37 of the Funniest Tweets from November 20, 2023

Wrong Greta, y’all
37 of the Funniest Tweets from November 20, 2023

For another studio, though, there’s no shortage of possibilities — and they’re considering legal action over it. If you’ve been on virtually any corner of the internet, you’ve probably seen some variation of obviously fake movie posters created in Disney-Pixar’s classic style. They feature a number of incomprehensible subjects like Biggie Smalls and George Santos that will almost always have someone on Facebook foolishly asking, “Is this real?”’ They’re not, and Disney would like you to stop using tools like Microsoft’s Bing A.I. image generator to bring messed-up ideas to the internet. The entertainment conglomerate’s concern is mostly geared toward the DALL-E 3 technology’s trademark-infringing use of their logos than the recreation of the style itself, especially when it appears on more offensive material. In a response to the company’s concern, Microsoft blocked the term “Disney” and “Pixar” from the generator to prevent the logo from being a utilizable asset. But, of course, for every shitposter: If there’s a will, there’s a way. 

Meanwhile, the timeline is getting a jump on the short week and cramming in a bunch of hysterical tweets before having to spend time with family and friends for Thanksgiving. Today’s funny posts include the emotional toll of Korean BBQ, a buzzy squirrel and a raccoon concerned with bad breath, plaque and gingivitis.  

