27 of the Funniest Tweets from Thursday, February 15, 2024

27 of the Funniest Tweets from Thursday, February 15, 2024

Despite all rumors to the contrary, it appears that Todd Phillips’ highly-anticipated follow-up to his startling blockbuster Joker isn’t a musical after all — at least according to cinematographer Lawrence Sher. In a recently-shared Zoom call, Sher said of the film, “It’s not a musical per se; it just has music in it. The music is part of the film and the characters. But I don’t know if it’s a musical.” Someone should tell Sher that if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s probably a musical (or singing duck?). Nevertheless, audiences will have to wait until October to see if Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga break into song and dance at Arkham Asylum when Joker: Folie à Deux hits theaters. 

Speaking of sequels, the Repo Man is returning for another extraterrestrial adventure. Thirty years after the original cult classic rocked the world, writer/director Alex Cox returns for Repo Man 2: The Wages of Beer. The sequel will follow the satirical spirit of the original, and the story is said to have “punk energy, existential comedy and unconventional storytelling, navigating the absurd and chaotic world of repo men into a new age of nuclear brinkmanship and driverless cars.” Elon Musk, prepare to get repoed. 

Meanwhile, the timeline is delightfully original today with some seriously laugh-out-loud tweets. Today’s funniest ones include those about autocorrect protecting a therapist, a grandmother with ulterior motives and the egg that Godzilla uses for his omelettes.

Coretta Scott Kang @NotPayi... 14h ... El Jefe @ChaseEnCashe 14h | just busted into my momma crib yelling like a goofy and she got company in here ... 67 4,771 27.1K 1.4M

rowan @prettysewerrat• 18h i still can't believe that my psychiatrist texted me this and then a few days lateri found out he pled guilty to theft of government property and is facing 80 years and he meant to say trial noticing results i'd like to share with you. Let me know when you're available! Thu, Feb 1 at 6:56 PM I am on trail tomorrow. Further information will follow. Text Message Cash 23 126 4,110 112K

kaitlyn TTPD TS @kaitsversi... . 1 1d ... One of our chickens was literally screaming this morning so I went out there and found this... I am not even kidding you this is triple the size of a normal chicken egg. This can't be normal help 2,957 13.5K 240K 16.7M

LesleyPrice @doyoulikewormz-22h ... playing chess with diana ross Lesley 37min - + Add to this playlist It's Your Move Diana Ross dana ross It's My Turn Diana Ross WITH It's Your Move Diana Ross diana ITS It's My Turn Diana Ross It's Your Move ... Diana Ross 15 2,169 28.2K 607K

Julia M. Rosedale @JuliaR... 21h ... Have we ever talked about the time I signed up for a community college course for fun and then did the fastest 180 of my life? 220 All students are required to have the following items: Two or more mechanical pencils 1 2 At least two provably unopened boxes of lead of appropriate diameter and of softness 2B, 3B, 4B, or 5B, in addition to the lead inside the pencils. 3 Two erasers 4 Two ball-point pens with blue ink (for note-taking on returned exams) 5 One 6-inch ruler (to fit in the bag

jonah @JonahGraber 22h ... Why did my grandma use this emoji here Today 6:52 PM Did you get to work on time? Shooting in a subway in the Bronx. 221 2,527 67.9K 2.8M

priyanka mattoo @naanking 19h .. told the kids i i had trouble with handwriting when i was little and 5yo asked if it was because pens were made of feathers 80 2,472 44.3K 854K

Grip Bayless @talleyberrybaby 1d Sorry these a lil too dark for me my pancakes gotta pass the paper bag test. non aesthetic things @PicturesFoIder - 1d My man has a PhD in Pancakes CJ 211 3.5K 44K 2.8M

Nadine @NadineQueer 1d JACK QUAID I HAVE A ROLE FOR YOU! DF DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm 1d HERBIE will appear in the MCU's 'FANTASTIC FOUR'. ИП MARVEL STUDIOS e Fantastic 4 28 671 17K 434K

sophia @pastoralcomical. 1 17h finally feeling settled in my new place MAKICA 100 I F 40 2.2K 48K 910K

meez. @abortedamyadams. 11h welcome back young sheldon mackenzie @mackenzie_ish . 2 20h ipad baby de niro this. gay child pacino that. may I present to you sad eyes martin scorsese 5 678 14K 448K

