24 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of January 15, 2024

24 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of January 15, 2024

This week saw new Emmys records createdNFL playoff brackets busted and a beloved comedian celebrating his 62nd birthday in good company. On that last point, a gaggle of comedians — Adam Sandler, David Spade, Craig Robinson, Howie Mandel, Cary Elwes and Jimmy Kimmel — gathered to fete Jim Carrey on his special day. Carrey and company huddled around the dinner table for a photo that Roastmaster General Jeff Ross shared to his Instagram grid accompanied by the caption “The Laugh Supper.” With Carrey obviously being the Jesus-like figure in the group photo, it begs the question: Who is set to betray the Eternal Sunshine actor? My money is on Seth Green.

While the week might’ve been short with the holiday, there was still a surplus of hilarious tweets to keep us going. The funniest ones include those about a French fry that could literally solve world hunger, the perfect pencil topper and the answer to an age-old mystery. 

Jack Corbett @jackcorrbit. 1d ... going to stay alone at my mom's house in the middle of the woods for 3 weeks this winter and got this awesome message Today 5:38 AM This is weird but when you come stay here. Tell me if you keep seeing things in the corner of your eye and look and it's nothing. It happens all the time here. Doesn't feel bad it's just weird Or the toxic oil paint is making me go mad 19 240 9,266 247K

rin + + @rinnystarr.2 21h BALLS?????! indeed Sign in III tsa jobs City or postcode The Fumbler @green... 1/25/20 TSA can see your cock and balls whenever you walk through the X-Ray scanner 109 4,227 73.7K 5.1M

the1 @theshunnak. dd ... Took my boo to my nephew basketball game.. She talking bout #55 trash bitch dats him 1,571 6,406 77.6K 3.1M

Daisy Jones @daisythejones 1d 3000M2 not gmail giving me multiple choice answers for my first hate mail of the year you're mentally ill Inbox x Samuel <topographical61@gmail.com> to me you're mentally ill No, I'm not. I am. Of course I am. 16 847 15.1K 388K

AJ @ajdeluxe_. 1d ... slowly putting my airpods in one at a time in the mirror like they were my great great grandmother's earrings 18 7,401 90.2K del 1.8M

James @smokeismedicine 19h ... Woman who will harm her baby in 10,000 other ways: Let's gooooooo NEW YORK New York Post POST @nypost. 1d Vaping does not harm pregnant women or babies, shocking study claims trib.al/8qK7taG

clay @hanfjob . 19h the pope cranks off в в с WORLD BBC News (World) 000 NEWS NEWS @BBCWorld . 1d Pope Francis says sexual pleasure is 'a gift from God' bbc.in/48Yu9Xj 10 72 1.2K 76K

rey @gaslightsaber 1/12/24 we're supposed to get 7 inches in the next 48 hrs. i would also like 7 inches in the next 48 hrs. 22 1.1K 7.9K 314K

@user000000. 1d dating me is so hard one small inconvenience and i i turn into my father 150 21K 87K 5.5M

jasmine @taintedromantic.2 2d a dog named bjärk would be crazy 71 3.8K 51K 8.8M

Natalie @jbfan911 - 6d Oh ok got it Google 1 III do mangoes taste like carrots All Videos Images News Books M Shopping no they don't taste like carrots at all. Carrots taste like carrots. Mango's taste like mango's. Aug 14, 2009 https://forums.overclockers.com.au ... ... Do mangos taste like carrots? - OCAU Forums 168 7.2K 172K 4.2M

Ron Iver @ronnui_ 6d ... Ok but why did we all have to do this to impress George W Bush? Like why did he care? 405 10K 140K 5.8M

k. @blkwatcher 1d ... i just know they're praying to get a call CO COMPANY Wizards OF WAVERLY POD with Jennifer Stone and David Deluise FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates.1 1d Selena Gomez and David Henrie are returning for a 'WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE' sequel series pilot. Gomez will guest star while Henrie... 3.6K 118 107K 4.6M

