32 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of November 13, 2023

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32 of the Funniest Burns from the Week of November 13, 2023

It didn’t take long for Matt Rife’s new Netflix special Natural Selection to start racking up joke-stealing allegations. Some Twitter users thought the premise of one joke in particular sounded eerily similar to a joke from Ralphie May’s 2006 special Girth of a Nation. Even if merely a coincidence, Rife is still plagued by the fact that his joke was written and delivered better when he was still in elementary school. At least he’s got his good looks going for him… or does he? Because one Twitter user jokingly accused the stand-up of stealing Lisa Rinna’s face. 

Lucky for Rife, though, him getting compared to a spurned Real Housewife or “an amalgamation of every trans man on a gay dating app” aren’t the only burns that were scorched this week. Other sick digs included the celebrity child with a name fit for a dog, a celebrity sister who looks like Jigsaw and a celebrity nobody cares about (non-Matt Rife edition). 

john @johnsemley3000 1d anecdotal but I feel like the average level of mental illness in america has, since Covid, increased by at least four billion percent. Mr. Teen Crypto 2015 @elonconomy - 11/5/23 Setting: February 2024 the Chiefs are playing in Super Bowl LVIII. The most important guests are in a VIP suite watching the game together. Taylor Swift, Jackson Mahomes, and Brittany mahomes are excitedly jumping and cheering together. Suddenly Travis Kelce goes down with a... Show more 437 23 8.5K 395K
juju $ @ayeejuju 3d bro built like a seahorse $ 6d Mr. Pay The Cost To Be The Boss They were feeding 42 Dugg good in there was HERRO 14 I 2PAC THE WO ESPS TU 752 6K 92K 9.9M
M1das @M1das_OW2.2d they faces killing me why nobody gaf Chris Brown @chrisbrown.6d 11:11 ALBUM OUT NOW!!!!! Listen on Spotify. 14 1K 28K 542K
Nick Hutchins @nicholasrhutch - 21h This is exactly what the parents of every kid at my small southern private school looked like John Boehner @SpeakerBoehner.22h Was a pleasure meeting you, @nicolekidman. I know you can't tell from the picture, but I'm actually blushing. TIBURO ohn ehner 627K 232 6.3K 19
josie naron @nosiejaron 7h ... ventriloquist and his haunted puppet companion vibes gio george villiers era @giogiorubbish - 23h jacob elordi picking up barry keoghan's cup cause he's taller and doesn't have to bend down as much killed me LMAO CC 2 31 2K
rare insults @insultsrare e 1d tub Follow @3laichi but you will be soon baby trust ahab @ahabforpele.2d I'M NOT A BURGER 243 8.2K 149K 4.4M
scotty @plathiandc 6d probably the most devastating comment i've ever received on grindr Today Gotta know ur bench 1:05 PM Sent from Explore 205 1:09 PM Want to know if they read your message? Yes! Ngl I expected more We gotta hit the gym together to get that pr up 1:11 PM 55 154 4.9K 328K
white woman w/ a yelp account @blakeissweaty-1 1d ... you just can't tell the truth IM SCREAMINGGGG CC FOX REP. SANTOS REACTS TO CRITICISM FROM ROMNEY BUSINESS x 0.19 PT Kennedy From Resident NY3 158 5.8K 50K 2.9M
bethany @fiImgal 2d the internet in question: GIF ALT POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave.2 2d The internet is going crazy over ALX Fike, Dominic Fike's brother, after his recreation of a Clavin Klein ad for his new single, Famous. 13 1 570 42K
stuart lukku @kevinthernet • 5d . no fine motor skills, no coordination, no neck strength, just greed.. gen @gengenuinely • 6d babies are so funny cause you don't even have teeth to be trying to get down like this?! CC 0:05 749 36K 284K 11M
kira @kirawontmiss.2d first movie ever to sell zero tickets New Rockstars NR @NewRockstars - 3d The potential Young Avengers. via: @agtdesign10 #Loki #TheMarvels @AGTDESIGN MARVEL STUDIOS YOUNG ARENGERS 1.9K 12K 224K 23M
James @smokeismedicine 4d ... Pretty bold thing to say when you look like the Moon in Majora's Mask BEA TURISMO POINT ACTION Laura Loomer @LauraLoomer 5d Why is @billburr married to this? Isn't he a millionaire? ... 574K 76 358 12K