MARRIAD Pericles 'Perry' Abbasi @ElectionLegal. 1d . ... COURT The 40 day challenge CATHOLICS BE LIKE... I'M FASTING Greg Price @greg_price11 - 1d Mark Wahlberg's 40 day challenge begins right now LBERG'S 40-DAY CHALLENGE HIGH RUS LOW GO 53 280 5.2K 313K

Garrett Kell ن @pastorigkell. 1d Unfortunate oversight in the bulletin. FRIDAY Good Friday-No Color AY Isaiah 52 13-53.12 Psalm 22 (UMH 752) unday-Purple, Red or Hebrews 10.16-25 John 18:1-19:42 ent - 9-29 (UMH 8391 von MH 764) 7:66 54 25 World Malar e or Gold Remember 4-24 (UMH 839) that you are Matthew 28:1-10 butt dust and into dust you shall return. Easter-White of 12 748) ist Women Ass 153 2.6K 35K 1.4M

lilly Q @shaunkinghater 1d what $60 worth of groceries looks like in 2024:/ I W RED CIRO BB DO NOT REFRIGERATE Pencapple the WITH VODKA IIII NATURAL PINEAPPLE FLAT IT WHIP CIA SHOTS M THE BAILEYS VODKA INFUSED 1868 the FRENCA 5 .... WHIPPED CREAM Vanilla TIMES CINNAMON RESTILLER VANILLA Natural Ultre Caronal Premium di Actificated Column محمد Flavor - BACON AND Oil PRODUCTION BRANDS 10% ALC VOL 100ml ice 6 262 5.9K 93K

tabitha @thetolerantweft.1 1d whenever I use the crosswalk and a car has to stop PEDESTRIAN THIS IS BITCH!!! RIGHT OF WAY we walk in this muthafucka betta take yo sensitive ass back to the suburbs 31K 527K 32 3.2K

Laurenn @laurenncarterr. dd oh baby i love hospital drama 110 2.8K 54K 1.7M

Fran Zaya, no the other one @salmattos 1d asking gay couples which one is the Godzilla and which one is the Kong from now on GK - @GodzillaXKong·1 1d Godzilla X Kong They don't have to like each other. They just have to work together. #GodzillaXKong-Only in Theaters March 29. RISE TOGETHER OR FALL ALONE ONLY IN THEATERS MARCH 29 30 1.5K 12K 683K

AT @primediscussion 20h ... Interrachel Figaro Newton @d_la_reina . 21h Does Rachel Dolezal's OF count as PAWG or Ebony? 67 1K 2.1K du 186K

@ThatsLudaChriss 1d 1 I ordered something off Amazon and it was delivered 2 hours later. Jeff bezos will never see the pearly gates Imao 157 6.7K 115K 3.8M

Djinn & Tonic @HegelwCrmCheese 1d ... The Y U S S Y В o bots are growing on me. They add character to the site. A kind of absurd memento mori that reminds you to not take this place so seriously 38 523 7.6K del 116K

n @nesplease 1d witnessing twink death in real time it hurts 21 @21metgala 1d Timothee Chalamet attends the photocall for the film 'Dune: Part Two' at Savoy Place, in London. - U 19 274 5.2K 260K

kurtis conner @kurtisconner. 1d british people introducing their significant others today THIS IS my bloody valentine 61 1.9K 25K 383K

Tim Carney @TPCarney 1d ...and to shopping bags you shall return. S more ere PLEASE REMEMBER YOU'RE SMOPPING BAGS 80 5.2K 481 239K

trish @ULTRAGLOSS - 1d this instagram comment lucienintheskywithdiamonds 2h 12 take em off it's nothing we haven't seen before 10.3K Reply View 115 more replies FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates.1 1d Barry Keoghan for new Bumble ad. Happy Valentine's Day Love, Obumble 172 8.4K 157K 10M

shivangi tiwari @teawithtiwarii 1d ... god save this generation so we now in a wholesome non physical situationship You replied so we now in a wholesome non physical situationship babe that's just called being friends 41 1K 14K 343K

Lunwi @Lunwi88. 1d ... I've only had HERBIE for a day and a half, #Brooklyn9s FOX5 but if anything happened to him, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself. mgflip.com 3 571 5.8K 98K

david @thedaviddoes 1d ... booked a flight to LA to meet this guy I've been talking to forever and he just posted a boyfriend reveal CC From alex 114 624 14K du 1.8M


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