48 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of June 24, 2024

Hey, hon, did you put something different in this?
48 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of June 24, 2024

This week came and went in the blink of an eye. A new season of FX’s Emmy-winning series The Bear dropped all at once, Lisa Kudrow started binge-watching Friends after years of avoiding seeing herself on-screen and Bob Belcher finally got to taste sweet, sweet revenge as former Jimmy Pesto voice actor Jay Johnston pleaded guilty to his involvement in the January 6th insurrection. 

But perhaps the wildest piece of news was that Netflix’s runaway hit Baby Reindeer almost had a very different actress in a very pivotal role. According to Variety, Richard Gadd’s agents pushed for Melissa McCarthy to play the role of Martha in Gadd’s semi-autobiographical series. McCarthy is no stranger to dramatic roles — her Oscar nominated performance in 2018’s Can You Ever Forgive Me? is probably the best example — but she was ultimately uninterested. 

Entertainment news wasn’t the only thing filling up the week, though — we got some great tweets, too. This week’s funniest included those about a new name for lingerie, a smart uncle and how to handle small claims court.

Devon Hardware's Wife @thatf... 4d ... riding amtrak to north dakota, woman next to me in the observation car is reading the bible on her phone and eating grilled shrimp from a ziploc bag 12 30 1,522 29.3K
Jacob Wren @EverySongIveEve 2d ... Be the elephant you wish to see in the room. 31 3,456 16.4K 377K
Claire Penis @ZeroSuitCamus 2d ... Every time he pops up on my timeline I think it's Ariana Grande's boyfriend Daily Mail .com Daily Mail US @DailyMail.6d Sag Harbor cop who didn't recognize Justin Timberlake during DWI arrest is unmasked as rookie Michael Arkinson... and he's been infuriating the Hamptons elite for months trib.al/phluBIC on III OP DEDICATE 101 4,313 135K 3.1M
DECIDER 4 @Spend0Gustav0.2d ... 24 I am not. Delete my number. adidas Siffany @sylveeya01.2 2d No matter how we ended, I'm always here. 374 46.8K 112K 5.1M
scott @disorderedbowl.2d ... obsessed with how my friend's stepmom moves through the world My birthday is tomorrow, Thursday, June 27th. I will be 50. Make a big deal. Or not. But you didn't forget. Here's your reminder. Carry on. Until tomorrow. Thursday: June 27th. 64 2,258 43.5K 1.1M
@O....4d ... Orwell & Goode | $TREN unread book unread unread unread book book unread book book 42 2,707 23.4K 990K
john sturgis @sturgios 2d Sian got one of those texts from an unrecognised number purportedly from our oldest son who had lost his phone. But because he is overseas in the wilds she was concerned it could just be true. So she asked him to name his cat. Fair play to the scammer for having a punt: Please could you make the payment for me on my behalf? I'll pay you back as soon as I can get back onto my mobile banking app again What's the name of our oldest cat ? There no need to ask me silly questions.
ashley @themanuscrpt . 2d ... they'll never make me form an opinion on you joe alwyn lauraTS @evermrelover.2 2d there are 2 kind of people in the world X 1,493 comments :) they could never make me hate you joe alwyn 1w Reply 5,475 View 11 replies Yahli They could never make me like you Joe Alwyn 6d Reply 1,802 67 1,965 46.6K 1.3M
Gentleman Doofus @GentleDo... 2d ... MGM+ is the fakest of all the streamers. This simply can't be a real show. FROM THE CO-CREATOR OF NARCOS & GODFATHER OF HARLEM MGM+ ORIGINAL SERIES HOTEL COCAINE EVERY PLEASURE... HAS A PRICE 6.16 MGM+ 22 96 1,184 63.8K
John Phipps @John_Phipps 3d ... Не looks like a medieval panel of a saint holding the instrument of his martyrdom GERMANY GERMANY vivo O EURO2024 EURO GERMANY GERM PLAYER OF T PLAYER O viv EURO20 GER N EURO20242 ivo O URO202 GERMANY 200 4,747 64.5K 1.9M
Katie @KatesOfHeaven- 1d ... last night, my girlfriend said that my idea of dividing a day by 1000 units instead of 24 hours was, and i quote, the thing you see in a tv show or movie when the writers want to signify to the audience that this person is insane 34 145 4,587 99K
