22 Little Babies That Turned in Great Performances

Mae Whitman really delivered in ‘Hope Floats’
22 Little Babies That Turned in Great Performances

It’s an unfortunate truth that most performances by children in movies range from “tolerable” to “inspiring conspiracy theories that they’re a walking, talking trigger for hordes of Manchurian Candidate bullies.” It’s not their fault — kids are just bad at most things, on account of being stupid little babies. Because of this, it’s all the more impressive when a kid turns in a performance that’s not just good for their age, but makes all the seasoned actors sharing the screen with them look like assholes in comparison.

Personally, “I was blown away by Abigail Breslin in Little Miss Sunshine,” Redditor HansLuthor recently told r/Movies. “Her acting when she talks with her grandfather before bed in the motel was so emotional, it brought me to tears.” They then asked, “What child actor do you believe delivered an excellent performance even by the standards of adults?” and Reddit actually said some nice things about children for once.

The Piano

True Grit

Train to Busan

The Witch

The Florida Project

Hope Floats


About a Boy

Empire of the Sun

Doctor Sleep

Home Alone


Super 8

Stand By Me

The Sixth Sense

Interview with the Vampire

Léon: The Professional

Taxi Driver

Nice Guys

Jojo Rabbit


I Am Sam

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