28 Unbelievably Creepy Things People Have Found in the Woods

One person found a pile of limbless chipmunks and squirrels
28 Unbelievably Creepy Things People Have Found in the Woods

If The Blair Witch Project taught us anything, it’s that we should stay the hell out of the woods. In fact, most horror movies set in the forest are cautionary tales — cautionary tales, of course, that have largely been ignored. Because at the end of the day, a few spooky stories aren’t going to keep campers, hunters and park rangers from getting their thrills — no matter how many human remains keep popping up on hiking trails across the nation. 

To that end, here are some of the creepiest things Redditors have found deep in the woods, and if you think a flashlight is going to make these discoveries any less creepy, well, we’ve got some bad news for you. 

OriginalZumbie . 4y I was walking with family when I was little and we came across a sheeps head. No body or blood just a severed sheeps head on the path. It was the first time I noticed sheeps eyes have slit pupils and I think my first contact with something so gruesome. ... 12.1k
porchwater.4 4y I was driving through rural parts of Missouri with a buddy. We drove down a single lane road that had no exit. At the end of the road, there was a group of deer corpses laid in a perfect circle. I'd say there was at least 10 deer. We BTFO real quick.
SoldMySoulForHairDye . 4y About 22ish years ago two of my cousins were out hiking or camping in the middle of nowhere with their dad and found what they THOUGHT was a human leg but was really a lost prosthetic. It turned out to belong to some guy who was trying to avoid arrest on a drug charge by living in the woods. ... 217
 . 6y I was kayaking down a river and got to bend where the river widened and slowed down. I stopped paddling and was enjoying the sun and the view. What I thought was stick floating down the river was actually a snake swimming across, who decided to climb up on my kayak and sun itself. ... 838
HabiTheHushed . 4y When I was 13 I went into a forest with my 2 friends. We followed a path that was shaped like an y and then I saw some dark figure or animal on the left path jumping sideways to it's right and hide under a tree and then run at us. We just ran as fast as we could and never returned to that forest. ... 137
Freefight . 6y Deer snuck up within a couple feet behind me, then suddenly coughed. Sounded just like a human & I knew I was the only one out there. Gave me a damn near heart attack. ... 16.4k
ChipMcFriendly.6 6y A large plastic storage box bound by bungee cords filled with flies and bones. ... 748
DenebVegaAltair. 6y I was in Yellowstone and was walking into the boardwalks to get behind Old Faithful and do some astrophotography while it was erupting. Let's just say there's few things quite as scary as a bison materializing out of the darkness much closer than you ever want one to be.
hsgjsh12345 . 4y I was on a camping trip with some friends of mine and we found like 7 or 8 chipmunks and squirels all in a pile but they were all dead without arms or legs.
 . 6y I found a tortoise by a lake thousands of miles from where tortoises are supposed to be naturally occurring, it was pretty unsettling. I kept him, he's my tortoise now. ... 712
Seriwanabuckulamian 6y I live in Alaska and less than 2 months ago I was hiking throught the woods on my way duck hunting. I was probably less than 100 yards off the trail when I found pieces of an extremely decomposed human body. Obviously I turned around immediately and called the police, the body was torn apart by animals and decomposed enough that it took a week or so to identify it. Turns out it was a 53 year old lady who had gotten lost hiking a mountain a couple months earlier. What amazed me was that even with an
KittySpinEcho 6y My parents own a small cabin and some land out in a remote area of Alberta. One day we came across a bunch of inukshuks (large stones stacked on each other to resemble in this case, people). They were all dressed up, some in little girl dresses, children's jumpers, safety vests, parkas, some had hats on them and all of them were seriously creepy. We had no idea where they came from or who put them there. We started making up scary stories around the campfire about this mystery person and we started pulling pranks on each other,
begaldroft.4y While hiking on the Pacific Crest Trail, I was ready to quit for the night and saw a clear spot with no pine cones or sticks to remove. I assumed someone had cleared it before me but when I stepped on the spot the earth sank like it had just been put there. I slept on the spot but pondered about it. The next morning it became clear that someone had dug up that spot and then covered it. I think I slept on someone's recent grave. ... 1.4k
twatticus_finch . 4y I was once walking through the woods and kept finding jam sandwiches cut into triangles and deliberately lined up on logs or stacked in careful little piles on the ground. Literally about 30 sandwiches worth of triangles spread over about 1km, like the Blair Witch Project but with jam sandwiches. Fucking weirdest thing I've ever come across. ... 601
Wackydetective 4y A lone solitary grave. It was old. We asked my uncle if he knew who's grave it was. It belonged to a country boy who loved playing in the woods. When he was dying he told his parents he wanted to be buried out there. His family intended to be buried with him but it was too much of a nightmare to lug another coffin through the deep brush again. ... 160
CynicalScooby . 6y When I was a boy, my father and I came across a full set of women's clothes in the woods. Shirt, pants, underwear, even the shoes. We thought it was pretty creepy and reported it to the state police, but I don't think anything ever came of it. It was fairly close to a river, so maybe the person went skinny dipping and couldn't find their clothes after, but it was an unsettling discovery ... 1.8k