beer person @CantEverDie 2h ... maybe the funniest explanation for a recall i've seen Tesla is recalling the Cybertruck again, this time because a piece can fly off By Peter Valdes-Dapena, CNN J 2 minute read Updated 4:08 PM EDT, Tue June 25, 2024 61 348 4,385 70.7K
shukrani @shukrani__ 1d my advice to toddlers is to start saving your money now. 189 10.1K 41.3K 909K
vivi the creator 3: @ILUVVIVL 1d ... if youre crazy enough this won't be a problem aidan @torturedaidan• 2d living alone is awesome until you realize you haven't spoken a word in 2 days 30 6,458 42.2K 792K
katie @skatie420. 15h wore lingerie and my bf said wow... it's like baldur's gate camp clothes 4 1,496 31.8K del 1M
DeviantPigg @DefectivePigg.23h ... Comments 428 X Kat Stephens 2 weeks ago ... к My son stuck a snail in his nose when he was 2. We took him to hospital and they used pharmaceutical cocaine to shrink his sinuses and the dr blew it out. We took him home and he rode his rocking horse for 2 hours non stop. 8 694 11.4K 182K
Brooks Otterlake @i_zzzzzz. 13h ... Chuckling at this silly headline while my wife hands me my nightly bowl of ice cream THE ETHICIST NEWSLETTER Is It OK to Secretly Medicate Your Manic Husband? 5 MIN READ 56 2,356 57.2K del 1.1M
Hole Man @TheHoleMan... id ... TikTok thinking about the time another marine found out I had a degree so he asked me in private where the sun went when it rained 56 2,190 61.4K 862K
Chris @ChristophersZen 19h ... S S poppy @imnotpopba... 2d Name a more iconic trio than Kim, Kourtney and Khloe. 123 6,746 41.5K 2.6M
S Norm Charlatan @normcharla... 13h ... My dude did his homework. Не was the only guy who bothered to read the damn rule book and figure out that dogs can legally hoop. A legend. HE'S RIGHT. AIN'T NO RULE THAT SAYS A DOG CAN'T PLAY BASKETBALL. philip lewis @Phil_Lewis_.21h Bill Cobbs, an actor who appeared in over 120 television shows and movies since the 1970... 982 12K 4 399K
Read Let This Radicalize You 13h ... BORN TOO LATE TO OWN PROPERTY BORN TOO SOON TO BE A TEEN TIKTOK STAR BORN JUST IN TIME TO watch sandwiches go ALT from costing $5 to $15 53 6,678 51.9K 1M
Cody @AltHistCody-16h NOOOOOOOOOO AF. AF Post @AFpost. 17h CNN will mute mics at the upcoming presidential debate to stop candidates from speaking over each other. Follow: @AFpost 22 TOMORROW 9P ET LIVE CNN Presidential Debate CNN DEBATE COUNTDOWN LIVE INSIDE THE RULES FOR TRUMP-BIDEN DEBATE ON CNN TOMORROW NIGHT CNN 1:1 3 lackwell I CNN Anchor NAS .50 LO HAVE BEEN BROUGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE. PERSONNEL FROM U.S. EMBASSY IN MC SITUATION ROOM 315 3,109 85.8K 2.7M
fish marriage @corviiid 1d ... my boss just saw me looking stressed and sympathetically went dyou wanna go find an empty meeting room to monologue to yourself for a minute exactly what kind of reputation do i i have in my workplace i ask you 13 4,409 64.9K 653K
lexi @lexalacie 17h HELP WHAT DO I DO Jun 25 2024 hii just bought the vintage clown doll 19:50 Hiii I will try to get it mailed by the end of the week you are gorgeous btw Also the doll is haunted I'm not fsho by what but it doesn't seem like a bad entity so just be aware <3 ٨٨ 124 1,257 28.9K 504K
chase @_chase 1d ... it sucks that the only way to become someone's best friend in adulthood is by defeating their childhood best friend in a trial by combat 105 7,006 88.9K 1.8M
Andy Kelly @ultrabrilliant.20h AP The Associated Press 20h Getting rid of poison ivy is a serious matter. What you should and shouldn't do apnews.com/article/ garden... 36 6,752 68.2K 1.7M
Czech Hunter @hauntedbottom- 16h ... I miss when the Ezra Miller stuff was going on and somebody would tweet did you hear about that girl he kidnapped and they'd get a reply like Ezra uses they/them pronouns. but yes I pray they are apprehended immediately I fear for my family 8 510 11.5K 288K
