37 of the Funniest Memes from the Week of May 27, 2024

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37 of the Funniest Memes from the Week of May 27, 2024

This week’s news had a dash of macabre, and laughter was the only medicine. All white actors will be forced to die in Knives Out 3 or The White Lotus. Pope Francis — on a technicality — may be allowed to use a gay slur. The sea is hungry for another One Percenter. And Donald Trump could be going to jail after being found guilty of 34 felonies. 

Keep on reading for the funniest memes about the past week’s news cycle, including a compelling pitch for a Hunger Games spin-off.

The Who’s Who of ‘Knives Out 3’

Ever since Rian Johnson revealed the name of the third installment of the Knives Out franchise, people have waited to see who would join Daniel Craig in the whodunnit. What we didn’t expect was that literally everyone is going to be in this movie. Casting announcements have featured a hodgepodge of stars, including Kerry Washington, Glenn Close, Jeremy Renner, Josh O’Connor and Mila Kunis, leading Twitter users to make memes about their dream additions to the lineup, including the fuzzy long shot everyone’s wanted since the first film.

The Pope’s Fanciful Word

The word frociaggine seems more “blended coffee drink” than “Italian slur for gay people,” but unfortunately for Pope Francis, it’s definitely the latter. Despite appearing to be a progressive ally to the LGBTQ community, the Pope was accused of using the derogatory slur in a closed-door meeting when remarking that gay people shouldn’t be allowed in seminaries because there’s already too much “gay stuff” going on in there. 

Much like the good old-fashioned f-slur, Twitter users have already reclaimed the slur in the form of memes, with one gay Twitter user even going so far as to explain why the Pope is “allowed to say it.” 

A Billion Dollars Below Sea Level

Last year, five people boarded a submersible to explore the wreckage of the Titanic only to never be seen again. The disastrous implosion should have been a cautionary tale to anyone who wanted to recreate the excursion, but Larry Connor refuses to learn such lessons. The billionaire real estate investor is on a mission to prove that the expedition is safe, and the extremely online and non-wealthy were quick to jest about the deep sea’s insatiable appetite for the One Percent.

Trump’s Guilty Verdict

Donald Trump has made history once more. He set an unprecedented record by becoming the first president convicted of a felony after a Manhattan jury found him guilty on a whopping 34 counts of falsifying business records. The trailblazing verdict set the timeline on fire with memes and jokes before CNN could hit “submit” on their final update. With his acquittal motion being denied, Trump’s sentencing hearing is set for July 11th, and the memes will likely keep flowing until then.

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