The Funniest Memes from the Week of May 20, 2024

‘You can’t pause toast, Larry’
The Funniest Memes from the Week of May 20, 2024

The concept of yin and yang is over. Now, it’s all about finding somebody to match your freak. Can I Borrow a Feeling? by Kirk Van Houten is Apple Music’s pick for the best album ever made. Non-toxic glue can be used to adhere cheese to your pizza. A fully-conscious baby has been crowned the unofficial mascot for a hotel and resort. 

If none of those sentences gave you an aneurysm, keep on reading: It’s time to dive into this week’s most popular memes.

Match My Freak?

“Nasty” by Tinashe is a strong contender for song of the summer, and Twitter users have the memes to prove it. The song, which begins with the line, “Is somebody gonna match my freak?,” started as a dubbed video of two people dancing to the hit song, which Tinashe caught wind of and danced over herself, only for the original guy in the first dubbed video to dance over it again — and get a Marc Jacobs sponsorship

Now, at the meme’s peak, all of the freak-matching talk has gotten both philosophical and nostalgic about compatibility. That includes the musings from one Twitter user who implored us to remember characters who did match each other’s freak to varying degrees of success. 

Apple Music’s 100 Best Albums

This week, Apple Music revealed what a panel of artists and contributors deemed to be the 100 greatest albums ever made. But instead of dropping the list all at once, the streamer teased the entries out over the course of 10 days, leading to arguments over placements and glaring omissions. Along the way, users took matters into their own hands by photoshopping their own entries. 

Kirk Van Houten, congrats on your #1 spot!

Google A.I.-Generated Search

Google, a once-useful search engine, has decided to make our lives much more difficult with A.I. The new feature, dubbed “A.I. Overview,” provides responses to our queries by pulling from a mix of unreliable sources from all over the web. In return, Twitter users began posting the hilarious, yet horrifying, advice A.I. Overview gave them — from suggesting that users “add non-toxic glue” to make cheese adhere to pizza, to encouraging people to try a “geologist approved” healthy diet of eating one rock per day. 


Four Seasons Baby


Other than everything above, this week’s meme cycle has been dominated by a fully-conscious baby girl who just really, really wants to go to the Four Seasons Orlando. The now-viral video saw Bailey Wise ask her husband and two children, “Who wants to go to the Four Seasons Orlando?” To which her one-year-old daughter immediately raises her hand and responds with a fervent “Me!,” seeming to indicate that she fully comprehends the wonder and majesty of the Four Seasons Orlando. 

The baby’s now been up and down the Twitter timeline answering questions like “Who wants to spend $80 at the bar?” And: “Who wants to scare the hoes?”

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