18 Hilariously Mean Burns from the Week of January 15, 2024

So he’s ugly…
18 Hilariously Mean Burns from the Week of January 15, 2024

After the whirlwind success of Poor Things, the world has more Yorgos Lanthimos and Emma Stone collaborations to look forward to. Not only is Stone part of the star-studded cast for Lanthimos’ next film, Kinds of Kindness, but the Easy A actress joined the prolific director in his Grecian homeland to shoot a movie in secret a few months back. The undercover feature marks their fifth collaboration since 2018’s The Favourite, and yet, the people are still clamoring for more. While Lanthimos confirmed he’s continuing to develop the script for his adaptation of Ottessa Moshfegh’s sleeper hit My Year of Rest and Relaxation, Stone has been tight-lipped as to whether she will be starring in it

As with most adaptations with a devout following, the timeline has already started fan-casting the project with many advocating for Red Scare podcast host (and brief Succession actress) Dasha Nekrasova to take on the lead role. Others, however, were quick to point out the character is described as “gorgeous” ad nauseam, which might rule Nekrasova out. Ouch!

Nekrasova, though, wasn’t alone in taking the brunt of the timeline’s mocking this week. Other hilarious burns included those about the rapper dressed for a BU frat party, someone who might want to reconsider her budget and the Republican presidential candidate seeing red.

betty! @daintyboop 22h she looks like she's been up all night working on her noiseless drape runners & 9 293 3,136 90.3K
ellie schnitt @holy_schnitt.1 1d ... one time I was showing my friend pics of a guy and she burst out laughing then said he is sooo your type okay should I kms zed. @_xyzeee 1/9/24 I sent my friend somebody I thought was fine and she said I love how different we are. 119 3,186 57.6K 3.3M
Christin @hexprax 15h ... They use this thread to train male flight attendants at Delta Dark Psychology Dating Master @DarkPs... .4d DESTROY Her Ego. - Dark Psychology Thread - 38 1.3K 69K 1
LeYap Triller Moth @legotrillermoth 6d EAg Travis Kelce college transcript leaked thom @walkoutowinter.1/11/24 my first semester of college pissed me the fuck off Fa18 - AGE OF (08260) - DINOSAURS (2... Development of... RTF 308 GEO 302D 94.68% 96%-A . Fa18-WORLDS Fundamental OF HIP HOP (64... Issues in Journa... UGS 303 J 301F N/A The University of Texas at Austi Housing and Dining University Housing & Dinin... Fire & Life Safety Module... 10 427 21K 1.2M
Erica Ifill @wickdchiq 22h CAMPA ALT Halfway Post The Halfway Post @HalfwayPost.2d BREAKING: Vivek Ramaswamy says he couldn't believe how many GOP primary voters were opposed to him merely because of his name, ethnicity, skin color, and religion. 146 7.1K 72K 2M
jæe @jaeographie 1d I'm poly ikkow i can smell 12 1.6K 18K 804K
kathleen @holdenfordfocus 16h bradley cooper literally experiencing divine punishment for the crime of wanting a trophy V Variety @Variety17h Rob Lowe meant to text Robert Downey Jr. about winning the Golden Globe. Instead he messaged Bradley Cooper, who lost the award. I text him, 'So glad you won. That is the most beautiful acceptance speech I've heard in a long time. Boy, do you deserve it.' I hit it and I... Show more N of L В V 2 586 12K 411K
kat @albertcamslut.4d The worst girl you know just got the best news of her life FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates 4d Yorgos Lanthimos is still working on a script for 'MY YEAR OF REST AND RELAXATION' with author Ottessa Moshfegh. Emma Stone declined to answer if she'll act in it, @Dazed reports. bit.ly/47yFXP6 AND RELAXATION by the author of Eileen OTTESSA 115 3.4K 32K del 2.1M
Ryan @oliverquicks 3d The book explicitly says the lead is gorgeous at least fifty times. But sure. Saint Q @SaintQ92.4d Actually praying it's Dasha because I don't think any other working actress could pull it off like she could her voice alone?! twitter.com/filmupdates/st... 22 152 3.4K 334K
gianmarco @GianmarcoSoresi. 3d IN And neither voted for you bitch @VivekGRamaswa... 3d Vivek Ramaswamy There are two genders. And no, a man cannot become a woman. lowa, I'm asking for your vote tonight. 33 1.9K 35K del 1M
Jenni @hashjenni - 7h Dad's keyboard O K x 123 return space 78 3.7K 41K 980K
Маделейн. @normalmadeline. 14h This is how girls in Boston, Massachusetts dress POP CRAVE @PopCrave 14h Pop Crave Drake looks handsome in new photo. OO LOO BA TAY O 50 734 16K 1.2M
Daisy Jones @daisythejones 1d MOONE not gmail giving me multiple choice answers for my first hate mail of the year you're mentally ill Inbox x Samuel <topographical61@gmail.com> to me you're mentally ill I am. Of course I am. No, I'm not. 16 848 15K 390K
tia witcher extraordinaire @cursedhive 1d he met her parents and found out she's not actually poor and lied about being on that rowing team Pop Base @PopBase. 1d Jacob Elordi and Olivia Jade Giannulli have broken up, Us Weekly reports. F 8 950 25K 1M
mother juice @radishcarton22h tiktok is so crazy bc why are u baking in an evening gown Lu @liwetweets . 1d Welcoming your husband home with freshly baked cinnamon rolls??? I'd get her pregnant again CC bi 1:11 586 6.1K 5.7M 155K
emma @coralinevermore. 1d ... something' 's not right when the golden globes had better nominations than CC, sag and bafta CNN cc @RELIABLESOURCES RARE INTERVIEW WITH ROBERT DE NIRO CNN Robert De Niro 8:48 RELIABLE SOURCES From Eleanor Henstridge 8 151 1K 35K
big duntles @biglunty 1d logging on for a busy day of fifa 09 and listening to mgmt BowTiedMaker Gentleman Designer 2d Critical part of WFH is getting dressed in a work outfit for the day. No comparison with/without. 11 206 8.5K 791K
nat @cuntmaxxing 3d you got shein in ur monthly budget tiy'e. @itstiyeee 5d i plan out my paychecks.. is that weird? - shein - - gas : Ф о + - / Feb 9 I 30 yai - gas RO - $40 50 ل. ن - U SGvings : Ф Feb 23 - a ФЛ C ngs : $? 00 March 8 - Fashi $9 su D is March 22 - с dep $65 10 312 17K 544K


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