30 Well-Known Landmarks With Unknown Secrets

Turns out there’s something weird about all the places you’d assumed were boring
30 Well-Known Landmarks With Unknown Secrets

We all know the chamber of commerce version of famous, historical places. Boring, right? And so, we charged our readers with digging up some weird, unexpected and decidedly non-boring facts about sites were all familiar with. They didnt disappoint us…

CRACKEDCON The Great Sphinx of Giza was buried by sand up to its shoulder since at least 1,400 B.C. and was only completely excavated in 1936.
CRACKED.COM There is graffiti believed to have been carved by Union soldiers during the Civil War in the lobby of the Washington Monument.
In 2017, SCientists using new imaging technology discovered a huge 100 foot hidden chamber inside the Great Pramid of Giza. They plan on sending minia
CRACKED COM THE FOUNTAIN OF THE FALLEN ANGEL in Madrid, which depicts a statue of Lucifer being cast out of heaven, coincidentally happens to be at 66
CRACKED COM In the 1960s the entire temple of Abu Simbel dismantled and was moved 650 ft to save it from flooding.
CRACKED cO COM mt BEEEEEL BEEE B HEEE mritt In 1814, British troops set fire to the White House. You can still see burn marks.
CRACKED COM Knoxville's pride, the symbol of the 1982 World's Fair, the fabulous SUNSPHERE isn't just a cheap tourist trap. The glass panes of the sph
NASA's Vehicle Assembly Building is SO huge, it has its own weather. NASA On humid days, actual rain clouds can form along the ceiling. CRACKED COM
GRAGKED aTAmo SATREWOUSE BCOMM1SS03 ESTATTOS The Alamo, scene of one of the best-known last stands in history, and a beloved Texas landmark and touris
CRACKEDo COM The first event held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway was a balloon race.
The sheet metal from the original Hollywood sign rusted in storage until artist Bill Mack bought it in HOLLYWOC 2007. He restored the H, and used th
Local villagers swipe bricks all the time from the Great Wall of China. They build with them, or sell them in village markets for a few dollars.
Saint Peter's Basilica was mainly funded by selling indulgences...o or prayers written by priests excusing a person from their sins. CRACKEDOONI
CRACKEDCON One of the grotesques on the Washington National Cathedral is Darth Vader's helmet.
After a successful decade-long restoration project to save it from collapse, mt the Leaning Tower of Pisa is now back to the same position as it was i
The mainland U.S.'s lowest point, Death CRACKED COM Valley, is one hour's drive from the highest. 100 FEET BELOW SEA LEVEL Death Valley That's Mt. Whi
CRACKEDcO The US Supreme Court Building has its own basketball court located a floor higher than the courtroom. Literally making it The Highest Court
San Francisco's Palace of Fine arts is not the original structure. It was originally constructed to be part of the 1915 Panama-Pacifi Exposition, and
Death and birth are prohibited on Itsukushima island in Japan to preserve the purity of the Itsukushima Shrine. CRACKEDOON
BIG BEN'S time-keeping accuracy depends on a pile of British pennies. To keep up with time, pennies are stacked on top of the pendulum, which affect t
CRACKEDOON In 1967, the City of London decided to replace the London Bridge as it was sinking about an inch every eight years It made the phrase LOND
The iconic Atheneum in Bucharest, Romania, owes its unusual round shape to the fact it was built on the foundation of an unfinished circus. COR CRACKE
CRACKEDcO COM In 1923, an archeologist found this bottle of port beneath Stonehenge. SInutilal nur Another archeologist had left it in 1802, with a no
Largo di Torre Argentina, the square in Rome where Julius Caesar was assassinated ... Now serves as a sanctuary for over 100 STRAY CATS.
GRACKEDON PSS AMSTO FHUTAA OGT The wide crack on the Liberty Bell was actually the repair job. In the early 1840s, a narrow crack appeared on the bell
There used to be a typo on the north wall of the Lincoln Memorial. The wall that was supposedly engraved with Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address missp
Before the aluminum cap was placed on the Washington Monument, it was shown off in Tiffany's New York store. ai1 uck one h tane The cap was the world'
THE EIFFEL TOWER IS PAINTED IN THREE SHADES In order to counteract the effect of the atmospheric perspective of the Parisan sky... It lighter uses a s
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