26 Hysterical Behind-the-Scenes Stories from Our Favorite Comedies

26 Hysterical Behind-the-Scenes Stories from Our Favorite Comedies

You think you know your favorite comedies, huh? Well, did you know that there would be no Talladega Nights or Step Brothers without Molly Shannon. It was thanks to the SNL alum that the comedy duo of Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly first met each other. More on that — and 25 other facts about some of our favorite comedy movies and shows — below…

BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS ZACH BRAFF DIRECTED AN EPISODE. TED LASSO Braff happened to be in London while the show was being filmed so executive producer Bill Lawrence (with whom he worked with on Scrubs) invited him to direct an episode. Braff directed Biscuits, the show's second episode. CRACKED.COM


There's a Spinal Tap easter egg in Princess Bride DORAL USS OV-18 CRACKED.COM The hat Rob Reiner wore in Spinal Tap is hanging on the wall of The Grandson's room


Billy Crystal and Carol Kane had to arrive at 2 am for make-up CRACKED.COM They were only on set for three days, but Crystal said the experience was joyous.


Alec Baldwin agreed to do the show because he got a four-day weekend. He said he wanted to spend more time with his daughter in LA. BEHIND-THE-SCENES CRACKED.COM


Steve Buscemi directed 2 episodes. He parodied his own often memed line How do you do, fellow kids? during the 2020 SAG Awards. BEHIND-THE-SCENES CRACKED.COM



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