21 of the Funniest Tweets from December 19, 2023

The cashier can spiritually tell when you’re over 21
21 of the Funniest Tweets from December 19, 2023

Last year’s semi-autobiographical look at Steven Spielberg’s childhood was filled with Hollywood powerhouses like Michelle Williams, Paul Dano and Judd Hirsch. But the most inspired casting choice in The Fabelmans was the surprising cameo from David Lynch as Western icon John Ford. What’s the going rate to get an enigmatic icon like Lynch in your film? Well, it’s simple — a big bag of Cheetos. The Mulholland Drive director spoke to Empire about agreeing to take on the role so long as Cheetos were available on set at all times. 

Another unexpected cameo came from the man at the center of the show with the longest run under a single host. Maury Povich, famous for delivering paternity results to hilariously rambunctious reactions, lent his talents to the Denver Zoo to do what he does best. Povich revealed that when it comes to the 4-month-old Sumatran orangutan Siska, Berani is the father. This news comes after the newborn orangutan was welcomed to the enclosure back in late August, with numerous of potential options for the father. Delivering the results is the second most exciting thing to happen to Povich this week — just behind receiving this year’s Daytime Emmys Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Meanwhile the timeline has offered us cameos from some pretty funny posters. Today’s most hilarious tweets include those about the Trader Joe, the horrifying reality of being Kenneth Parcell and the masculine urge not to ask questions. 

x_X_I Love the Universe_X_x @Universe_Lover 15h ... TAX PATRIOT e il Trader Joe WB 17% alpent DIS A BIDEN :1 - SILVERADO TRADER 54 2.3K 39K 1.1M
pseudo wook @souporsonic_. 2 21h oh it's bad for us Today 6:12 PM still crickets? Delivered girl i even checked the obituaries iMessage 2.1K 44 53K 2.4M
CoKane @KanesCabDriv3r. 1d You stop getting carded to buy alcohol when the light in your eyes dies 108 5.8K 54K 2.3M
Saavedro @Saveydro o.20h Bradley Cooper saw this and broke out in a cold sweat like Patrick Bateman at the sight of Paul Allen's business card Daisy @huntfausts 1d Tom conducting for M:I 3 opening credits. I've never seen this footage before! C 11 486 9.1K 687K
Essence @essencej__ 1d I'm not going to lie. Love is not enough. Leograndprince @leograndprince • 1d Ladies, the man proposes with this ring........ WHAT YOU DOING? Lmao Tellermate - PRESS ONLINE 444 6.5K 57K 4.1M
asa @99luftballoonz. 1d this diva Jay Innis Murray @DepartureJay.2d Kafka in his high school years. 3 1K 13K 329K
this is from mathilda @gore_b4by 22h .. met a baby named Frank today at the hospital. Seriously what the fuck 33 617 14K 547K
bigestaban @bigestaban 17h never losing this mf again DOLNI 41 1.5K 40K 1.4M
meg Yooper bitchell @MeganBitchell 1d Oh, you're a 25 year old woman who has never finished anything you've started writing before? And now you're going to write a memoir focusing on all the past loves of your life? No that sounds amazing I can't wait to read it 14 75 2.8K 147K
angie @angeltrackpad • 1d ... why is this man so clueless what's going on MARCET АКЦИ What's Going On Marvin Gaye what's going en What's Happening Brother Marvin Gaye MARVIN GAYE GOLD Where Are We Going? Marvin Gaye 92 5.4K 78K 1.8M
new jersey updates @doubtpointv2 - 5 5h liz lemon: blerg i ate too many hot dogs today kenneth's subplot: 5 305 5.1K 218K
Zaynah Bear @zaynahbear 1d Well then what the hell did Jolene look like???? 2000s @PopCulture2000s - 1d dolly parton in 1982 772 25K 237K 13M
Te falta Sal @amlas666.2 21h When someone complains about dog expenses, I laugh simply bc this is the kinda dog I gotta provide for 252 16K 1.5K 588K
Nicholas @NicholasPas5•2 21h This felt like something The Boys would do in S4 to get the public back on Homelander's side Neb @NebsGoodTakes 21h top 5 worst PR moves I've ever seen TMZ TMZ @TMZ Here's the first video of #JonathanMajors playing the hero in real life, as he broke up a HS fight while others just watched. tmz.com/2023/09/14/jon... Visit tmz.com 0:24 / 0:50 Jonathan Majors Breaks Up Intense High School Fight TMZ Exclusive 10:37 AM-Sep 14, 2023 - 3M Views 53 59K 3.9K 2.3M
bigsock @biggersocks- 20h here since u want to act like a fucking baby 125 4 100 3 75 50 25 47 2.5K 25K 1M
Candy @labeautenoire3.20h There's a white woman in HR who's about to EAT in these Just L @that_blaxican - 21h Walmart funny W n's Shoes Shoes 3 Microfiber Bootie 0880055869 SAM& LIBBY STYLE NO.: 310-CHEER COLOR SIZE : GRN PONO :7 1870HM 16K 303 244K 7.5M
QAnon Load @badbussy_ 1d this would work on a lot of you... @FREAKYPRINCESS.2d MESSAGES 1/3 WEDNESDAY AM PIG I want to see you. I'm in the barnyard. 5 317 3.2K 227K
@illjoy_ 1d joy it's always sunny in philadelphia @OddishHime 1d tee Tropical rouge precure Chwistopher | ValiDate a... ... @Loudwindow every villainous group looks like this Smart dumb sexy Granin 45 1.1K 20K 737K
OBEY @cryst6l . 22h id kick it with a squirrel if it had a blunt 7 1K 6.1K 279K
leah @pitbullstan69. 1d ... is it biologically built into men to Not say 'what about you?' when you ask them a question 158 7K 64K 2.1M
odalis @o4iezaz. 1d lord please take away my suffering and give it to amy schumer 33 12K 71K 1.5M
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