26 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, January 16, 2024

That shirt is true art
26 of the Funniest Tweets from Tuesday, January 16, 2024

After Jo Koy made a “boobie” out of himself at the Golden Globes a week or so ago, subsequent award ceremonies have a pretty low bar to clear in terms of being considered a success. In fact, the Television Academy cleared it with relative ease last night thanks to an evening full of monumental wins at this year’s Emmys. The staff at The Beef emerged from the back of house and cleaned up with The Bear nabbing six major wins, including three acting awards and Outstanding Comedy Series. With her Supporting Actress win, Letterboxd’s reigning It Girl Ayo Edebiri earned her first Emmy, Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Award all in the span of a single week. Meanwhile, Edebiri’s friend and Abbott Elementary creator Quinta Brunson became the first Black woman to win in the Lead Actress category since Isabel Sanford won for The Jeffersons back in 1981. And for one night at least, the E in EGOT stood for Elton John as the prolific musician became the latest performer to secure all four major entertainment trophies with an Outstanding Variety Special win for his farewell show from Dodger Stadium. 

There were, of course, plenty of losers at the Emmys, too. Despite 53 nominations, Better Call Saul ended its six-season run without winning a single Emmy. That said, Bob Odenkirk and the rest of the show were at least given the honor of being recognized — which is much more than what one motley crew from Philadelphia can say. The Gang from It’s Always Sunny… made sure to air their grievances over the show’s lack of Emmy recognition despite being the longest-running live-action sitcom at 16 seasons (and counting) as they took to the stage to present the award for Outstanding Talk Series. To make matters worse, not only has the incorrigible staff of Paddy’s Pub not been nominated, but last night marked the first time they were even invited to participate in the show. Such an oversight won’t be properly rectified until Kaitlin Olson is given a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Although the timeline hasn’t been able to provide an answer as to where in the world Jeremy Strong was last night, it has offered up some of its trademark laughs to get our short week started. Today’s funniest tweets include those about a lopsided job interview, a kid who doesn’t know how good he has it and a soup that screams “double, double toil and trouble.”

Nic @nchls_b 1d I CANT DO THIS ANYMORE (I can and will keep doing this, I just need overreact first so I can focus) 23 8,131 20.5K 522K
miss jazz hot @jazzhott96.11h ... Ru-Roh, I'm rerving runt! 63 3,279 31.4K 1M
Jocelyn @cozytangerine 21h Does everybody like my new shirt CAN'T TODAY I'M SWAMPED 556 19.8K 204K 6.1M
regular type dude @wimdawgg 15h ... why don't you come back to my place i'll make you some rinsed grapes on a paper towel 6 1,979 20.5K del 510K
Grip Bayless @talleyberrybaby.6h ... Bitch they died GIF Observer Of Life @zufriede... 1d How did the human race survive for thousands of years without vaccines? 110 7,788 77.7K 1.7M
via @atrophicbtrfly- 14h valentine's day soon....no plans but i'm prepared for anything Dior 1800 SILVER seate ARATZ 4542 - HYD TURKEY AMERICAN LIMITED TRAINER me - - F سنية - S HYDR nchables COMBINATIONS I OJUG 24 1,683 12.9K 277K
Matt @MattBerry05.21h Like they're on display in the seafood counter Mike DeFabo @MikeDeFabo.22h Guys being dudes 40 9.1K 186K 7.8M
nes @feydemon 20h ... that's not how you spell it...... iMessage Today 4:19 PM Frederick has just passed. I've been balling all day. 62 1.2K 26K 652K
Tom Zohar @TomZohar 17h ... I mean this in the best possible way 41 4K 94K del 1.8M
Patrick Doran @lunch_enjoyer 21h ... what if your partner/spouse was making you dinner from a recipe book and you looked down and one of the ingredients was your full name 52 358 5.9K 269K
#1 Jacob deGrom Hate Account @GregsBadTw... 1d ... This kid has seen more success in the past week than I've seen in my 33 years on earth. Eat shit buddy f Detroit Free Press @freep. 1d This kid just had the best week of his life M 2 GIF ALT 7 WAIV 79 4.1K 71K 4.4M
youngmi mayer @ymmayer. 17h ... what i i learned in 12 years of living in пус is the meaner the person is to you at the dinner party the lower they are on the rung of condé nast 4 61 1.2K 73K
connor benji ++ @ivymidnights 16h ... well that was unfortunate elton john shot omg egot Delivered 3 93 3.1K 86K
cass city @HeavenlyGrandpa 1d me (entering the room with a gun): Timothée Chalamet @RealChalam...12/16/23 WHO SAW WONKA !!! 1 157 3.3K 295K
Nora Princiotti @NoraPrinciotti • 15h ... can you tell us about a time you faced significant odds and how you overcame them? Atlanta Falcons NFL @AtlantaFalcons- 16h We have interviewed Bill Belichick for our head coach opening 239 5.3K 61K 5.2M
catarina. @cacmrg 16h ... the cast of killers of the flower moon with martin scorsese. 6 478 8.3K 321K
Arwen @OATMILKLATTE. 17h The three witches at the beginning of Macbeth Pastrami Mommy @Ewelannawhite - 17h don't care+didn't ask+making a big soup rn 13 3.5K 44K 1.4M
Miss Celie's Fancy Pants. @HunseckerProxy·· 19h ... y'all better let him be a bad bitch! Just for NEW Improved me Beautiful by Soft NO-LYE CONDITIONING CRÈME RELAXER KIT Soft and Gentle for Worry-Free Manageal with coconut milk shea butter, vitamin & sunflower all AR @THR.20h THR The Hollywood Reporter #AbbottElementary star Chris Perfetti shows off his statement curl on the #Emmys 2024 carpet 0:03 7.9K 62K 219 2.5M
forest abomination @trashbagsupreme-23h ... got to work saw my coworkers outfit and fell to my knees FXU 135 2.6K 111K del 2.4M
iced pee @stupidtrashboy 23h Who the fuck is Nicole Johnson Do you have a preferred name? No Yes How did you hear about us? Web Driver Referral Newspaper Nicole Johnson Other Web In case of Emergency, notify (list n 76 3.2K 98K 2.6M
7/11 Truther @DaveMoNamee3000.18h ... The Declaration of Independence waiting to be signed MMYS EMMYST XFOXI OXFOXI EM EMM OXFO OX EMMYS MYS OXFO XFOXF EM EMMY OXFOX XFOXF EMMYS MYS 103K 2.6K 81 6
@NotDrDeath 1d STEVE! ... Imagine your vehicle is turned over. You're disoriented. Wondering if this is the end. You turn to your left and see Hollywood Hogan in his NWO shirt saying gimme your hand, brother! What a mindfuck. Andrew Ravens I WrestlingNews.co @An... . 1d Per @TMZ, Hulk Hogan helped rescue a woman involved in a bad car accident. TMZ SPORTS YMM 7544 SPEP END 1.1K 29K 234K 16M
@user000000 22h you know the antidepressants are working when u start taking pictures of trees and shit 50 4,009 30.6K du 664K
james A @bootypillow.2 22h ... i know things aren't very fergalicious right now bro but hang in there 24 6,949 24.6K del 773K
ava! @F41rygirl . 1d the pure disappointment:/ holds is stronger than any words could 77 16.2K 134K 2.6M
Alex Degen real crime guy 20... 23h ... I told my girl I swear I never heard of those Stanley drink cups things until 2 weeks ago and she said oh it's been on watertok for years and I said watertok? And she started laughing with a diabolical sound like a powerboat engine revving 29 1,429 21.6K 640K


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