27 of the Funniest Tweets from December 8, 2023

One guess was all he needed
27 of the Funniest Tweets from December 8, 2023

A director sending one of their film’s stars an unsolicited nude is unfortunately par for the course in Hollywood, and it happened on the Wonka set, too — but not the way you would think. During an interview with PeopleHugh Grant shared that director Paul King sent him “stark naked” renderings of his Oompa Loompa character during post-production to “amuse him.” King described the image as “one of the most disturbing things” he’s seen in his life and warned that “a generation of children will be scarred” if it ever leaked. Among the scarred already are Grant’s own five kids, who were “shocked” by the image. King went on to explain that the existence of the “delicately pixelated” bare Oompa Loompa served as a canvas for the visual effects team to figure out key details like skin color and hair movement mechanics.

Over on the Deadpool set, Ryan Reynolds is dealing with a leak of his own. Earlier this week, the actor addressed leaks from the sequel’s production, and pleaded against spoilers, writing, “Surprises are part of the magic of theatrical movies.” He then continued to address the importance of shooting in “real, natural environments” as opposed to green-screen soundstages and expressed frustration over the “telephoto lenses (continuing) to spoil surprises.” Reynold’s rare moment of sincerity was quickly followed up with a tongue-in-cheek takedown of the leaks in ways Deadspin himself would be proud of. The actor posted Photoshopped images of the leaked set photos to include a number of insane “cameos” including Mickey MousePredator and Urkel. The tweet also included the hashtags #DeadpoolLeaks, #DeadpoolSpoiler and #DeadpoolScoop as a way to coyly manipulate the algorithm and prioritize these doctored images in search results. 

While the Deadpool actor plays with the timeline’s algorithm, our favorite posters of the day fed it with their hilarious tweets. Today’s funny tweets included those about a scone you and your friends would beat with hammers, a meal to die for and a plea for Coca-Cola to return to tradition. 

Jew in a Canoe @WillieHandler . 1d Me: If you could sleep with -- Wife: Ryan Reynolds! Me: --the window opened a little bit, I would appreciate it. 101 385 7.8K 232K
Adam @adamgreattweet. dd ... the grinch is the hero of the story when you realize he's just an introverted dog person who's tired of capitalism 11 932 9.5K 321K
clem @enbykeIIy - 1d charlie kelly would survive the panera lemonade that kills you 20 1K 11K 450K
ROYALE @royalepains 23h You gotta stab your salad 4 times to activate the dressing 59 6.2K 41K 1.2M
LEO @braidsinherface. 1d I'm telling FAFSA y'all wearing balenciagas and lanvins everyday btw 279 2.6K 18K 589K
: bri : O *: @_brimarr 22h Christmas is way prettier when you have astigmatism. 79 14K 51K del 1.9M
@npc1npc2npc3 - 1d Co-worker who left their gun in the office bathroom is probably freaking out right now 81 900 12K 2.6M
Grovy @grovymango. 18h This is peak design. It is so fabulous 9 1.1K 18K 395K
LJ @suchasurfriend 1d lol my wife's search history is so weird arsenic show up autopsy x arsenic poisoning x how many days arsenic x how to mask arsenic taste in food x slow poisoning x 7 658 12K 327K
milky @milkyspoltore 1d Dating this many sisters is a red flag fka dilly @yurlp_official 11/13/23 they are very special to me hinge x Cancel TOP NAME MATCHES Abby Hinge Aimee Hinge Alisha Hinge Amanda Hinge Gabi Hinge Lexie Hinge Lisa Hinge Makenna Hinge Megan Hinge Rachel Hinge 53 1 2.4K 98K
@con... ..7h ... out of context dogs Hi oh hi 76 1,189 13.7K 325K
chase @_chase 13h panera's like yeah our lemonade's charged.......with murder 11 964 17.6K 501K
good reddit @GoodReddit - 1 14h ... r/shittyama + u/Xx_GenericNaem69_xX 3d Illegally Verified I got -3% on my science test. AMA. 153 78 Share Award BEST COMMENTS ru5tykltty 3d Illegally Verified What's your grade in the class, and were you trying to get negative points? Reply 56 Xx_GenericNaem69_xX 3d Illegally Verified I had like an 8% going in to it. and I got negative points because I drew alvin and the chipmunks hentai in the short response section 122 31 2,263 47.9K 1.6M
РО charliebear @charliepear45.19h ... *eating them really quickly* Geoff Engelstein @gengels... 2d My daughter's dice collection. 58 4,392 76.7K del 2.2M
eric curtin @dubstep4dads 18h ... third base is when you make a nice hearty soup or perhaps a stew together 28 2,726 20.3K du 815K
roro, PhD @fuglibetty 14h the chasm between Knowing Someone and Knowing Of Someone....and the social suicide of crossing between that boundary too this bitch thinks she knows me.......the mark of Desperation taints you now 6 222 1,971 67.9K
ava @wownicebuttdude-2 23h ... Therapist asked how I was doing yesterday to which I grimly responded Diva down 7 1,276 19K 704K
GEPR stoned cold fox @roastmalone_.20h ... if panera lemonade can have 400mg of caffeine coke should be allowed to have cocaine in it again 21 3,592 39.3K del 1.1M
Tansy Gardam @tansyclipboard-1 1d ... Obi Wan: You have a sister. Luke: I know literally one woman. Obi Wan: Yep that's her. 25 2,023 40.8K 1.3M
G*rre @springbris. 1d this is so true stew Would you rather have a Or stew Gay son 259 65K 44 2,7K din nihilo Follow @nihilo822149 If you're Peter Griffin, you technically have both about it) 53 1.5K 25K 612K
That Girl @VeeMurder. 1d J Girl @juliethardt. 1 1d How do females ask for sèx 125 26K 2.9M 4.4K
Midge @mxmclain 1d E.T. phone scone 26 1.5K 43K 163
bitsy von muffling @DoctorPissPants 1d It's so fucking funny that Andy Samberg lives here Letícia @yxakirves 1d moorcrest joanna newsom & andy samberg's house 71 925 37K 2.8M
@ceredemonials - 1d raquel ... NOOO THE HAPPINESS HIT HER LIKE A TRAIN 156 4.7K 26K 1.2M
megan @chismosavirus. 17h ... no more paw patrol. u need to get to a boiler room vtech Strell & Discover Activity Walker™ vtech Stroll & Discover Activity Walker™ J I and the Prinkunity Solicita Peoro para obtener articulo ayuda items on the top shelf. vtech TRY ME! Press Kidi+Star DJ MIXER vtech Features M 15 Bush in Song1 2000+ Sound STUDIO Combination DJ Turntabic Connect to Music - Wired or Wireless Record Songs Create Custom a Sound Effects Party Lights LIGHT VOLLING TEMPO Music Game + Built-In Speaker Bluetooth Kidi Star Create Your Own Real Mixes! Turntable DJ MIXER Effects 5+ YEARS $5400
Stepharooo @stephsochill 1d Boy sipping on a Utah Jazz jersey syrup mob @richoffswipes 1d Pint of 2022 Tris , Darker than boosie 8.9K 96K 162 6.7M
sugarplum failure @probablyalissa 1d I'm at the beach that makes you old drinking the lemonade that kills you ALL THE SIPS! 31 2.2K 43K 1.2M
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