34 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of June 10, 2024

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34 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of June 10, 2024

Father’s Day is upon us, which means dads all over the country are being celebrated with bottles of scotch, cigars and whatever the New York Times suggests is the “must-have” gadget of the year. One rather infamous father is very familiar with this concept and plans to cash in on it — 11 times over. 

In an interview with People, Nick Cannon divulged that he wants to give his 11 kids the “opportunity to connect” with him this Father’s Day and “give (him) gifts and all that type of stuff.” The Wild ‘n Out comedian’s choice of words naturally got the timeline in a tizzy with everyone making fun of him for treating his own flesh and blood like fans at a meet-and-greet. One Twitter user even said that the Cannon clan is going to wake up to a Microsoft Teams invite in their inbox on Sunday morning. 

But Cannon’s Father’s Day strategy was hardly the only thing getting flamed on the timeline this week. Other digital burn victims included a knockoff Classic Man, a coastal city and the genie who will grant your every wish — so long as you’re asking for Zyn and a can of Monster.

Derek Kramer @DerekKramer49-1d ... Turn off the PS5 David Fischer @DavidFis... 1d The Dolphins just won the Super Bowl. What is your first action? 60 1,541 38K 1.7M
@ItsChinaa_. 1d ... 1 argument & everybody medical history gonna be on instagram tyelinj @thetyelinj 2d it's too many messy bitches tryna be nurses baby 139 4,799 25K 1.3M
derek guy @dieworkwear 20h ... i think your wardrobe proves this is not true Rishi Sunak @RishiSunak.1 1d You will always be better at spending your own money than the government is. 351 3,053 44.5K 1.9M
brecht apologist @madisonta... 18h ... watched a tiktok about how servers in paris are asking american tourists to leave 20% tips and он но но how les tables have fucking turned 195 2,241 51.4K 3.4M
Joy @illjoy_.12h Drake >Age 37 years Image: Chris McKay, Getty Images Culture Crave @Cult... 1d #Predator was released 37 years ago today 594 24.9K 246K 6M
S @propaganda91.18h ... Today Gotta rock hard penis pic dude? 11:07 AM not if you call me dude. Delivered 1:25 PM Gotta rock hard penis pic sis? 1:34 PM 28 1,465 28.3K 567K
Terminally Online Leftist @... 1d ... be an ally 18 NSFW Men of reddit, what would you do if you found out your homie is gay? Share 1551 2524 + seafoamteal 7h S 9 Awards Stop making jokes about him not having a girlfriend and start making jokes about him not having a boyfriend. Reply 16.3k 164 17.4K 270K 3.9M
Cody @AltHistCody 13h ... Making a bed anti-sex is easy. Just put me on it. @OkitaSuperFan - 1 16h To me, this is just a regular bed D ARIS 201 Anti-s*x Beds Have Been Installed in Rooms of Athletes For 2024 Paris Olympics 48 1,120 21.6K 703K
Alf(ie) @alfiebiggs03-19h Why's he got half a beard CITIUS MAG @CitiusMag.19h 2.34m!! Gianmarco Tamberi! European champion! Pulls out the springs from his spikes before celebrating! The home crowd goes WILD! Rai 2HD CC TAMBERI 2.31 234 7.26 2.29 2.31 2.33 x xx xx C' HIGH JUMP FINAL 266 1,889 64.9K 5.2M
mina @meanadone 22h this is how I would look if I were playing baseball and also the Lorax 2020 Y: : 0-3 (GROUNDOUT IN 7TH) eijer AKE ROGERS 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 DP F09 5-3 EASON: 220. AVG, 5 HR, 11 RBI 1 44 571 29K
#augs @luvpxie 1d i would let out a bloodcurdling scream if i saw these pairs of feet walking towards me E money @ai_mei_li - 1d real walkers 145 5.2K 93K 2.5M
like @419kiddd 13h ... u finna be the first person with a hook for a hand since the 1800s. Wooder Ice Dealer @rinnegoddess.1 16h Candied biscuit! 0:04 I - Test - - Twitch Activity Send 407 9.4K 84K 3.4M
@foctnote 1d Getting a Joshua Bassett ticket is probably easier than getting a reservation on a Monday morning 8am for a sushi restaurant @missmoroccana. dd mel is short n' sweet you would never guess what artist they' re doing all this for POV: one of your favorite artists has a ticket sale differmenter Johns dissess The distributes Years Your KING CA - i This Next Sida shorts Fonding 10.00 - 59 PC O 16 0 New Sale storts trickey 59 16 1 Disney Dates and Done BY - - Marfloca For + 6 ticketmaster.com - محمد Berrette и THE A Golden