charlie @StyledApe 3d what a stupid asshole Fascinating @fasc1nate.4d Andy Warhol would often go into hair salons to get his wig cut. Then next month, he would come back to the salon in a longer wig and act like his wig had grown. 71 1.8K 43K 2.3M
pugmane @pugmane 5d Every SNL writer looks like a guy dying of radiation poisoning 20 87 2.9K 120K
max @GHOTIKA 21h jack @fkajack . 1d now why did her plastic surgeon make her look like jigsaw? 0:06 55K 73 5.2K 2.8M
carl marks @whoreby_parker - 1 1d 2 People > Cute or school shooter? fäther The latter 11 3 452 17K
soapy @soapyhadid - 2d ... This lady would excel as a showrunner on The CW, creating five-season teen dramas that catapult one actor to stardom while keeping the others Instagram-famous FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates - 3 3d Jacob Elordi, Archie Madekwe, Emerald Fennell and Barry Keoghan on the set of 'SALTBURN' 20/08 30/08 44 832 69K 1
fiona @JUSTAPARTYG1RL 18h no chemistry at all and it's all pedro's fault bc i KNOW ethan can be gay for pay archive dilfs @archivedilfs . 1d GIF ALT GIF 78 1.1K 22K del 1M
Red's Shadow @RedLReviews . 2d ... That looks like an Arrow villain from like season 3 or 4 DF DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm - 2 2d First look at Ezekiel Simms in 'MADAME WEB'. lein 59 1K 16K 409K
leon @skyferrori 1d Hi everyone Anthony Fantano here, the internet's busiest music nerd @PopBase 2d Pop Base Harry Styles debuts buzz cut in new photo. 3 32 354 16K
glup shitto @saintY00L1N 2d ... I think it's cool that guys can openly look like lisa rinna now N Netflix @netflix.2d These photos would like to remind you that @MattRife: Natural Selection is now on Netflix. at the 6 71 2.1K 162K
false idols core @weeks 14h NOL GII ... Follow Poster based in Canada Oct 8 Laying on a skinny guys chest is like laying on the porch. Like Comment Share Black Wolf Carvings and 2K work others 9 12K 341K 957
Nickyyy @Nick_Nation 4d taylor and travis for people with crumbs in their beds Daily Во @boburnham_daily.5d NEW!! Phoebe Bridgers and Во Burnham Hold Hands After Boygenius' 'Saturday Night Live' Performance / @usweekly 9 860 18K 1.1M
natey @sharknateo.2d The way I forgot about this natey @sharknateo - 3/6/22 can i breathe first?? like damn omg 4:35 5GUC Messages 4 miles away Today Not interested 4:34 PM Double Tap to Like I didn't even say anything Delivered 4:35 PM 47 61 3K 295K
@apollodotorg 21h jewel idgaf if u gay GET A STYLIST boygenius source @boygeniussource • 1d The boys at the 2023 GQ Men of the Year Awards in London R SS 71 2.2K 43K 1.5M
Marisa Baldassaro @Nerdspringbreak.4d When I hooked up with the drummer of MGMT his skinny jeans were so tight he couldn't get them off. Lol 70 823 18K 1.4M
Brooklyn @bklynb4by 2d ... he was giving liza minnelli @slutsuperstar. 2d Countain CalvinKlein Covera JACOB ELORDI 4 259 7.4K 342K
Alex Press @alexnpress 2d disgraced pollster is a truly beautiful combination of words TAP The American Prospect @TheProspect 2 2d ICYMI: Disgraced pollster Sean McElwee is back, this time consulting for center-right billionaires. prospect.org/power/11-14-20... 3 20 348 18K
matt @computer_gay.23h ... you could try posting pictures of yourself! I'm sure there's a market for it 4:26 PM not me but other people + 4:29 PM 2 1 94 4.1K
delaney @femaIehysterias • 18h rocky barker is such a dog name @PopBase. 18h Pop Base Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker have named their newborn son Rocky Thirteen Barker. 104 100K 4.6M 4.1K
Mollie Goodfellow @hansmollman 8h ... Did every single other bald man die The Independent @Independent - 1 1d Prince William named 'sexiest bald man of 2023' according to study indy100.com/celebrities/pr... 71 1.6K 33K 1.4M
C.W. @cweaverfilms.4d You his roommate. 4d i'm cryin did y'all know patrick living under rock is a metaphor for him being stupid as fuck?? 46 4.1K 23K 1.6M
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