38 of the Funniest Tweets from Monday, April 8, 2024

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38 of the Funniest Tweets from Monday, April 8, 2024

After 12 seasons, 24 years and 51 Emmy nominations, the enthusiasm has finally been curbed. Larry David’s magnum opus came to an end with Sunday’s series finale — a last hurrah that not only tied up loose ends from the show’s final season, but was a Russian nesting doll of references. Series regulars Larry DavidJ.B. Smoove, Jeff Garlin, and Susie Essman were joined by a plethora of guest stars — ranging from Ted Danson to Bruce Springsteen — and David, of course, made sure to find the time to comment on the divisive ending of Seinfeld, which seems to have been the whole point of this last season in the first place. 

Elsewhere, Seth Meyers and the Lonely Island boys are doing a little reminiscing of their own. Meyers has linked up with Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone on a new podcast aptly titled The Lonely Island & Seth Meyers Podcast. It’s a retroactive exercise that will explore the origins and impact of their wildly popular series of SNL Digital Shorts. The deep dive starts with “Lazy Sunday,” which became an instant sensation back in 2005. 

As the timeline looks toward a new week, they’re also firing off sensational new tweets. Today’s funniest include those about the grocery store ready for the eclipse, a person destined to be a cancer Hall of Famer and the masculine urge to say “big drip.”

