28 of the Funniest Tweets from November 8, 2023

And they say perfect casting doesn’t exist…
28 of the Funniest Tweets from November 8, 2023

A few months after legendary stage icon Patti Lupone chastised the current state of Broadway, she’s putting in the work to save the industry. No, she’s not performing again, but she is helping shape younger talent — and letting them live with her. The Evita star opened the doors of her Manhattan apartment to Aubrey Plaza ahead of Plaza’s Off-Broadway debut. As strange as the circumstances may sound, they’re not so much of an odd couple. Both Lupone and Plaza worked together on the repeatedly renamed WandaVision spin-off Agatha: Darkhold Diaries. And so, when Lupone found out that the Parks and Rec star’s New York apartment wouldn’t be ready for awhile, she offered her own in the interim. 

Meanwhile, a generation-shaping film that spurred a hit Broadway show is returning to the big screen with a film adaptation of Mean Girls: The Musical. The movie got its first trailer treatment this week with one crucial element surprisingly missing — songs from the musical. Instead, the trailer appeals to Zoomer sensibilities with an Olivia Rodrigo track in lieu of any of the musical’s tunes. Despite this glaring omission, the trailer provided a sneak peek at the cast, like Jon Hamm as sex-negative Coach Carr, Busy Philipps as sex-positive Mrs. George and Tina Fey reprising her role as Ms. Norbury, math teacher and alleged drug dealer. 

As we hit the halfway mark on the week, the timeline is running full speed ahead with hilarity. Today’s funny tweets include those about a Duolingo lesson for the most depressed person you know, Belgium’s lack of utility and a sobering realization about one Bikini Bottom resident. 

