13 Tiny Bits of Trivia I Discovered With A Magnifying Glass

And then promptly set on fire with the power of the sun
13 Tiny Bits of Trivia I Discovered With A Magnifying Glass

Remove the rubber plug from the top of your brain and cram these in!

Mork & Mindy Scripts Were Short Because of Robin Williams Improv


As the tale goes, in what is a beautiful blend of laziness and respect, writers for Mork & Mindy would regularly leave extra room in their scripts, knowing Williams would inject some of his own genius. Theyd simply write something to the effect of “Mork does his thing."

The Collarbone Is the Most Commonly Broken Bone

The collarbone, or clavicle, is the most commonly broken bone in the body due to its exposed placement, the fact that it bears the force of most falls onto the arm or shoulder and because it has almost no muscle support.

We Know the Size of Noah s Ark

Despite the fact that it seems like halfway to a fairy tale, actual measurements are given for the ark, and according to them, it would be 300 cubits long, 50 cubits wide and 30 cubits high. In more modern measurement units, this would make it roughly 150 meters long, 25 meters wide and 15 meters high.

Mercury Was What Made Hatters ‘Mad’

Public Domain

The expression “mad as a hatter” comes from the fact that the process of turning pelts into felt for hats involved a whole lot of mercury nitrate. This, obviously, led to a high rate of mercury poisoning in the profession, which could cause mood swings and hallucinations.

Llamas Have, Count 'Em, Three Stomachs

Llamas have a three-chambered stomach that helps them digest less-than-ideal vegetation, and threes a weird number in two ways. Obviously, its not the single stomach were more used to, but its also one less than most animals with a similar setup, like cattle.

Castaway Stopped Filming So Tom Hanks Could Get Skinny

Obviously, if youre going to be in a movie where you need to look alternately perfectly well-fed and on the brink of starvation, youre going to have to do a little physical transformation. Director Robert Zemeckis actually stopped production on the film for a full year to allow Hanks to lose 50 pounds and get suitably scraggly.

Andre the Giant Was Samuel Beckett s Neighbor


Talk about brains and brawn. Famous playwright Beckett lived in a tiny French village named Ussy-sur-Marne at the same time as a young Andre “The Giant” Roussimoff. Had there been more crime there, I have no doubt they would have formed a fantastic tag team.

Cream Cheese Was NOT Invented in Philadelphia

Given the near-monopoly held on the product by the Philadelphia brand, you might assume that Philly is the birthplace of cream cheese. It was actually invented by a farmer in Upstate New York, and debuted in New York City, which, given the citys love for the stuff, seems more natural. Even more confusing? We are still talking about the famous “Philadelphia Cream Cheese” brand we know and love, but it was named for Phillys apparent reputation for good cheese back then, not because of any actual geographic origin.

Fear of God, But in a Real, Scientific Sense

Fear of god is a pretty common phrase for a particularly pious person. Usually, its more of a figurative description, but if someone is particularly terrified of a god or god and their vengeance, there is a scientific word for it: theophobia. Everyone in the Bible? Huge theophobes, but I think it was pretty reasonable given what hed been up to.

The Word Eclair Means Flash of Lightning


The name of the French pastry the eclair translates as “flash of lightning.” Its a reference to how quickly theyre eaten, and absolutely not the speed of anyone whos just eaten a couple.

Winnie the Poohs Full Name Is Winnipeg

Public Domain

This whole time weve been calling the classic bear by a shortened moniker. Its a longer story than youd expect: a bear, bought by a Canadian soldier, was named Winnipeg after his hometown. Eventually, that same bear would end up in the London Zoo, beloved by the real Christopher Robin, A.A. Milnes son. When IRL C-Rob got a teddy bear, it inherited the name, and it was that bear that would inspire the literary Winnie.

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