The Oshborn @DaveOshry·2 22h One of these men will betray Jim 4F DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm 1d Jim Carrey's 62nd birthday dinner with many stars including Adam Sandler, Ben Schwartz, Craig Robinson and Bill Burr. 389 11K 143K 5.7M

STEVE! @NotDrDeath . 4d ... Imagine your vehicle is turned over. You're disoriented. Wondering if this is the end. You turn to your left and see Hollywood Hogan in his NWO shirt saying gimme your hand, brother! What a mindfuck. @An... . 4d Andrew Ravens I WrestlingNews.co Per @TMZ, Hulk Hogan helped rescue a woman involved in a bad car accident. TMZ SPORTS KIML 7544 ASPAS END 1.1K 30K 241K IN 17M

half man, half a season @cisceroo 1d These fries can make the worst entree at least a 7. These fries can carry a bad team to the conference finals. These fries save bad relationships comfy @ihatethiskid 2d The best fries are the ones that come from your local gyro spot that look like this 130 6.7K 68K 4.1M

berd @berdyaboi 6d GUYS... LOOK AT WHERE IT'S ALL STORED.... meat sack @jeswes27 - 1/12/24 putting the josh in this 152 5.1K 75K 3.6M

Anthony @KirbyCheatFurby- 10 he looks like something you'd stick on the top of your pencil ok steakuai @STKGary 2d anyone ever think about young brian family guy 36 2.5K 42K 918K

augie @corpseflwer 1d ACINO ROBERT DENIRO my god these bitches gay heat is a study of human nature at its core and the fragility of relationships with two characters on opposite sides of the law that share the same haunting loneliness. they VAL KILMER are the only two people who understand each other but they are ultimately on a path of collision that dictates only one man will survive. HEAT A LOS CRIME SAGA WARNER BROS. PRESENTS my god these REGENCY ENTERPRISES FORWARD PAS PRODUCTION MICHAEL MANN FLM AL PACINO ROBERT DE NIRO HEAT TOM SIZEMORE ENNEMAN ASHLEY JUDD MYKELTI WILLIAMSON WES STUDI TED LEVINE

IG: Slipp3ryWhenWet @SaferSexPlug 4d ... When I was 15 my youngest brother was like 7 and he came home and randomly asked my mom was year she was born in. She said 1970 and he broke down crying. We were so confused. In between sobs he says, I'm so sorry that you were a SLAVE Laura CCO @itzwahalalaura - 5d Okay next topic. Everyone post your funniest childhood experience. 213 8.9K 110K 4.1M

audrey farnsworth @audipenny.1 1d ... Why does it feel bad to throw away a sock. I bought it for my foot a while ago and now it's Bad. Can I please get rid of it? How? The regular trash? Really??? 18 85 2,043 81.1K

jake @jakebrodes 1d ... Coworker W I drink and I know things GoT mug: Just sent you that vid I was talking about. crowder fucking destroys her dude. probably studies gender lol Me, looking down my hoodie: this thing was supposed to have gone off already Coworker: ?what thing Me: oh! there it goe- 10 777 11.3K 453K

free Amma Crellin gofundme 1d ... mind you he's looking UP Wila cr: Emma @stonephi... 1d IJBOL. YMC imagine elvis rn...he thought cilla was the love of his life and he looks down to see shes made a movie about him that makes him look bad and is full of lies and all he can do is just sit there + watching not being able to defend himself as the future 344 generations slowly start to hate ... him and his legacy slowly fading 120 becuase of cillas movie.... 46 92 9,011 162K 3.9M

Shar @Gidaxo. 17h ... And a shake !? Baby You probably had to use Klarna 18h THE REAL QUEEN... How much y'all think this meal cost? $ SHAKES SHAKE FIVE GU SHAKE 462 11.9K 172K 6.9M
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