‘The Far Side’s Funniest Cow Jokes

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‘The Far Side’s Funniest Cow Jokes

When asked why he loves cows so much, Gary Larson once said, “I’ve always thought the word cow was funny, and cows are sort of tragic figures. Cows blur the line between tragedy and humor.”

He certainly got plenty of bovine mileage out of the latter. The Far Side was indelible for many things, but its liberal use of cows was chief among them. And so, to salute the cow and her contributions to the holiday season (where do you think all of that milk that helps Santa wash down his plate of cookies comes from?), here are 15 cow comics from Larson, the patron saint of dairy…

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Cannibal Cow

Not Cow Prose, But…

Those Cows Are STACKED

Their Big Secret

Tractor Jam

More Cannibalism

Step Aside, Tall Chickens

More Secrets


Hardly Self-Explanatory

Hamsters Suck

A Chicken’s Night Out

Even More Secrets

Larson the Paleontologist

Cow Tools Controversy

A quick postscript on this one: “Cow Tools” from 1982 confused so many readers that Larson had to publicly explain the joke, saying, essentially, that if cows were to make tools, they would lack sophistication — that’s the entire joke. Bizarrely, “Cow Tools” became an internet meme 40 years after its publication.

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