no context memes @weird... - 20h ... absolutely insane casting. he looks like someone just ITCHING to ask me a riddle @clampcity_.3d Show this thread ВЛ GORDEN NEW В YORK PAUL DANO ACTOR, THE BATMAN 31 1,624 42.1K del 638K
erica @ericanextdooor.1 1d ... people are out here with 5 year plans, i wake up everyday and see what the vibes are 101 22.3K 106K 2.2M
kiwi @kiwehhhhh. 13h ... One time I went to a Christmas light show at the botanical gardens and they had a reindeer and it looked old as fuck so I asked how long reindeer live and the guy said about 15 years and I asked how olds this one and he grimly replied 15. directional transsexual @n..... 1d had to teach my 23yo coworker that reindeer are in fact real animals and not fantasy creatures Child Left Behind ALT 7 75 2,220 44K
bra @ultravlcz 1d be: IM FUCKING CRYING TMZ EXCLUSIVE JENNIFER LOPEZ Flies Commercial... JENNY FROM THE CABIN!!! 432 7,251 131K 4.3M
lil$icily @aherosarc 1d ... the worst bf i ever had didn't talk to me a whole dinner once bc a hibachi chef threw a piece of shrimp in my mouth 123 827 29.4K del 745K
jeremy @then0wnow-17h ... but not too fruity! ka @k2ken0.2d you've got to be a little fruity nowadays to pull bad bitches 14 35.6K 1,791 909K
nxd @nxd1979. 5h My dad is doing allyship for Pride < Dad Yesterday 7:41PM bridgerton threesome 2 guys 9 84 2,620 102K
Pat @pattbb8.1d ... Me driving home from the theater, pretending I am in the film I just watched 65 2,641 25.3K 625K
Lady Renee @dezzy_beee 1d Tell me why I had to find out via HGTV house hunters that my OBGYN is searching for a house in Florida bc SHES MOVING??? 49 1,233 48.8K 995K
wengel @wengelll.16h Cool Delete this board and all its Pins? Your board dream home and all 58 Pins will be gone for good. Cancel Delete forever MORS PERFECT UNION More Perfect Union @M... 1d The typical salary needed to become a homeowner in the United States is now $106,500-an 80% increase from the $59,000 needed in 2020,... 1 82 1,809 43.3K
owen! @yoshicrossing. 4h this is how locked in i need to be today oisti Established 1 99 1,813 37K
pebbles @penbbles 17h i kinda get why child leashes exist theres nobody who wants to kill themselves more than a baby who's just learned how to walk dee и @fairyartmo... . 3 3d The litmus test for whether I will accept your advice regardless of whether you are a parent or not depends on how you feel about these. x.com/theereal_one/s... 294 6,462 95K 1.5M
Hamilton @hamiltonawah-1 11h ... Silenter treatment. Horlanrewaju @Ibra... 11h How do y'all deal with silent treatment?? 83 3,016 9,495 425K
meg @meg_jays 17h Comence googled my symptoms MV - Big Boy t need and found out i just FREED MAIS my baseball team WA to - e BUDLIGHT do well for a little bit RGERS 26 1,570 13.3K 767K
matt @computer_gay.8h ... G he wants to open the relations M All Videos Images Forums News Shopping Help is available Speak with someone today 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline Languages: English, Spanish Hours: Available 24 hours Call 988 4 185 3,641 97.1K
@qiyaunnaa 15h ngl at target, you just gotta accept your total and go with it 318 12.2K 68.9K 1.3M
shreya @shreyabasu003.16h ... Do you think Obama is going to put anything from Brat on his playlist 134 2,045 50.3K del 1M
Jason, ex Inferis @benedictsred 19h ... Pleading insanity in small claims court 24 2,452 24.4K del 602K
Sam Yeezy @samstaydipped 19h ... Reginald. #RipOluwatoyin @Sheer_Opulence | wonder if i could handle a open relationship 1:43 PM 9/10/20 Twitter for iPhone il View Tweet activity 1 Quote Tweet 5 Likes Mr.Glock Jr. @JuicemanJay... - 9/10/20 ... Replying to @Sheer_Opulence Imagine me fucking yo girl 2 1 85 2,557 53.7K 1.2M
Shae @hisfaveemuse. 1d I have a paternal uncle who lives in Europe.Mans cut everyone off years ago,but he stays posting on Facebook. When relatives comment on his posts he responds with a 402 3,972 41.7K 1.9M
Classical Studies Memes fo... 8h ... DORIC IONIC CORINTHIAN poppy @imnotpopba... 3d Name a more iconic trio than Kim, Kourtney and Khloe. 47 4,198 38.3K 749K


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