30 of the Worst Gifts People Have Received from Their Significant Other

26 packets of rice?!?!?!?!
30 of the Worst Gifts People Have Received from Their Significant Other

Though gifts aren’t the cornerstone of most relationships, they can serve as a general indicator of what the people in your life think of you. Unfortunately, this method of analyzing the gifts you receive can sometimes spur an identity crisis or ego-killing experience. Like the woman who received 26 packets of rice — for her 26th birthday, obviously — as a gift from her then-boyfriend. On the surface, the explanation is simple: Her boyfriend was a cheap-ass who got the rice from his job for free. But beyond that diagnosis, it would be totally understandable if she started asking more personally existential questions like whether or not she gives off a “26 packets of rice” vibe. 

Unfortunately, such a rice stash isn’t the worst gift someone has received from a significant other. Redditors have opened up their hearts to air their bad-gift grievances, and it’s starting to feel like there should be an official relationship rule that cleaning supplies aren’t presents. 

IStillSkip . . 8y My ex husband got me an ironing board for Christmas. ... 7
 . 1 11y $1.50 in quarters and a pack of zebra gum. ... 30
DoctorCoup. 5y This girl I was seeing mailed me some fruit snacks. The postman charged me $3 because it wasn't a flat letter. Paid $3 for a little 25¢ fruit snack bag ... 86
Least-Glove4262 ОР в 58d I can start. For a birthday I received a clip on lamp; the kind you clip on to a desk. I returned it to find out he paid more for the wrapping service than the gift. Another birthday I received a water pump - for his car. ... Reply 17
trambOpoline . . 58d A shell. Like a seashell but not a pretty one. It held no significance. We had never visited the beach and I have no affinity for sea life. That was a really hard one to react to. I was kinda waiting for a story to make it make sense but he didn't say anything. ... Reply 3
QuintonLongbottomlll . 8y An expensive ornate King James Bible. ... 4
Last-Caramel7354 . 58d Pandora charms for the bracelet my ex before him had bought me. ... Reply 1
_dilligaf_ 8y A gift card to the restaurant I worked at. Really!? Like I wouldn't want to eat somewhere else/fancier? Someplace I didn't talk about how dirty the kitchen was? Не was dumped shortly afterwards. (Hope you enjoyed your 42 flatscreen parting gift. Merry Christmas asshole) Whew. I feel much better now ... 11
vnums . 5y My wife got me a trash can for Christmas. I got her an iPhone X ... 138
Hatcheling . 5y I'm a 6'1 woman. This will become relevant later. We'd just been dating a couple of months when he went on vacation to Italy. Не has a great time and brings back a lovely pair of sandals. Size 6. Не was so excited and I hated having to remind him that I'm a giant with size 11 feet. ... 49
theopfor 5y I had an ex gift me a potato for my birthday. She had been dropping hints that she was gonna do it and I kept putting out those subtle haha, yeah... uh... no... hints. , guess I shouldn't have been subtle because next thing I know there is a balloon wrapped around a potato in my car. Now, I don't really have standards for birthday gifts. New plates? Sure. Pencils for class? Why not. Something nice and thought out? Even better. Hell, I'll take a hug and happy birthday! I was like oh... nice. A potato... and she
DrGiggleFr1tz 5y My girlfriend is a terrible gift giver 80% of the time. Almost every occasion she has given me something hand made (these I actually enjoy) or some god awful knick knack. Some of them have slight use, others not so much. Then she discovered Wish... I've never owned so much useless shit in my life. A glasses repairing kit? Don't wear glass. A laser pointer key chain in the shape of a bullet? I would be removed from my place of work if someone saw that. A portable fork and spoon kit? Yeah thats pretty useful...except they're shaped
WellHungHippie . 58d A leaf blower. I wanted to retaliate by buying her a mop for her birthday Reply 10
IwasborninCanada . 11y A cup of hot chocolate. After 2 years of dating. ... 20
Andrei_Vlasov . 5y My wife just give the crappiest gifts ever but she really believes they are great gifts, for example just weeks after i was told i wasn't going to be able to walk too much for a long long time she bought me trekking equipment, one christmas her only gift was a purple cap without any text just plain purple and one of the last is the best of all, because i like to read a lot speacially about roman history she bought me a book called Guide to life by Bart Simpson. ... 41
playsinpaint. 11y my ex knew I was a collector of board games, and I have a game night with friends. So he brings my present on game night on the condition we have to play it, we agree and I open it. It was called 'Who's the biggest pervert' my ex, myself, and 5 of my closest friends sat around trying to answer very uncomfortable questions, such as have you ever drank piss during sex'....horrible times. ... 103
IsoscelesSchrodinger , 58d My ex and our two friends would exchange gifts. They were getting him a new Xbox (we did big gifts), apparently he told them I wanted nothing more than a vacuum. ... Reply 3
 11y A SMALL hot pink cardigan. Now I'm a dude that wears at least size XL. I'm not sure what she was thinking at the time. 35
cool_mom . . 11y 26 packets of rice (it was my 26th birthday). he got them from a company he worked for, who gave him a one for free coupon, which he copied..... super sweet ... 9
fireyturmoil . 5y Two bags of lays potato chips, a dinosaur from the dollar tree, and coupons. This was my 18th birthday and we were dating for 3 years at that point. I cried so hard to my best friend and told him that he didn't understand me. (Money was not an issue. Не genuinely thought I would like it) ... 46
 . 8y A sex position book with full graphics on Valentine's Day. I liked the book but kinda pissed because he wasn't willing to try any positions. Like why give it to me in the first place. Fucking tease. ... 21
Leporad 0 8y Не asked me to close my eyes, and I thought it was gonna be good. Them he asked me to get on my knees, so I thought it would be really good. And then open my mouth... So a really good chocolate? Nope. Was dick. ... 25
ElbowDown . . 58d An advent calendar but it had socks in it. Now I have 25 low quality pairs of socks that I didn't want. If they were nice socks it would be a different story but they are so thin and uncomfortable ... Reply 7
babwawawa . 8y My wife got me a kit to make jerky. Like beef jerky. I don't eat beef jerky. I don't like beef jerky. And we've been married for 15 years - it's not like she doesn't know this. ... 3
RocketGirl83 . 8y Pretty sure there's some unspoken rule that you don't give your wife a vacuum for her birthday. My husband ignored that rule. ... 7
theBIZNUSbitch . . 5y My ex once bought me panties that had jingle bells all over the butt and he was very upset when I refused to wear them outside my house. ... 22
PM_ME_AMAZON_DOLLARS . 5y My boyfriend of 5 years at the time purchased a bunch of tv's for some of his family and friends for Christmas. Bought one of them a computer. Christmas morning he throws a Best Buy bag at his brother and says that the two of us can pick which movies we want. There were three dvds in there. Now, I'm not complaining about receiving one and a half dvds as a gift. But have some freaking tact. ... 113
WCC5D1F0E . 5y A nose-hair trimmer. Like, I get it, I have thick, disgusting nose hair. ... 34
murderanda . 5y Не repeatedly bought me expensive earrings. My ears weren't pierced and I reminded him of this multiple times. ... 105
SaladFengasPapit - 1 11y My uncle gave my aunt a chainsaw for Christmas. There were close to 50 people at his house for a family brunch. She burst into tears. Не didn't understand why she was crying. Apparently, they needed a new chainsaw. ... 91


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