29 Celebrity Endorsements That Reek of Desperation

Won’t somebody please think of the celebs?
29 Celebrity Endorsements That Reek of Desperation

The world comes at you fast. One day youre playing “Freak on a Leash” to sold-out stadiums around the world, the next youre sucking your signature blend of Korn Koffee off of your own dreads for a promo video.

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GWYNETH PALTROW CANDLE goop K HERETIC THIS SMELLS LIKE MY VAGINA BOUGIE PARFUMEE NET FILL The goop store is a treasure trove of ridiculous objects, but nothing is quite as upsetting as this $75 candle. CRACKED.COM
KISS KASKET K KISS KISS Yes, that's the official spelling. Maybe I'm just a narcissist, but when I die I would prefer my own face on my vinyl-wrapped casket. CRACKED.COM
JUSTIN BIEBER FLOSSERS BrushBuddies JUSTIN BIEBER Flossers 36 Pcs Look, we're all for promoting healthy dental hygiene in children, but we're just unsure how Justin Bieber branded flossers are different. CRACKED.COM
JACKIE CHAN SKIN CARE When you think Jackie Chan, you may not think organic skin care, but now that he mentions it, his skin does look great. CRACKED.COM
WWE TALKING SOAP Vanilla scent W Talking Soap SL-Cole Slave 50 PICK up the soap NOW! WHAT? The soap's audio was activated by water, when you would be showered with insults like Go wash up, jabroni, because frankly, you stink! CRACKED.COM
REDD FOXX DOLLS Talking Redd Foxx On stage or relaxing- just turn him around 1 999 YOUR DADDY SAT ON ME S S Officially licensed plush dolls were made of the comedian, despite his material being aimed at adults. CRACKED.COM
Joe Namath PANTYHOSE CRACKED.COM After slowly panning up from his hose-clad gams, Namath makes the easily disprovable claim that I don't wear pantyhose. You know, so his boys won't think he's effeminate or something.
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