previous f
HOTEL KOBDEDE ARTEMIS In the final scene, a character can be seen flipping a switch with the word 'KOBEE' printed on it. The word is 'covfefe' written
THE EMPEROR'S EIW GGROOVE Pretty sly reference to pitching a tent for a kid's movie.
Harly Foffer AND THE GOBltTor FIRE There's a special disclaimer in the credits that would made PETA happy. ROUGHT GEMENT COURTYARD MANAGEMENT 3KHz MAN
In Finding Nemo, Deb thinks her reflection in the fish tank's glass is her sister Flo, who seems to be a product of Deb's imagination. DUUUIC OIPI NUU
BOJACK HORSEMAN Fans are well aware that visual gags are a staple of this show, and will often pause the show to spot all the gags. STOP PAUSING AND J
UNITED NATIONS In South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, the flag display outside the United Nations includes the Jolly Roger and an LGBT Pride flag. CRA
MO52584 ESC TAR CAPS Old Man McGucket's laptop in Gravity Falls has a key for the symbol of The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.
CRACKED.COM The Starfleet vessel USS Brattain's ship motto (on its dedication plaque) is taken from Gilligan's Island. SAR IRER THE NEXT GENERATION Th
There's bitchy workplace sniping hidden in The Lego Movie. 1:00 Onens L Ror tmouser u 500 Sm Agentling cdl 6i00 Mrtice FAIS NTM T  To e Do't FORGET To
Michael Scott is sporting the wrong flag for St. Patrick's Day. CRAGh In the season six episode St. Patrick's Day, Michael is obliviously presenting
MCANA CRACKEDco COM All of the Kakamora in this scene look like they want to hurt Moana... Baymax from BIG HERO except for one who looks like he wants
In thefirstepisodeof TEEN GO! ETANS when Robin goes to the grocery store, we see that their Employee ofthe Monthis EMPLOTEE none other than The Joker.
A ARMS NASARSNTACISS FAREWELL TO In EVIL DEAD 2, when Ash cuts off his evil hand, traps it under a can, and weighs it down with some random books, the
arlyoter Albus Dumbledore was in Gryffindor House, and the statue guarding the secret entrance to his office is a griffin. Griffin. Door. Get it?
Ever the eccentric fashionista, Delia Deetz in Beetlejuice is seen sporting this sweater Charles was wearing earlier. As pants. CRACKEDcom
6 66 2 SIMPSonS tHe In the episode Bart Star - the numbers on the religious CRACKED.COM Rod and Todd's football jerseys are '66' and'6.'
During the scene in SNAKES ON A PLANE where the flight attendant kills a snake in the microwave... Direct Access SNAKE LOW DINNEA WARM ...the microwav
In The Mask, this is what the scamming mechanics' storefront looks like before The Mask shows up. AUTO NUINISHIO FIiSHIne RIPLEVS 12 SHOCK est SLNR OF
27 Sneaky Jokes Tucked into Movies and Shows
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