41 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of May 27, 2024

Must’ve slipped past him
41 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of May 27, 2024

Hell gained an Ángel this week. Notorious MLB umpire Ángel Hernández is retiring after nearly 30 years of being what the media has called the “most disliked,” “most controversial” and “worst umpire” in baseball. For decades, fans have dreaded seeing him behind the plate, and his calls have impacted players like Bryce Harper and C.C. Sabathia, who have gone on record begging him to get a new job. Not surprisingly then, people across social media celebrated Hernández’s retirement, with LASIK lobbing a particularly brutal burn. 

But the much vilified umpire wasn’t alone on the hot seat. In fact, you could probably field a baseball team with the number of digital burn victims this week. The others included a woman with Hank Hill tendencies, the unsavory look of a portable drink and a one-two punch for Eminem.

Jesse Hawken @jessehawken . 2d This is like OPPENHEIMER for people who think the vaccine had microchips in it, I'll be there opening day, please God let this get a release in Canada my heart's the bitter buffalo @inthefade.2d look at this cast. с thomas howell, kevin dillon, dan lauria as tip o'neill Cast AT Dennis Quaid Scott Stapp Penelope Ann Jon Voight Mikhail Mena Suvari Miller Gorbachev Ronald Reagan Frank Sinatra Viktor Petrovich Jane Wyman Nancy Reagan deo IN M INO DOC PL Kevin Sorbo Darci Lynne David Henrie Kevin Dillon Jack L. Warner C. Thomas Farmer Howell Jack L. Warner
epic frot battles of history @Catboyism 3d epic frot battles of history @Cat... 9m ... did they change the va for the honey nut cheerios bee 3 2 Ayana!? @ithurtstowalk Replying to @Catboyism If you didn't have autism the government would be using you to detect underwater movement 33 5.6K 78K 1M
Darryl, Socrates Friend @HoodCertified . dd It's always 2 Dumb Bitches tellin each other exactlyyyyy JOMBOY Jomboy Media @JomboyMedia.2d Joe West defends Ángel Hernández W. FTX WV I I  Whether you want to believe it or not, he was good at it. JOE WEST ON ANGEL HERNANDEZ'S PERFORMANCE AS AN UMPIRE JOMBOY VIA 670 THE SCORE 1.6K 26K 7 1.3M
xtine @meowsinternally 1d ... didn't realize the rangers were that banged up that they've considered reaching out to ME of all people 08:33 97 < Mailboxes Edit Inbox Search NY Rangers 08:25 > Can You Skate? 3 99 3.1K 58K
anna @hereditvry_ 1d I like your gay pride shirt. Hacks 11 453 5.1K 271K
Nicolas is happy @niggaolas. 11h It's 2024...please keep Eminem in 2009 128 1.6K 11K 248K
Realtor Bae Kay @SincerelyKweenK-21h Absolutely Hank Hill. fragrance and foolishness @Brieyonce 22h Are y'all going to take my lady card away if tell y'all I enjoyed a beer so much | ordered it two days in a row? 47 1.3K 5.3K 286K
Emma @fetalgeniuss 1d I like Halsey and all but what has she done to earn a biopic already FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates 1d First poster for 'THE OUTRUN' starring Saoirse Ronan. SAOIRSE RONAN BASED ON THE BEST-SELLING MEMOIR BY AMY LIPTROT THE OUTRUN DIRECTED BY NORA FINGSCHEIDT DE the me and the and DE 00 and and - MEMORI un 3HO LIFE PROTAGONIST MEDIA ARCADE FBY- MOIN 60 1.4K 42K 2.5M
Mama Z @mamaztheguru 1d if I send you this, just know I'm on some dumb shit 194 8.1K 43K 2.5M
tractor @nudeobama 1d My ex wife and her legal team Sung Jin-woo @fallengreens.3 3d Name this Anime duo ? ALSO STUPID STUPID 44 4.8K 82K 1.5M
isi baehr-breen @isaiah_bb 1d ... I popped on Madden for the first time since the summer and I can't stop laughing at this 21 year old wide receiver in the draft 246 575 15K 776K
