29 Creepy Murders That Remain Unsolved

There isn’t always a happy ending
29 Creepy Murders That Remain Unsolved

Murder mysteries in Hollywood have a pretty predictable arc to them. You have a murder (it’d be a very subversive entry to the canon of the genre if everyone was alive the entire time), there’s usually an intrepid investigator doing their best to get nominated for an Oscar and there's a twisty script that ends with apprehending the person responsible for the death. Pretty standard stuff. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if real life worked that way? Unfortunately, there are an unsettling amount of murders out there that go unsolved. Those in charge of investigating them do the best they can with the information they have, but the case still ends up as a stack of papers collecting dust in an old file cabinet. 

Below are some the creepiest unsolved murders throughout history that have managed to keep us up at night. Maybe someday we’ll get some resolution, but until then, we’ll be double-checking that our doors are locked.  

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