29 Behind-the-Scene Stories From Beloved Comedies and Sitcoms

29 Behind-the-Scene Stories From Beloved Comedies and Sitcoms

If you ever think you need a huge amount of money to get a show made in Hollywood just look at It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. The pilot for the show only cost $100, and its gone on to become the longest-running live-action comedy series in American television history. More about that and 28 other behind-the-scenes tidbits from beloved comedies and sitcoms below…

The story was inspired by the author's daughters CRACKED.COM William Goldman asked his daughters what he should write about and one said a princess and the other said a bride.


EASTER EGGSTRA REFERENCES & HIDDEN MEANINGS ROBOCOP SEES community THE FUTURE In the season 2 episode, Aerodynamics of Gender, Annie, Shirley, and Britta teach Abed how to basically be a mean girl. He sees himself as a RoboCop, scanning women to detect their mean level before taking them out, verbally. Hidden in the scans are summaries of future episode plots. CURRENT For instance, with Shirley SYNDPSIS: there's a hint to the Pillows BRITTA, SHIRLEY, AND ANNIE MAKE and Blankets ABED INTO ONE episode, as well OF THE GIRLS. WHICH with the BACKFIRES; as the one Christmas Jeff AND TROY DISCOVER A


Scott Adsit is the voice for Big Hero 6's Baymax. VEL WELC Pete's future isn't as bleak as the show implies. BEHIND-THE-SCENES CRACKED.COM



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