Soggy Broccoli @soggybrocoli - 1 1d santa claus ass tweet hi gay! nes @feydemon . 2d boy dinner 643 20K 299K 5.6M
@northstardoll. 1d ... every time you tell a dude sum they respond with I understand 10 you fuckin don't there is nothin ur head rattle rattle skull bitch 52 4.6K 35K 918K
Sam @YoureMyBigStar 2d Shes like an amish person who becomes addicted to social media Lorde Updates @LordeUpdatesBR.2d Lorde has once again changed her Instagram profile picture. 830 34K 1M 9
Ryan Mac @RyeHenMac84.2 2d This is the genie that comes out when you rub a bottle of Axe body spray. @BASINGSEGRAPS. 3d THE BOULDER The King is looking CLEAN IN STYLEZ FROM 32 1.2K 13K 420K
@bloodsimpIe• 2d megan ... he looks like a minion that asked gru to become human Sofia Coppium @indianloonie . 2d 9.2K 251 231K 8.2M
josh tenet @joshtenet . 1d wrong Affleck guys Original Films Apple Original Films @AppleFilms.2d Worst. Heist. Ever. tv+ THE MATT DAMON CASEY AFFLECK INSTIGATORS FROM THE DIRECTOR OF THE BOURNE IDENTITY & MR. AND MRS. SMITH POLICE NEW MOVIE AUG 9 II WATER SERGING R 691 26 19K 604K
vikky streetcar licker @streetcarfucker 4d absolutely ridiculous name for a city btw Newport News 177 587 13K 923K
bailey @baileylikemovie 4d love how if you told a normal person you'd already seen 83 films this year they'd look at you like you're absolutely insane but on filmtwt you're a fake cinephile @fadinqwolfz.4d I'm cooked 83 THIS YEAR 379 80K 4.9K 3.3M
Camden '97 @ChannelCamden. 3d Bro look he finna steal a Chaos Emerald @fasc1nate.3 3d Fascinating Charles Bronson in 2001. The man dubbed the most violent prisoner in Britain Servus Cells 152 11K 134K 3.6M
sh wn! @sshawnnnnnnnnnn . 3d ... by god she will be on a plane one way or another Sqil kam @sophiesfries 3d I'm crying why my flight stanning tay downnn 322K 227 18K 7.4M
ceren @turk1shprincess.4d ... esmé Today 12:13 PM need to find a super cunty belt on depop today Delivered unemployed peoples schedules be like: 15K 440 236K 4
Gentleman Doofus @GentleDoofus. 3d ... Not a fan of this perfectly smooth picture of Giamatti DISCOVER Star Trek on Paramount+ @StarTrekOn... 3d Every Starfleet crew has their villain. We are beyond excited to announce that Paul Giamatti has joined the cast of #StarfleetAcademy as a recurring guest star! #StarTrek 143 392K 29 6.9K
Zack Budryk @BudrykZack.4d ANADA DRY It's summer. AV The A.V. Club @TheAVClub . 4d Baby, It's Cold Outside is bad. The movie that introduced it to the world is worse dlvr.it/T84vgS 492 16 10K 455K
Grip Bayless @talleyberrybaby -5 5d ... Make sure you record it when you perform Classic Man @EricJarel . 5d Remy LeBeau 1920's party ready 128 3.2K 38K 1.2M
Lake Eater @lakeeater. 4d all the 20-something guys pretending to be their idea of a charmingly backward alcoholic golfer they got from an 80s movie are spiritually identical to this r/Cigarettes ... a glass of scotch and cigarette are the best way to end a day. 84 314 7K del 217K
ethical hater @DijahSB 3d ... bro gonna send them a microsoft teams link People People @people 4d Nick Cannon Wants to Give All 11 of His Kids the 'Opportunity to Connect' with Him on Father's Day (Exclusive) people.com/nick-cannon-wa... 27 4.9K 68K 3.7M
Quinton Reviews - #1 GARFIELD FAN @Q_Re... 4d ... Whenever I see Banksy art I imagine that he looks like this 67 3.7K 80K 1.2M
derek guy @dieworkwear 8h ... this is like if a dress sneaker was an entire outfit THIS CAR THIS CAR NEXT NEXT THIS CAR NEXT - - 309 465 15.8K 530K
Alex Goodwin, Ph.D. @AlexGoo... ...1d ... Blue Cross Blue Shield Hoops @HoopMixO... 6/5/24 who's winning this 1v1? 9 593 1,891 112K
Da Good Brother @DewMeNoF... 1d ... You can stick that to the wall with chewing gum CEO of The Passport Hoes... 1d Yall think I can mount my 23 inch tv by myself? 399 5,996 47.5K 2.6M
Just Phil @Philosfy 3d ... The only way KD can redeem his legacy is if he returns to the Thunder and wins them their first ever championship. LeBron style. Then all his sins will be forgiven. We good? @KDTrey5 126 330 5,259 1.6M Kevin Durant @KDTrey5 U ain't god. Go get ready for work 8:09 AM 6/11/24 from Earth 5.9M Views 10.1K Retweets 3,103 Quotes 98.3K Likes 2,421 Bookmarks


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