27 of the Funniest Tweets from Thursday, April 4, 2024

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27 of the Funniest Tweets from Thursday, April 4, 2024

If you missed Conan O’Brien on your late-night screens, we have good news for you: The former Tonight Show host is set to sit across from Jimmy Fallon next week to promote his new Max series Conan O’Brien Must Go. The guest spot will be O’Brien’s first time back in the Tonight Show studio since his unceremonious ousting back in 2010. After a hefty $45 million settlement, O’Brien took his talents to TBS, where he spent 11 seasons hosting the mononymous Conan. When that show concluded in 2021, the comedian took to podcasting with Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, which will be chronicled in his new Max series, as it follows O’Brien and the friends he made along the way. 

Although her Oscar dreams were dashed after Madonna pulled the plug on a highly publicized biopic, Julia Garner is surfing toward a huge payday anyway. The Ozark star is set to join the MCU for its upcoming Fantastic Four reboot as the Silver Surfer. She won’t be donning the metallic look as Norrin Radd, but rather as his first love Shalla-Bal, a female version of the chrome-clad superhero.

Meanwhile, things on the timeline are as hilarious as ever, thanks to our favorite amateur comedians. Today’s funniest tweets include those about an Italian Bloody Mary, a spam bot lacking whimsy and a microwave with big shoes to fill.

rachel @seasonal_menu 20h ... I asked my husband if he's ever seen the movie girl interrupted and he said yes I think so, Cristina Aguilera is in that right? and began to describe Cristina Aguilera in the moulin rouge music video from 2001 18 420 11.6K 254K
Matty Sirois @MattySirois_.23h ... Got interviewed for work. Absolutely love that the thumbnail makes it look like I, personally, am the huge problem for Aussie banks. 17:01 i Huge problem facing Aussie banks msn.com 53 576 23.8K 375K
Perfume Genius @perfumegeni... 1d ... Something very very bad is happening to me or I am tired 12 563 3,662 del 170K
Airi @iiiam_airib 1d I wish heaven had a phone...I sure do need a Cashapp from my grandma rn 394 1,780 12.8K 623K
kelpy @kelseybuckles 21h ... when i was like 5 my best friend's and my favorite game to play was mary kate and ashley which was basically just hanging out like normal but calling each other mary kate and ashley 74 1,172 31.8K 926K
Joel Kim Booster @ihatejoelkim 17h ... Miss Shannon have you seen your competitors? Different fonts, symbols, experimenting with spacing and capitalization. Where is the theatre, Shannon? Do better. Shannon @Shannon@4117827.17h Replying to @ihatejoelkim my nudes in profile 11 83 1.9K 92K
gang over luv @notbeechh 1d if i ever bite into a donut and beans come out im killing the whole donut shop Mesh Y @rahsh33m2 2d You bite into what you think is a Boston creme donut only to find out it was filled with baked beans, wyd ? Krispy Kreme +++++++++ 275 7.1K 43K 3M
Lindsay Fickas @lindsayfickas - 1d ... My mom accidentally fried her built-in microwave on Easter, and my dad just sent a pic of their replacement. 000 648 127 831 49K 1M
samantha @steamrollersue• 1d this is my favorite piece of literature THE SAMUEL ADAMS BREWERY 30 GERMANIA STREET BOSTON, MA 02130 617.368.5080 Hey, 1 used to live in your house. I'M Drunk in boston, and its the only address 1 know. Happy Holidays. MW Check out tour 3 830 18K 234K
OKAY okay @ihaverhisen. 1d Graduate Student Appreciation Week HARIBO Gatdbrey was way Goldbergy HARIBO 48 4K 56K 1.4M
Girls Club @girlsclubsports 19h ... GIRLS CLUB Me and my friends at the aquarium AZAR Not 11 BAHL 8 88 13 1K 15K 618K
LePim Triller Moth @legotrillermoth . 1d if you buy this they should drone strike your house Blumhouse @blumhouse. 1d A M3GAN 1:1 Life-Size Replica Doll sounds like a great addition to any home, @NECA_TOYS! FIRST TO SHIP NECA THEMEOASTORE.COM MEGAN UNIVERSAL PROTOTYPE SHOWN ©Universal City Studios LLC All Rights Reserved 94 1.8K 58K 5
beer elf Q THEY/THEM @crustelf.20h ... AM A GOO just a lil something to take the edge off 4.6M 307 10K 91K
jesse spector @jessespector. 1d ... werewolves of london A O O CHGO White Sox CHGO @CHGO_WhiteSox-1d OMC .. leaving this here M حفيد ART SEASON 0-4 S WERRUNS& 40+K 8 8 SOX AN 16 548 9.3K del 621K
Mesh Y @rahsh33m.4h Nobody: JR from my wife and kids: 59 20K 3.2K 532K
@kissdeegirl . 1d she's so fucking funny hunterschafer ... Liked by quintab and others hunterschafer CUCKOO august 9th @cuckoomovie @neonrated View all 492 comments ayoedebiri I'm seated. The theater employees are scared and asking me to leave because it's not August yet but I'm simply too seated 2 hours ago 67 9.6K 188K 2.1M
sophie amity @amitycityx 1d what are they cooking at the calendar factory transgender day of visibility Sun, Mar 31, 2024 april fools Mon, Apr 1, 2024 autism awareness day Tue, Apr 2, 2024 10 2K 15K 207K
Lauren @sp00kycaps 17h ... when your workplace is in shambles but you just don't give a shit anymore MATTRESSFIRM HUB nterprise of x DUNKIN' DANGERS NEW YORK NEW 19 21 MADISON GARDEN ē a S prizo acidas 3 11 1.4K 15K 637K
Louis Virtel @louisvirtel . 1d Happy 100th to Marlon Brando. Не invented the idea that hot people could also be good at their job. 38 1K 14K 697K
royse @Roysenotes 15h ... I fearfully ask myself this question every day also - 3F B I'm donut? - Em donut 20 1,327 13.4K 454K
Josh @joshpearson180.8h ... B C Why does this pancake look like Homer Simpson on a ring doorbell 131 5,178 92.8K del 1.4M
em @cbcradio2.18h ... Always wear cotton on a plane so if it crashes and catches fire your clothes don't melt into your skin. Just a little something my dad has been telling me since i was a child 39 923 25.2K 628K
new woolies bags not as good 10h ... Heres an old picture from when i lived in hawaii and i fell asleep next to the blinds 114 1,671 56K 1.1M
diyani @gibb0ngirl.20h ... please just say summer riri @lilbratriri.1 1d backshots in a sundress with no panties on season almost here 104 5,992 60.2K 1.9M
Mike Beauvais @MikeBeauvais 1d ... TORONTO The Dave Matthews Band has the EVERYBASH opportunity to do the funniest thing. CS T Chicago Sun-Times @Su... 1d After 12 years of planning, organizers say an open-water swim in the Chicago River is set to be held in September, after receiving approval from the U.S. Coast Guard.... 30 1,119 12K 913K
makayla london @MVKDRE 2d ... the groundhog of summer Papa Not Poppa @1lipapa 2d a Nissan Altima just passed us doing 100mph all I heard was bow bow bow smh 6 3,738 13.9K 785K
rachel @seasonal_menu 20h ... I asked my husband if he's ever seen the movie girl interrupted and he said yes I think so, Cristina Aguilera is in that right? and began to describe Cristina Aguilera in the moulin rouge music video from 2001 18 420 11.6K 254K


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