derek guy @dieworkwear. dd born to say my male friend, i love your little outfit today forced to say sheesh big drip and he got that shit on 61 2,132 26.4K del 991K
nolan @anxiousdeluxe 1d ... NYU Gallatin graduate with her divorced parents and her mom's new girlfriend at brunch for her graduation 13 439 9,812 335K
Greg Newkirk @nuekerk.1 18h an ancient goddess.l invoked via an elaborate ritual Me petitioning for a Nintendo Switch 10 10 222 3,517
out of context dogs @co....21h ... 820 8,490 60.9K 2.6M
rare insults @insultsrare.1 1d norse dentist @equine__dertist.4 hitting this like a pan flute 72 2.5K 36K 1M Tony Follow @TonyMadmann They are going to place photos of your lungs in a super-cancer article, and some bored student will doodle on it. 166 8,425 180K 2.6M
bloom (fan acc) @bloomthisway 1d ... i'm crying because right before gypsy rose was released from prison everyone was like we have to protect her. leave her alone. she'll be traumatised by the attention she gets and now she's sending exclusive selfies of her rhinoplasty to TMZ
carl bismarck @tonymfhawk-1 17h ... lil arab @sweatyhairy 11/27/18 why did marilyn monroe sing happy birthday like that. she should have sang it normal 31 3,619 52.6K 1.6M
Randy Savage @rj2studios.1 1d Fuck around and wake up on the porch HOUSE PORN @HOUSE... 5d Gold satin bed. 81 2,602 28.3K 1M
ах krieger is building meter 1d ... shoutout to this masterpiece from my slightly shitty local grocery MAGE Solar Eclipse 36 2,086 45.1K 910K
wheels @wheelieduncan 1d sent to my apartment group chat HOW FAKE dishwashers LOOK COME AT THEM WHEN REAL scrubbers 8 845 15.1K 230K
jord @freshwaterjord - 1d he looks like a Larry David funko pop erin @andromedism. 1d this is literally my number one boy idc Disney + 92 5,453 92.8K 4.5M
samuel @samtrayter . 21h *bowing* my liege GORDON @VisualNostalgia-2d Weiner dog wearing armor at the Michigan Renaissance Festival (2002) WAR 6 262 3,522 128K
I,Hypocrite @lporiginalg. 1d Follow Got hot so driving home nude. My boy is not impressed. 6:26 PM - 17 Jun 2018 111 Deturate EOAL ilson 779 1,006 40.7K 3.1M
L @yhatelayy 1d do NOT let me catch that baby alone cutie @yymoneey 2d she got this big ass purse on this baby diseah Kanace 536 2,216 56.9K 4.3M
clifford carmichael @former_gc... 1d ... Thinking ab when I worked at a park & this old Greek guy would come everyday & draw & one day he was like hi I drew you :) enjoy:) & handed me this EMPIRE STATE BUILDING 125 635 33.5K 1.5M
Dick Whittler @CoreyVersuz• 1d Clue Heywood @ClueHeywood My Dad's high school drug talk with me was just a story about two guys in his platoon who smoked weed and fell asleep outside the wire, and the vc slit their throats and cut off their dicks. So whenever | smoked weed in Cave Creek, Arizona, | always kept watch for the Viet Cong 6:36 PM 3/19/19 Twitter Web Client 6,821 Retweets 63.5K Likes 27 2,351 45K 2.1M
cole @juul_survivor• 1d ... Getting high and taking myself to target Aver Murci 12:36 Buying a Special Needs Dog EVERYTHING She Touches! Rocky Kanaka 12M views 5 months ago 16 2,192 28.4K 795K
WEEKEND OUT 5/? @stoopkidi... 1d ... picking up and pocketing a dumped glock 19 W an extended mag that appears to have rounds missing is a crazy way to test the odds Jeff @BenzosIII. 1d What's the law on this? Can I just take this now? 7 AUSTRA 9x09
dhard @dhardbb.19h ... This year, I really want to Start a family 28 Man Straight 5' 11 Unemployed at Artist Some college 49 1,629 42.2K 1.1M
D. Dillon @DeeJCokane 1d just called the number they still sellin them bitches Doc Strangelove @DocS....2 2d To think there was a time you could pick up the phone and order an AK Great Deals on AK's, Ammo & Accessories at J&G Sales! 30 Round AK-47 Mags Steel 7.62x39mm AK-47 magazines Excellent to Like New Condition 4.643 $15.95 Romanian AK-47 Each each $14.95 Five to Nine each $13.95 Ten or more Good to Very Good Condition 7.62x39mm serre- alito with laminated WASRIO/63M 4-252 $12.95 Each wood military stock and forend synthetic each $11.95 Five to Nine pistol grip, slant cut muzzle
Aaron Cameron @ThatBootleg....1 1d ... They just told him MLB MLB Trade Rumors TR @ml.... 1d A's Acquire Alex Speas From White Sox imlbtraderumors.com/2024/04/ as-acq... 67 805 20.5K 1.5M
HVDES @hvdesmusic. 1 1d molly percocet would be a beautiful name for a baby girl 61 5,125 43K 1.4M
Brad Casen @bra... 1d ... told my friend that a good way to deal with a negative emotion is to imagine that negative emotion as a baby and you're holding that baby and telling it you love it and he sent me this picture he drew LOVE U BUDDY LOSER 23 3,102 23.2K 457K
rosie @feelingsstores 1d : a mouse leaving his apartment: phone, wallet, cheese 63 4,205 51.3K 1.5M
shriblets @shriblets.21h Smoking causes a mouse PRODUCTO TÓXICO Martboro gold BELEOTED FINE TOBACCOS 86 2,336 27.1K 470K
No Context Brits @NoCont... 15h ... Why does Peter Gabriel look like an evil Phil Collins? Fans also like Phil Collins Peter Gabriel 160 1,160 13.1K 527K
348-TONY @pushaxtea 1d ... If 15 people talk to me in one day l'll cut my phone off YEAH SLIM!! @SlimWyldNR... . dd So y'all telling me yall don't talk to at least 15 people a day? Close friends, family, and xyz??? 192 32.7K 131K 5.2M
bald ann dowd @ali_sivi.9h this is just every boeing now Historic Vids @historyi... 16h In 2020 Christopher Nolan crashed a real Boeing 747 into a hangar for the movie Tenet. CC BAKE NORSKFREIGHT 3 270 3,644 142K
Cody @AltHistCody-1 17h Because they're stupid Jay Anderson - Project... 1d Lots of people getting worried about tomorrow, some believe this Eclipse is part of a 'Revelations/End-Times' prophecy, why do you think this eclipse has people so worked up? 30 GIF ALT 00 218 3,020 46.9K 1.2M
remy @remy4real23-13h the eras tour film tyler saw the tv glow @ce..... 16h m. night shyamalan's TRAP has a plot synopsis: A father and teen daughter attend a pop concert, where they realize they're at the center of a dark and sinister event. APOW 1 255 3,457 140K
internet hall of fame @In... ...16h ... fvckupss tl a school in Russian prison teaboot tl It's nice they let her keep teaching 127 2,077 61.3K 1M
kc @powcampsurvivor.2 23h ... wife who hates me: wouldn't it be so nice to just be quiet and enjoy each other's company? not just saying whatever to fill the silence? ... ... ... ... ... me, desperately to fill the silence: been on my squidward shit for real 14 1,670 20.9K 483K
defleppardfan94 @lemonade... 10h ... I RELEASE YOUR INHIBITIONS FEEL THE RAIN ONYOUR SKIN 26 7,790 45.2K 739K
@offdapercc 18h i i hate when i say some shit and someone ask me if i'm high like no bitch this the real deal me but yes i am 10 707 3,312 61.9K
Jessa-Hannah Bluebell Poem 13h ... Nicole bernie sanders died? Are you serious omg no nvm Oh my god Read 18:19 it was kristen stewart's dog bernadette iMessage Cash Q W E R T Y U I O P 2 100 3,158 55.4K
ll8 @Kashboymista 22h AMERI I hate a mf who take bowling seriously 504 5,003 24.8K del 1.4M
philip lewis @Phil_Lewis_ 12h ... this hairstyle is called the Kitty Forman STRAIGHT TOLK 142 1,995 16.5K 548K


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