Jeremy Herbert @DDayFilms 21h ... me and the boys heisting more clay for Aardman GOODHEN 27 2,205 26.4K 662K
jenny_tightpants @haloma... 17h : where does the poop go MrBeast @MrBeast . dd I spent a week buried alive because you all really liked when I did it for 50 hours.. It was hard af, go watch! 192 468 34.6K 1.9M
jackson @placed_onto.2 20h would Love to be reduced down to a Simmer, iNeed that right now 8 1,839 11.3K du 310K
Populism Updates @Populis... 23h ... Starting a fight with like seven groups of people at once is actually the perfect way to market a Napoleon movie @Discus... 1d DF DiscussingFilm Ridley Scott responds to negative comments from French critics about 'NAPOLEON'. The French don't even like themselves. (Source: bbc.co.uk/news/ entertain...) 4.7M رال 68 6.863 88.3K
Briallen Hopper @briallenhop... 19h ... I'm doing a reverse Pomodoro where I watch TV for 25 minutes and then I clean for 5 minutes 13 259 4,533 del 111K
kenzi @kenzianidiot - 15h they say do one thing every day that scares you and that is why every day i i wake up and participate in society 21 1,960 12K 300K
mean things I say to myself. 21h ... My sixth grader told me this morning that when his homeroom teacher calls the roll, all of his classmates decided that instead of saying 'Here!' or 'Present!' they will say 'Against my will' 48 402 8,126 del 179K
ollsss ( @k_illua 21h wanting to get groceries n realising it's past 5pm on a sunday can actually make u fall to your knees in public. 49 5,931 62.4K du 1.5M
kelly @BoyYeetsWorld-23h one cigarette @RICKYRAGE.1 1d what would have to be on the other side for you to cross this? 45 2,399 24.5K 1.9M
michael @kresnxk· 18h I hate it here GRETA GERWIG ON MY FLIGHT Brandyn Twitter who? В 1 Reply Jay Beyoncé I thought she didn't fly bc of climate 1 Reply 54 2,351 45.5K 1M
Thinkwert @Thinkwert 14h ... and yet, a trace of the true self persists 63 4,125 45.9K 1.1M
Just Bill @WilliamAder 19h ... Ribbed for your pleasure. killing CRANBERR SAUCE 24 388 3,209 132K
@ijbolistani . 1d joan of arc was only 19 when they burned her alive... she should've been at the club 22 3.1K 26K 502K
J*ckie @jackie_sabbagh. 1d ... Can babies have Panera Charged Lemonade? New mother here btw 89 2.6K 39K 1.3M
Abby Heugel @AbbyHasIssues - 1 18h ... Going to Trader Joe's the week before Thanksgiving is like a suburban middle class Hunger Games. 27 359 4.8K du 161K
iconic moments @image_origins . 22h iwish all people who decided to take a short nap at 5pm a very pleasant 3 AM 109 7.4K 85K 2.3M
captionquirk @CaptionQuirk - 23h you do not get invited to KBBQ. you get enlisted entertainment for gay man and bitches 2d If we go to kbbq i need to know u goin put in the work. I need real EATERS. ready to clock in and work overtime if possible. lon wanna hear no I'm full after two rounds. Stay home if u goin act like that 303 1 2.6K 173K
m'arty @maddiewazowski 19h everybody loves nerds gummy clusters because it's the closest we've come as a society to these 1.5K 7 26K 708K
maybe: clare (travis' version) (10 minute version) 1d ... Rumor: The Crown to Kill Off Major Character in Season Six 1 hour ago Aubrey Waldorf-Astoria to 2 338 18K
layla @laylology 18h ... oh pretty girl wants to have good dental hygiene and fresh breath let's call the authorities! i can't stand you guys sophie @sobiewankenobi-1 1d just another day at work ТЕРНА ERINE ERWE par RINE ERINE THE ERINE BRINE - - feel RINE - TERINE otted in Target STERINE SHBURST Bouthwash if ay at 112 W 34 antiseptic smouthwash University 23a 7 1.4K 26K 878K
Max @ImSmilingRn 1d This gotta be the worst iphone dock ive ever seen bro Q. Search O $0 19 3 777 2.8K 72K 5.7M
sol @nefelibata_Sol. 2d What that squirrel do? isan 9e @isaninvenus.2d having a girls night 97 2.3K 52K IN 2.1M
Pepsi Picante @PepsieSpicie 1d by WHO? Bill Pourquoimec @BillPourquoimec•2 2d kate bush dressed as a nun, photographed by brian griffin (1982) 149 11K 149K 6.2M
user was banned for this post @carlocavaluzzi 19h ... Women fell off Did you wash your hands? - - month hurshi your Women 11 427 11K 250K
Turkeith Nagy @nagy_minaj. 1d Sat next to a toddler on the plane playing solitaire on her iPad FOND UCALLE the - GOOD FOR HER. 5 469 24K 428K
tony @queersofbravo.4h every photo of Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi looks like this 10 387 9.7K 308K
entertainment for gay man an... 2d ... If we go to kbbq i need to know u goin put in the work. I need real EATERS. ready to clock in and work overtime if possible. lon wanna hear no I'm full after two rounds. Stay home if u goin act like that 115 11.7K 44.1K del 2.1M
Mas aya @ayadotnet.23h nim chimpsky longest sentence by monkey All Videos Images News Shopping Maps B Nim's longest sentence was the 16-word-long Give orange me give eat orange me eat orange give me eat orange give me you. W https://en.m.wkipidada.org.wid/ Nim Chimpsky - Wikipedia 43 2,030 29.5K 744K
Jason, ex Inferis @benedictsr... 20h ... My grandpa is on his third wife. The first, I called Nana. The second, I called Mawmaw. Look, I don't have another cute name in me. That's just Brenda. 51 301 7,709 del 156K
HalloweenYear-Round @... . 19h ... The perfect Christmas tree topper doesn't exi- PLEASE! I'M A STAR! 75 2,228 15.2K 582K
chase @_chase 17h ... running an errand after the sun has gone down............that's a quest 26 7,104 82.7K del 1.5M
Dr. Q @December_June04-17h This the type of drink that'll turn a emperor into a llama 6 Mile's Own @Sean... 12/28/19 This how real niggas drink thy wine. 455 17.2K 138K 6.1M
Brandy Jensen @BrandyLJens... 12h ... remains one of the most baffling photos i've ever seen THE HILL The Hill @thehill . 13h Jill Biden remembers Rosalynn Carter for efforts with mental health, caregiving trib.al/Tmzrl4c 232 2,038 55.2K 6.5M
gill @contactabrother-23h ... we're on the same wavelength first of all that's the spectrum 53 7,402 52.5K du 1.6M
false idols core @weeks 16h ... sio @bestinsio subway rat made eye contact with me and said join us. when the train comes we slide under the tracks and feel it rumble over us like a warm thunderstorm. we live forever and we love to live I said no thank you I am too large he turned away from me I cried 10 1,671 14.1K 287K
samuel @samtrayter 14h ... almost that special day Josh Mandel @JoshMandelOhio LIBERAL THANKSGIVING: -THEY/THEM turkey - CRYBABY cranberry sauce - PRONOUN pumpkin pie - MOMMY MILKER mac n cheese -JOE BIDEN jreen bean casserole - stuffing 9:54 PM Nov 25, 2021 . Agorapulse app 328 Retweets 3.4K Likes 876 Quote Tweets 35 898 8,610 271K
Katie ( @simplicitethrds 17h I bought my dog an egg chair from home goods and she keeps rolling out of it 132 4,465 79.3K 2.8M
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