25 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of November 13, 2023

It’s a setup every time
25 of the Funniest Tweets from the Week of November 13, 2023

Another week in the books with a hell of a lot of news packed into it. Despite everyone’s objections, Jimmy Kimmel is returning to the Dolby Theater for his fourth go around at hosting the Oscars. Netflix has canceled a bunch of shows, including one that now gives Kim Cattrall a lot more free time to return to And Just Like That… — so long as Sarah Jessica Parker apologizes for her war crimes against her one-time co-star. And George Santos continues to live out a Veep subplot, as the congressman was caught using campaign funds on Sephora purchases, Botox and OnlyFans subscriptions

The last seven days also brought us future Hall of Famers in the tweeting department. This week’s funny tweets included those about a pocket knife that would melt the average European’s mind, a corner of Reddit where men are in the minority and the only acceptable fit to wear while listening to Andre 3000’s new album. 

Drew Peacock @drew_peacoc... 20h ... Suicide hotline just called me back and told me to do it 44 5,491 29.6K 810K
ivancito @01LoverBoy 21h Jus helped my coworker look for their pack of Oreos I finished yesterday GIF ALT 45 1,335 23K 549K
false idols core @weeks 20h ... my shawarma fell apart 1:31 P Oh no 1:37 PM Are you solution oriented about it or in the feelings stage 1:38 PM 39 4,459 42.8K 972K
Sydney Battle @SydneyBattle 15h ... what kills me about long haired dachshunds is that u can tell they want to be taken seriously 33 642 14.1K 543K
Chris @citehchris 23h walking back into the bar after i just puked in the bushes a a alamy a a a a a alam lamy a a a a a a a alamy a a a a a a 9 619 9,061 424K
Astead @AsteadWH. 1d Can we pls be removed from the group chat ET Entertainment Tonight @etnow 1d ET has learned that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's parents are expected to meet for the first time at Monday's Kansas City game, where the Chiefs and Eagles are scheduled to face off. ET NFL A KANSAS LH GBIEN ALT KC 37 54 733 16K 1.1M
Smitty Werbenjagermanjenson @ChiddenxNu... 21h ... This the fit imma wear when André 3000's album drops tonight 252 12K 92K 3.8M
Erica 55 16 @formulaEri.2d HBC ON Imagine crashing, and then this is how the sphere looks at you 7 24 1.9K 33K 1.2M
laura @ecto_fun . 2d Beaded curtain made from discarded Bic lighters. $1,500 - Bend, Oregon One of a kind, perfect gift for someone who already has everything. callie actually @eggshellfriend.2 2d there is a hole in the heart that only facebook marketplace can mend 324K 24 703 7.3K
ciota @girlofswords.1 1d 18 238 del 6.3K
good reddit @GoodReddit - 1d ... r/mitski Posted by u/Efficient-Ad-3249 2 days ago 181 Am I the only straight male here? Meme I swear all of y'all are depressed lesbians 150 6.1K 77K 2.1M
joy @illjoy_ 1d dennis would kill him rowan | free palestine @glennifersbody. 2d they would have the craziest beef 20 592 12K del 287K
Nomadic Warriors for Pritzker @Nomads4Pr.... 1d ... I have an idea for a bipartisan, Latino-led presidential ticket 24 334 5.1K del 260K
Venomous Jesse @maximumjpool. 2d ml Gillian BROCKE When Venom sees her and says omg twin and gets a spider-logo of his own to match>>>>>> 45 788 14K du 319K
willlllllll @willyesitsme 3d oh i thought it was a different kind of tweet GIF @PopBase.3 3d Pop Base King Charles III turns 75. 1.9K 70K 2 77
pickle king @nikescarkyle 1d ... The European mind cannot comprehend buying one of these at a truck stop at 1 am 14 249 3.1K 105K
°° в @Cyb4rAnGeL. 1d Him: Do not bite me again Me charged up: 149 8.8K 65K 3M
jack rem @jackremmington . 3d This man needs a REST. Every single episode he built a mansion whilst Karamo took them whiskey tasting and Antoni smashed a couple of avocados. Let Bobby lie down POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave. 3d Bobby Berk announces that he'll be leaving Netflix's 'Queer Eye' after Season 8. :buff.ly/46bXz2o 28 1.9K 48K 3.3M
Tom Reagan's Hat @RufusTSuperfly 1d Scorsese going to his daughter's room to make a Tik Tok V @Variety 1d Variety I was tricked into that, Martin Scorsese said of his most recent movie-ranking TikTok, which saw him choose Birdman over The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. That was a trick. I didn't know those things go... 73 4.9K 59K 4M
Wendell @RhodeToLove 2d ... assembling an avengers-like team of german bisexuals 9 261 2.5K del 125K
@thelastnara 1d Nigerian Drake Bet he not even getting paid , they just said asian romantic interest and he hit the gym DF DiscussingFilm @DiscussingFilm. 1d New look at Donald Glover and Maya Erskine in the 'MR. AND MRS. SMITH' remake. Releasing February 2 on Prime Video. (Source: rew.com/donald-glover-...) 239 5.4K 66K 6.9M
jon @jonandtonic• 1d Oh she's making sure her next album is preinstalled on iPhones like that U2 album POP CRAVE Pop Crave @PopCrave.1 1d Dua Lipa interviewing Apple CEO Tim Cook for her 'At Your Service' podcast. 11 1.2K 32K 1M
Matt Erspamer @erspamer_matt . 2d Priscilla (2023) Yung Social Construct @yungscapegoat.3d Me and who? OP IM HIGH S FUCK CUNT ND HAVE ERA GUN IN BACKPACK 26K 427 25
@yifullofsin 2d ... Time to wear Uniqlo heattech. 16 520 5.1K 234K
bongo @bongoism. 2d ... getting baptized here would fix me 20 1.7K 13K 421K
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