30 Customer Types You Can’t Escape on the Job

Think you’re making a worker’s day with your fresh take? Think again
30 Customer Types You Can’t Escape on the Job

Everyone expects work to teach them important skills and life lessons. What they dont expect are the weird things they also learn, most notably about other human beings. For example, theres a host of types of people you never even knew existed until you encountered them on the job.

Below are the most notorious types of customers and clients our readers have had to deal with at their place of business…

There's always one customer in retail sales that makes absurd demands. I'LL BUY THE $19 DVD PLAYER IF you THROW IN THESE $99 PLATINUM CABLES FOR FREE.
If you've worked in retail, then you've encountered people who changed their minds about buying perishable products, but couldn't be bothered to put t
Anyone who has worked in fast food has met people who waited in a long line, but didn't know what to order when their turn came. Why the confusion? It
In the restaurant industry, there are some customers who have no concept of time, or business hours. CLOSED They show up within minutes of closing tim
CRACKEDCOR In retail sales, there's always one customer that knows everything about the product. 1024 SOUNTOUCH HAISE They ask you to confirm everythi
When you sell food, there's always that CHICKE one person who places a huge, B intricateorder without looking at the prices on the menu.. OADID UDGRAD
Every waiter has encountered The Arguing Family. It's hard to know whether to serve or referee them. bfe
Working in a bar will show you just how many teenagers think they can pass for adult men with a bad fake ID. CRACKED COM
EverY SO often in customer service, you have to deal with.... CRAU The Braggart That one person who always makes a big deal about how their family i
Ever worked in a bookstore? RRAINS Then you should be familiar with the risk of accidentally stepping on 'landmines', people who sit on the floor read
When you're a cashier, you'r ealways gonna encounter those customers who blame you for everything... Customer doesn't like the prices? You get blamed!
Every Grocery Clerk has dealt with... The Ummm. well... it's kind Vague of like a taco. but it isn't. And it has sort of Request blackish-white color.
Anyone who has worked at a returns desk has met THE RECYCLER. They spent $40 on an item six months ago and keep coming in every 89 days to exchange it
A frequent strange case in tech support is Jekyll. a He's a polite, calm, and attentive customer until... ...it turns out the problem can't just be fi
Hey, it's the funny guy who thinks he is the first one to ever make the joke, Coftee It isn't scanning? It must be FREE!
When you work at a diner, you quickly get to know the older dudes who just want a place to be around people for a bit. DILNER Though they might not be
If you've worked in fast food, you know: MORE NEW CHOICES AT AMAZING VALUE WOOMIENT M 150 0nD mod Bon There's always one guy who is too drunk to know
CRACKED COM When you work with the public, you meet the scumbags who lie about their service animals. 0 0o Qo, o 0. 0o o Their animals misbehave, gr
When you're a bartender, it's easy to spot the ones that'll tell you their whole life story after one drink. CRACKED COM
If you work at a call center, you might have to face... the Suggestor! CRAUIS He has grand ideas over how your employers should run things, but no clu
BOYD KFC KF The bane of every restaurant worker's existence: 'It's OK if you deliberately make a mess. There are people who get paid to clean it up!
CRACKED c COM I just had coffee this morning SO I don't think I'll be ordering that. Soda looks good but the weather's really cold today and I wouldn'
The Moving Target CRAGKEDGON A customer who has a habit of moving his drinking glass as his beverage is being refilled by the waiter.
Working at a country club can be depressing, but dealing with the teen members is downright terrifying. ABAA I would pay money to see The Hunger Game
If you're a woman who has worked in service, you've encountered the OBLIVIOUS SEXIST. He thinks he's flattering you with comments like, a pretty girl
When you work any retail job you're going to meet THE CASH THROWVER You've got 359268 1ac your hand plainly out there to get the cash from them, but f
Working in retail means there's always going to be a customer that doesn't believe you... PRODU SPECS ...because they read something different on the
CRACKEDe CON As a lifeguard, nothing's more awkward than making polite conversation with the senior citizens who are somehow unaware that their suits
If, as a delivery worker, you get a particularly Llarge order of food, it might be for... the Agent Smith. He doesn't want to admit that the order is
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