TheNachoCheese . 6y Backpacking solo during the springtime (Minnesota, so it was still kinda snowy). During my first night I noticed that it was quiet. Not just quiet, but completely silent. Like no sounds whatsoever. I always thought noises at night were scary, but nothing compares to utter and complete silence. I could hear every beat of my heart, every inhalation, and every twig-snap in a 2 mile radius (or so it seemed). Very creepy. ... 7.2k
nobodywilleverkno . 4y Was sleeping in the tent with my girlfriend, then all of a sudden we heard footsteps approaching. I told her to turn the light out and the footsteps stopped. I went and looked around and there was nothing there... Edit: We packed our shit up and left the next morning. ... 239
kegman83 . . 4y There's a section of Joshua Tree National Park called Samuelson's Rocks where an old swedish prospector who lost his mind used to live. Не carved all sorts of crazy sayings into the rocks. During the day they look pretty neat. At night in a lightning storm they look like something of of Lovecraft. ... 2k
SkydivingAstronaut - 6y Hiking with a group in a subtropical mountain range about a 40 minutes drive from civilisation. It's a night hike, pitch black but for our headlamps...and all of the sudden this guy wearing headphones and a hoodie just walks past us like we're on a suburban street. It was pitch black, where the hell was he going? What was he doing out there? It creeped the hell out of us. ... 2.3k
chicken_cider . 4y Cowlitz river. Washington State. Camping with my dad and sister me buddies, early 90s. Something was throwing rocks and sticks into our camp. We shined a flashlight out and caught a reflection of eyes and a silouete. Very very tall. Kept throwing stuff in our camp randomly for about 15 minutes. We just stoked the fire really high. In the morning I woke up to heavy footsteps in our camp and something reeked. Woke up my dad. Не shook the tent and yelled. Whatever it was ran off. ... 3.7k
brick42 . 6y Was camping in Norway during summer a couple years back. One morning while I was half asleep considering to get up or not the tent suddenly started to shake violently. First thought in my mind was that it was a random hiker fucking around with my tent so I shot out of the tent in my pants to confront the foe.... I was greeted by over a hundred caribou surrounding my tent. Turned out the bravest reindeer tripped over the lines of my bright orange high visibility tent. ... 1.2k
haphom e 4y When I was about seven, my friends and I went exploring in the woods behind my house. We saw up ahead a whitish, roundish object partially buried in leaves and so my best friend and I, being the oldest, exhibited bravery and went to investigate. We got close enough to see that it was a human head with a butcher knife stuck through it. The whole gaggle of us girls fled the woods, screaming. We told one girl's older brother, who went back and said it was a mannequin head. Не took out the butcher knife, washed
gjbbb . 6y Last spring I went fishing on a lake in northern Minnesota. On that annual spring trip we always walk in the woods around the lake and look for morel mushrooms which are in season at that time. While looking for mushrooms I came upon two big deer skeletons and the horns were locked together. The bones were chewed on by rodents but the horns were locked together and in great shape. We figured they must of fought in rut the autumn before and got locked together. I have no idea how long these two enemies were locked
Xandango68 4y I was walking my dog through the woods and she'd find the odd bone, thought nothing of it, but then she ran towards a huge black sack and was going nuts for it, I open the bag and it's filled with bones. Kinda fuckin weird but I'm still like okay just be hunters around or something?? But then I walk a bit further and start seeing more and more bags, then a huge cluster of them, at least 20 right there, all filled with bones. I decided my dog had a long enough walk after seeing that ...
FalseAesop 6y I was walking in the woods one winter with my beagle when we happened upon a spine and pelvis laying in the middle of the trail. Thought process went something like this. I-is that spine? ... Shit, definitely a spine, better pull Rowdy in so he doesn't go after it. ... Is it real? Let me get closer.... Yeah that's real, they don't put tendons on fake ones... Is it human? No, pelvis is the wrong shape. Too narrow. Not human. Deer? Maybe. Vultures and coyotes out here probably scavanged it. Yeah that makes sense. I mean pelvis
BurtSimpson 4y Crater lake Oregon. Camped in the backcountry, at a popular spot for deer to congregate (we didn't mean to, but realized once we were set up and was dark). Sets of eyes surrounded us for hours, just staring. These were deer so we weren't spooked, though it was still a bit unsettling. We were on edge and had our eyes scanning the campsite in all directions. Around midnight I see a set of eyes low to the ground, yet not too low. They approached us in a perfectly fluid motion. Almost no bobbing of the head. I went
pupilkupil 6y When I was a kid in the mid 90s my friends and I were hiking around in the woods behind our house on some Weyerhaeuser timber property and found an abandoned farm house. The weird thing was that the house had been left very suddenly. There was still unopened mail and magazines sitting on the coffee table, all dated back to same date in the 1950s. Sheets and blankets still on the beds, clothes still in the drawers, pantry full of canned and jarred food, half of it exploded or leaking after so many years. Dishes in the
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