Swiss Duck @DuckySwiss 1d You know you're in trouble when even Fathom Events is clowning your ass Imao 20 Fathom Events @fathomevents . 2 2d See LAWRENCE OF ARABIA the way it was actually meant to be seen, on a big screen near you! LAWRENCE OF ARABIA AUGUST 11 & 12 ONLY TOS PG C2024 CTMG All Rights Reserved 20 100 YEARS COLUMBA PICTURE 11 295 4.8K 207K
HIT ME RADICALLY HARD AND OPTIMISTICALL.... 2d ... JDAN Tweet DUA LIPA @DUALIPA when an ugly stranger calls you twin No Bitch 1:55 PM 10/10/20 240.7K Retweets 866.9K Likes chart data @chartdata a . 2d Eminem's Houdini will be released this Friday, May 31. OUDI 5.31.24 2 916 262K 11K
manny snackquiao @_bawangboy.1d one strikeout a year, terrible MLB @MLB . 1d Paul Skenes celebrates his 22nd birthday with his 22nd career K! PIT o OUTS DET o 0-2 P. SKENES p: 2 1. W. PÉREZ .273 P P 30 P PAUL SKENES BY THE NUMBERS NON STARTS 3 RECORD 1-0 ERA 2.25 INNINGS 16.0 HR 1 WALKS 4 STRIKEOUTS 21 OPP AVG 211. x 0:05 LOTTERY 524 31K del 1.1M
angelina @anngeleenuh . 1 1d ... tinder's good FLORIDA IT'S A match MATHERS You matched with Alec fuck you and your team Send team teammates teammate W e r t y u i o q p a d h j k f S I g 88 260 7.8K 383K
Jone @windbreakergod . 1d TMZ TMZ @TMZ.1 1d Jerry Seinfeld Calls For Return Of Dominant Masculinity, 'l Like Real Men' | Click to read more tmz.me/ 6EvkocV 2K 61K 2.1M 112
charlotte @hrrygenius . 1d even filmupdates doesn't wanna bring up the fact that he's paired up W fuck ass joey king FILM UPDATES @FilmUpdates 1d Film Updates Taylor Zakhar Perez is taking part in Variety's Actors On Actors. P 67 10 492 14K 415K
@idreamaboutit.23h jojo siwa threatens the release of her new single RS Rolling Stone @RollingStone . dd JoJo Siwa Threatens The Release of Her New Single 'Choose Ur Fighter' Ready or not...here it comes. More: rollingstone.com/music/music-ne... ifetime Life Life 15 996 31K 891K
jeffreak winger @irljeffwinger . 2d ... Oh do I have the show for you I'M Jeff AWESOME!!! -TROY TVL ess nice?! Quess who's etcing? BLUU @bluusomeness.2d I need a series where every single character is autistic 12 637 9.8K 258K
brice x vitamin b queen @vitam... 1d ... I'm going to kill myself ME 12:30AM I like chubby guys LOVELEEN ME Oh I'm not chubby LOVELEEN ME 12:30AM Oh I'm not chubby It seems from these pictures LOVELEEN 2M 59.3K 1,763 177
Henderson @HendoSlice 16h My pet theory is that Larry David wrote Seinfeld with the subtext that Jerry is an awful comedian, and the funniest part is that real life Jerry acted in the role, used his real standup bits, and never caught on to the joke. 186 1,181 16.9K del 1M
No Context Brits @NoCont... 17h ... r/NoStupidQuestions Is British food really that bad? astralnautical If made correctly; yes. 125 2,046 35.8K 1.6M
mads @madsagascar. dd ... Supreme Cancer Energy 1d Crazy as hell I cant get a new liver bc I drink? healthcare system just pure trash x.com/smoke_nd_pearl... 40 3,612 27.4K 1.1M
alex @perfectllover. 1 1d ... i've been on this app for 5 mins girl bye LGDIGT rights My bio NO CIS MEN I'm a NB trans person. (AMAB) I love cars. I have my own place and have 2 cats. I want a LTR but need to start backwards. I can't open up emotionally until after being physical with someone. so hookups and FWB to start. snap e I'm a top. can't wear condoms due to medical issue. 244 1,339 33.3K 2M
swamp baby @castinemach... - 1d ... i like how their stupid fucking glasses match their stupid fucking head shapes soul nate @MNateSh... 4/19/23  hey honey, where are my fucking dork glasses? The Telegraph telegraph.co.uk Meet the 'elite' couples breeding to save mankind 69 3,233 74.7K 1.2M
