14 Viral Dunks on Celebrities Who Had It Coming

14 Viral Dunks on Celebrities Who Had It Coming

Celebrities are dunking on each other, on themselves, on their own mothers! They must be stopped.

Michael Strahan Is Merely Leaving Room for the Holy Ghost

Ya’ll Sang ‘God Save the Queen’ for 70 Years, and What Did That Get You?

This Was the Kendrick/Drake of 2022

Thank You for Protecting Gotham City, Sir

Bette Said Kim Shows Too Much Skin

This Looks Like a Child’s Tea Party With Toys From Completely Different Franchises

Reverse Dunk: James Blunt Is Doing Just Fine

This Is As Sexy as a Magician Has Ever Looked

Martha Stewart Dunking on This Random Cow for Some Reason

Sharon Osbourne Couldn’t Stand By and Let the Jenners Plaster Their Faces Overtop of Ozzy’s, Biggie’s and Tupac’s

Macaulay Culkin’s Self-Dunk

A Turducken of Charismatic White Guys

Seth Rogen Viciously Attacking His Own Mother

Bieber Dunked on an Extremely Young JoJo Siwa, But Later Said ‘I Really Hope You Didn’t Think It Was Malicious or Mean Spirited,’ So, All Good!

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