ketamine infused panera fren... 17h ... quora is so cool 5 Brenden Mackay Follow X В Jun 6 I am facing 30 years to life in federal prison. Should I take some clothes to prison? Is this allowed? Or will I have to wear prison uniform during the entire sentence? Absolutely run. Cut off everyone you know and I mean everyone. Find a fake ID spot that makes some perfect IDs. Pay extra for a profile that matches your height weight eye color etc. Buy cars from regular people that are selling them. Never get it registered in your name.
Venusian Princess @LifeS... 17h ... They was over there shazaming your playlist like MA GIF ALT Faith @HouseOfHiliyah.18h why is my neighbor playing the same songs i played the other day??? literally song for song??? 19 3,362 15.3K 524K
Reecee @Reecee_yt 15h ... Hear me out for the Zelda movie 143 4,469 45.2K 961K
out of context dogs @co..... 12h ... Warning, sociable dog! Those who do not flee will be cuddled to death. Peanut 136 7,192 93.5K 2.6M
aj @ajbabyboi 23h ... There are cathedrals everywhere for those with the eyes to see Evan @Big_Eazzzzy 1d Nobody: Southern Gas Stations: Truck Drivers Great things come и pairs .Life 20 3,022 35.9K . 1.8M
Horned Sphere @Horned_Sph... 18h ... People get upset when they see my Home Screen Messages Photos Camera App Store 2 12 11 1 40 2 9 3 8 4 7 5 6 er Clock News Utilities Wallet ideos Game Center Notes Rèmino 1 Health 4Maps Find My Utilities 7 5 6 Noc ApplStofore FaceTi orca myORCA iTunes Store tilities Passbook Weather iBook Passbook Weather iB assbook Weather shook Weather 42 334 6,269 del 203K
mia @boygrrI 19h ... women love stealing because its inherently a gathering activity. paying the cashier is a male behavior because its more like hunting. this is why every Sephora feels like an orwellian police state 20 1,366 15K 438K
laura @ecto_fun.11h ... finally What would you like to learn? Spanish French Cocteau Twins Lyrics 29 2,041 15.9K 397K
good reddit @GoodReddit - 18h ... ? r/AskReddit u/lcelandSushie 12h 1 1 2 Whats a useless geography fact? 508 739 Share Award + SINGLE COMMENT THREAD VIEW ALL bumford11 12h S 4 Awards Belgium Reply 367 + 82 1,692 46.3K 956K
rudy betrayed @rudy_betrayed 20h ... hey if anyone finds an internet code to get raybans 90% off will you please tag me in a post about it with 46 other people 11 1,438 21.7K 700K
§ @synfpunk. 13h no i think its about Priscilla Presley Carla @oceanblvdvinyl - 1 1d this movie is for the lana del rey girlies who actually understood the real meaning of songs like lolita and ultraviolence A24 presents ORIGINAL COPPOLA PRODUCTION MUSC CHRIS SUPERVESOR RANDALL I HENLEY PRISCILLA BASED D PRISCILLA LORENZO I DEVERELL DANIELS T 1 | COSTUME MIELI 2 DESIGNER CO-PRODUCED COPPOLA I ME PHILIPPE BUMBLE BATTAT HARMON BUHN WARD CHARLES KNIGHT FINCH FLACK production American & A The Apartment Priscilla Zoetrope CANADUAN CASTING JOHN JASON SCORE PHOENIX POSTER STACEY I EDITOR SARAH DESIGNER TAMARA CINEMATOGRAPHY LE SOURD PUS Cailee
deleted tweets of lightning m... 21h ... me when there's a crack in everything: well this fucking sucks. what the fuck. me when that's how the light gets in: haha fuck yeah!! yes! 11 1,511 10.1K 271K
@RICKYRAGE. 14h mind you the sexiest man i know is some random dude who works at the gas station couple blocks down from me @PopBase. 14h Pop Base People's Sexiest Man Alive throughout recent years. JENNEFER EXCLUSIVE AHARDS THE OU ANGELINA ON JOHN MAYER AND MORE RCHT 100 People IT'SOFFICIALI PENN GOVERNOR'S COUNTRY WILL&KATE BETRAYAL PAIN& IRAH PARIN DOUBLE ISSUE TAYLOR Pe Peo STATE ENGAGED STORY Peo SPECIAL The Victims ELOADING BIG NIGHT The Accused JOHNNY DEPP RYAN Will There REYNOLDS SEXIEST Be Justice BRADLEY SEXIEST COOPER SEXIEST MAN MAN The Ring! His Proposal! THE MAN ROYAL Their Wedding! SEXIEST ALIVE! DRAMA Kate Shines ALIVE! Pippa Splits ALIVE!
fat @itsfatswag 18h Dis bitch look like it taste good !!!! он MEECHIE MM MM @AyeThatsMeechie - 18h The best one 2X CONCENTRATED FORMULA* Long Lasting Freshness Fabuloso BAKING SODA Multi-Purpose Cleaner with 4RROZ Citrus & Fruits scent (1550))1.65L CAUTION: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. See back panel for other precautions. 377 5.6K 46K 2.4M
matt @computer_gay. 7h ... illy bocean @IllyBocean 4/20/21 (swedish guy with sore tummy) sh nø i am göing to pjük 24 395 2.6K del Olof Järvegren Follow @djShmeeJay Not funny 8 219 3.2K 79K
first ethical space cowboy @cowboybecsbop 1d ... make them both drink the panera lemonade i wanna see something Pop Base @PopBase. 3d The 2024 United States Presidential Election will be held a year from today. 16 2.7K 34K 1.4M
888 @lyemcfly . 1 1d Shipping a $1 product ? I know they sold your info on the dark web. YE @BROWARDBABYLEE-3d Temu got me buying dumb shit for $1 104 4.3K 43K 4.4M
Adam Sass @TheAdamSass 4h I STAND WITH I haven't seen the musical. Is Aaron a serial killer in this SAG AFTRA one? FILM UPDATES Film Updates @FilmUpdates - 5 5h Christopher Briney as Aaron Samuels in the new 'MEAN GIRLS' musical movie WESTVILLE 31 5.5K 221K 277
NBC Mistress Isabelle Brooks @MistressIBrooks-20h ... I can't delete Facebook because where else would I find pictures like this I'm bout to make these hoes MAD! 248 5K 161K 8
depths of wikipedia @depthsofwiki 1d oh yeah, Mao Zedong, that guy from Arthur WIKIPEDIA Arthur Wiki Arthur Wiki B EXPLORE WIKI PAGES EPISODES MERCHANDISE COMMUNITY in: Characters, Adults, Bears, and 5 more Mao Zedong Mao Zedong (December 26, 1893 - Mao Zedong September 9, 1976) was a Chinese political leader. Не appeared in a picture on Suntzu49's bedroom wall. Unlike his real life counterpart, the animated Mao Zedong has gray hair. Gender Male Animal Bear Sue Ellen Gets Her Goose Cartoon debut Cooked 98 4.1K 44K 1.7M
@FREAKYPRINCESS 16h ... Good dick a have a bitch laid up watching the american dad talking about so the alien's gay 4.6K 153K 5 468
ruby innes @rubyinnes. 19h ... if nintendo casts a buff guy for link, its over. link is a speedy little waif. hes the video game twink to end video game twinks. casting a hollywood hunk would be antithetical to link's lifelong twinkdom 24 22 254 10K
holden m. accountable @noahpasaran 17h ... I've seen enough. This has nothing to do with elections I've just seen enough. 7 125 825 38K
Willie Dreaman @ELMariachiJr. 17h ... Me after 2 beers 1 @HPJArt about to skim tonights boxscores and argue with people who watched the whole game 12:01 AM 8/4/20 Twitter for iPhone Trill Withers @TylerIAm 17h Arguing with experts in their field>>> 20 1,646 21.8K 2.1M
Fredward, Fredward @Fredwa... 23h ... being an adult is realizing that squidward should've ended his own life 4 839 8,023 227K
zach silberberg supports SA... 18h ... shout-out to the one person seeing the marvels in 3D in times square at 10:30pm friday night. hope they have the time of their life The Marvels < X AMC Empire 25 | Fri, Nov 10 | 10:30pm RealD 3D SCREEN & ات - e go - - & de - - من من 099 a o 2 E FO 0000 000g 00 - - 00 - - D ت E - ة من 70 373 11.6K 563K
No Context Brits @NoConte... 5h ... Quora Open in App 1 Home Answer Notifs Is it for fucks sake or for fuck sake? It's for a work email so it has to sound professional. 5 Answer Follow Request More 169 702 9,599 781K
Bobby @BobbyKingDeal 11h ... how does a 1 hour difference make it dark by 5 225 5,251 33.6K 906K
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