L.L. Human Clickbait @human... 15h ... Girl that's a colostomy bag grac @gracefurby.2 21h I got my capri sun carabiner cold brew and I look cool as fuck forget what I said x.com/gracefurby/sta... 60 4,534 86.4K 1.8M
LASIK.com @LASIKdotcom. 3d ... We tried to give Angel free LASIK but he missed the call. 56 832 4,685 386K
Sierra La Puerta @SierraLaPuer. 2d Went here and no one knew JLo leon @skyferrori . 4d wake up babe we just arrived to the latina train station Latina 86 7.9K 118K 4.3M
lil peanut @such_A_frknlady.4d father of that tiktoker girl is an INSANE description of MARTIN SCORCESE mia @arrivalleneuve . 4d he looks like the father of that tiktoker girl, Francesca 6.9K 95K 3.4M 136
Richard Newby-Newbyish Account @NewbyRi... 2d ... His body of work over the past 15 years says otherwise. JosiahRises @JosiahRises 3d Hollywood could've made a LOT of money... 116 433 12K 561K
dontcallmeAdrian @FrasierbutHot . 2d If u own a sex doll - that's enough of a red flag. If you DISMEMBER your sex doll - authorities should be involved. kyle @gay_kyle2 . 3d X r/SexDolls Join This was harder than I thought. 433 13K 181K 5.7M
Daisy Alioto @daisandconfused 2d lord the men you put on earth to do excel spreadsheets are saying uppies in the QTs y! BALL Ball Don't Lie v FANTASY EIE с @Balldontlie • 2d Cameron Brink pregame vs. the Fever AMINO ENERGY 1.7K 132 37K 4.2M
hottiepants @punishedpants.1 1d THIS SOUNDS VERY gay. TMZ TMZ @TMZ.1 1d Jerry Seinfeld Calls For Return Of Dominant Masculinity, 'l Like Real Men' | Click to read more tmz.me/ 6EvkocV 2.9K 32 51K 1.9M
Red Fantasy #15 @RedLReviews 2d They've filmed like 4 different movies worth of footage already and not a single one of them sounds any good NPN Nexus Point News @NexusPointNews 2d 'CAPTAIN AMERICA: BRAVE NEW WORLD' reshoots have started in Georgia. (via City of Grantville Public Records) MARVEL STUDIOS CAPTAIN AMERICA BRAVE NEW WORLD 69 1K 19K 614K
Gay Gay Hunsecker @stockpiledclay.2 2d I'm sure they are Popular with friends GAGA CHROMASCA BALL CHALLENGERS 18 1.1K 32K 589K
Hard Media @HardMedla. 2d vo @vanillaopinions.3 3h ben shapiro pfp del 9,217 3 2 1,238 Basaus @BasausEU.3h the fact that you dont see its satirical is hilarious del 1,910 5 poor, unfortunate vee @SmilingImpEmoji u literally talk like him dawg hes taking over ur ass like the symbiote 8:40 AM 11/19/23 59 7.8K 1.6M 134K
Tony X @soloucity 3d Blind ass probably thought it was a contract extension and accidently signed resignation papers. FOX FOX Sports: MLB FOX SPORTS @MLBONFOX.3d Umpire Angel Hernandez is reportedly retiring from Major League Baseball, per @BNightengale UMPIRE ANGEL HERNANDEZ TO RETIRE FROM MLB via Bob Nightengale FOX 186 5.2K 62K 3.5M
Smokey McPot @upperdeckyzyn-1d Bosh, back out to Allen Riley My greatest strength Blonde hair and blue eyes There was a leader in Germany from 1939-1945 who would agree 1 Send Like 24 263 13.8K 757K
@irie592.16h jordie Girl he can't count marie° @marimessa....1 1d he ate me up ngl You replied to their story Story unavailable u look 5'2 u not even 6'0 u got the rest of the 8 inches in yo mouth omg why u ate me up u weird 30 643 21.7K 444K
Jim McNulty @yellowpackjim - 1d ... It's called about to drive home after 10 pints Eoghan @EoghanHeriot.2d the 1971 photos of Irish government ministers have a certain aura i cant quite put my finger on 24 261 7,189 483K
Mowgli @fbgwayno 18h ... this cover told me everything i needed to know di NER NFR Podcast @nfr_pod....20h EMINEM-HOUDINI OFFICIAL COVER MAY 31ST EMNERTA GUESS WHO'S BACK? AND FOR MY LAST TRICK... E PARENTAL ADVISORY EXPLICIT CONTENT 217 1,174 30.5K 3M


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